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Mei Mei & Ui Ui vs. Smallpox Deity is a battle fought by grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer Mei Mei and her younger brother Ui Ui against the special grade disease curse Smallpox Deity.


Mei Mei defeats Pseudo-Geto's assassin, the curse user Niji Ebina. She and Ui Ui continue down the Fukutoshin Line Platform toward Shibuya Station. Geto admits he's impressed and didn't think she would win so easily.[1]

Pseudo-Geto summons the Smallpox Deity to fight Mei Mei next.

The curse user meets Mei Mei on the Fukutoshin Line Platform before she reaches Shibuya, shocking Mei Mei with the sight of the supposedly deceased former ally. Geto greets her in a friendly manner but Mei Mei brings rejects him and brings up the assassin he just sent.

While Mei Mei keeps up the conversation, she thinks to herself how it could be that Suguru Geto is alive. She questions if Satoru messed up or if he's working together with Geto. Mei Mei tells Geto that she had her money on him over Satoru when they were students and it's a shame to have to squash his potential. Mei Mei also thinks to herself that Satoru alone could wipe out every human in Japan. She knows he would never be so petty as to join up with Geto, so this one must be a fake.

Geto returns the sentiment, insisting that it's a shame to have to kill a former senpai. Activating Cursed Spirit Manipulation Geto summons the special grade disease curse: Smallpox Deity. He claims to have used most of the curses at his disposal last year for the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons but assures Mei Mei that their quality hasn't suffered

The curse user's usage of curse manipulation makes Mei Mei doubt her conclusion about him for a moment. Geto turns around and walks away, leaving the disease curse to fight Mei Mei. He says that'll be waiting by the rails to be her next opponent if she can exorcise this special grade.[2]


The Smallpox Deity traps Mei Mei inside a coffin within it's graveyard Domain Expansion.

The Smallpox Deity immediately activates its Domain Expansion, trapping Mei Mei and Ui Ui inside a graveyard domain. Mei Mei is automatically confined inside a coffin that appears automatically around her. As she's being immobilized, Mei Mei admits this domain could mean trouble. Ui Ui yells for his sister as she uses her hand to knock on the inside of the coffin trying to figure out what's happening to her.

The disease curse continues with its cursed technique, chanting "Grave". This command suddenly slams a giant gravestone on top of Mei Mei's coffin. The impact violently drives it into the ground, appearing to crush it. Ui Ui watches in horror as the disease curse begins to countdown from three. However, before it reaches the end of the count, the gravestone shatters. Mei Mei breaks her way out of the coffin and the gravestone in time using her axe. As the rubble from the gravestone falls around her, Mei Mei asks how long it's been since her life has been in danger even for a moment. Ui Ui gets tingles watching how cool his sister is.[3]

Mei Mei repeatedly escaping the domain's coffin before the curse finishes it's three count.

Mei Mei is trapped inside another coffin underneath a gravestone again. Before the disease curse finishes counting, the grade 1 sorcerer breaks out of the stone and rushes through the air at her opponent in one motion. Mei Mei winds her axe back, preparing to swing at the disease curse. Just before she makes impact, the domain automatically confines her to the cramped coffin. With this being at least her third time experiencing this process, Mei Mei has basically figured it out. The domain traps the target in a coffin, buries them underground using a falling gravestone, and then starts the count. If Mei Mei can't escape the target in three seconds then she'll be infected with the Smallpox Deity's disease and die.

The Smallpox Deity drops yet another gravestone on top of Mei Mei. This time she immediately breaks out using an upward swing of her axe that splits the stone vertically open before the count even begins. The sorcerer considers the gravestone to be the biggest threat and believes if she gets hit by it anymore she won't be able to move freely and fight Geto.

With help from Ui Ui's distraction, Mei Mei severs the Smallpox Deity's hands.

Mei Mei calls Ui Ui to her side and surmises the disease curse automatically targets the person with the higher output of cursed energy. The domain can only be used on one person at a time and she only has a single crow inside the domain. She wants to make Ui Ui the target, but a single hit from the gravestone could kill him. Mei Mei asks her brother if he's willing to die for her which is immediately confirms.

Bird Strike!

Ui Ui increases his cursed energy output while Mei Mei suppresses hers and disappears from view. The disease curse notices the swelling cursed energy and traps Ui Ui inside a coffin. It attempts to crush him with a gravestone but nothing happens, confusing the Smllox Deity. Suddenly, Mei Mei severs both of the Smallpox Deity's hands, spewing blood from the injured arms. She taunts the curse and asks if it thought Ui Ui was only around to be a pack mule.

Inside the coffin, Ui Ui is protecting himself with New Shadow Style: Simple Domain. When his sister asked if he was willing to risk his life, it meant he could use jujutsu. Mei Mei doesn't like owing people, so she assigned Ui Ui the responsibility of countering domains.

The special grade heals its hands and reaches out to grab Mei Mei. Despite the imminent threat, she stays relaxed holding the axe over her shoulder, unsurprised by the disease curse's healing ability. Just before the disease curses hands reach the sorcerer, one of Mei Mei's birds suddenly crashes through its body from behind, instantly killing the curse with Bird Strike! Mei Mei's bird dies soon after as well but the curse is exorcised and the battle is won.[4]


With the disease curse exorcised and disintegrating, Mei Mei asks what the fastest way to raise one's own level as a jujutsu sorcerer is. As the domain disappears and Ui Ui is freed from the coffin, he replies that making a Binding Vow with one's own life as the trade-off is the correct answer. Mei Mei confirms this, as it's a concept she applies to her own technique. Bird Strike trades the life of a crow to surpass the limits of its cursed energy and hurls it at the enemy for a devastating attack.

With that finished, Mei Mei swings her axe to remove the blood from it and calls a large flock of crows to the underground subway. They fly in behind Mei Mei, swarming the subway line as their manipulator asks if their willing to die for her. Pseudo-Geto comes back around the platform into view. He has a dragon-like cursed spirit with him and admits Mei Mei isn't bad for a sorcerer of the modern era.[5]


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