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Megumi Fushiguro vs. Yasohachi Bridge Curse is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Megumi Fushiguro and a cursed spirit that has been cursing people who travel beneath Yasohachi Bridge. Nobara Kugisaki aided Megumi in the early stages of this fight before she was taken outside the curse's barrier.


While investigating the deaths of three former Saitama Urami East Junior High students who were cursed and died, Tokyo Jujutsu High's trio of first-year students travels to Yasohachi Bridge to see of they can locate a curse there. They are ultimately unsuccessful even after trying to get Yuji to bungee jump from the bridge just like students used to do.

The Jujutsu Students locate the cursed spirit beneath the bridge.

They gain new information from more recent graduates of the school including that Tsumiki had been there before. Realizing the mission has escalated to more dangerous, Megumi attempts to rush to find the curse and returns to the bridge alone. Yuji and Nobara surprise him by joining in and they use a theory proposed by Akari following their first attempt to find the curse.

In order to pass through the barrier hiding the curse, they might need to go in at night from below the bridge and cross a small river. The act crossing rivers into barriers has significant meaning in jujutsu. The students are successful and manage to enter the Innate Domain of the curse.

However, they're abruptly interrupted by the appearance of an incarnated Death Painting Womb who enters the barrier right behind them. Yuji tells Megumi and Nobara to focus on the bridge curse while he deals with this new threat.[1]


Nobara tries to use Resonance on the exit holes the mole-like curse pops its head out of, but the curse can move quickly between them to avoid the blasts. Megumi attempts to slice its head with his cursed tool, but it ducks back into its hole fast enough to avoid the sword swing as well.

Nobara compares the curse's movement to whack-a-mole and Megumi agrees, asking her to crush the exits until he can pin it down. Nobara asks if the curse in unable to retaliate due to its Expanded Cursed Technique, but Megumi is unsure. Megumi is surprised to see that the expanded cursed technique, the number of victims and the barrier the curse is using is draining on its main body.

Megumi predicts the curse's movement and uses Divine Dog to surprise attack it.

Suddenly, Nobara is dragged out of the barrier by a third party, but she encourages Megumi to continue whacking the moles.[2] Megumi continues to fight despite not understanding who exactly took Nobara outside the barrier. The curse quickly switches between two spots in front of the sorcerer, but Megumi predicts it evading behind him and swiftly turns around to attack it. He claims the curse's surprise movements are too simple and misses the curse.

The mole-like spirit appears behind Megumi again and appears proud of itself. Megumi reiterates his statement as Divine Dog: Totality swiftly surprise attacks it slashes the curse's head in half. As it's exorcised, its main body and most of the exits disappear. However, one exit remains and so does the barrier and domain.[3]


Confused, Megumi questions if he managed to kill the main body or not. Something appears from the final exit hole in the roof. Shocked as it appears before him, Megumi realizes that the bridge curse began taking the lives of its victims in June, the same month Yuji ate Sukuna's finger. Hidden within this Domain is a cursed spirit carrying one of Sukuna's fingers, a Finger Bearer identical to the one Megumi and Yuji faced in the detention center.[4]


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