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Megum Fushiguro vs. Toji Fushiguro is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Megumi Fushiguro against his father, the recently séanced Toji Fushiguro. It takes place just outside Shibuya Station during the Shibuya Incident.


Toji exorcises Dagon singlehandedly and sets his eyes on the next strongest opponent. Megumi is the least injured, so Toji drags him outside in an instant. It happens so fast that Megumi isn't even sure what happens. He compares that level of speed to Sukuna during their fight. As Toji stares at him from across the street, Megumi wonders who in the world this man is.[1]


Megumi summoning shikigami to support him as attempts to flee.

Megumi tries to focus on visualizing victory against his unbeatable opponent He activates Rabbit Escape in response to Toji's battle pose, but both of them are surprised by a powerful presence. Megumi flees as a swarm of rabbits is summoned to flood the area as a distraction. He's worried about feeling Sukuna's presence and summons Toad as well. His train of thought is interrupted when he notices his opponent's momentum heading straight for him.

Toji instinctively charges into the massive wave of rabbits, thrusting the sharpened Playful Cloud forward in a quick stabbing motion that cuts through several rabbit shikigami. Megumi dives out of the way and flips back to his feet, surprising his opponent. He runs down the street behind Toji with several rabbits following him. Without have enough cursed energy left for Domain Expansion, Megumi is left with only has a single advantage.

Toji's attack is thrown off course by Megumi's shadow.

Toji chases Megumi down in an instant and tries to stab him in the back with a quick downward attack. Toad uses its tongue to pull Megumi out of harm's way and down an alleyway a good distance from his opponent. Megumi's sole advantage is that Shoko Ieiri is in Shibuya and she can heal him. His shikigami are no match for Toji so Megumi decides it's only worth risking his body and limiting injuries to something Shoko can handle. Now that he's lured Toji into a narrow alleyway and limited his options, Megumi must predict Toji's movements. Messing up the timing will result in certain death.

Moving faster than the human eye can see, Toji blitzes Megumi and nearly stabs him with Playful Cloud as the sorcerer is mid-thought. However, Toji's foot sinks into Megumi's shadow, completely throwing off his balance and momentum. It throws off his trajectory and Playful Cloud stabs Megumi at the edge of his torso away from any vital points.

Toji kills his vessel to rescue his son.

Megumi's gamble paid off and he uses the opportunity to grab and wrestle Toji. While clenching his opponent, Megumi summons a sword from his shadow and attempts to stab Toji's side with it. Despite the attack coming from point-blank range, Toji uses his incredible speed to suddenly disappear and evade the blade completely.

With his last plan failed, Megumi is left without any options left. An invasive memory suddenly brings back Toji's humanity. He recalls making the deal that sent Megumi to the Zenin Family. As Toji quells his fighting instincts, the father asks Megumi his name. Megumi answers "Fushiguro". Proud, Toji stabs himself in the head, killing his vessel. Before collapsing, Toji tells his son that it's good he chose Fushiguro over Zenin. Megumi can only watch in shock as his adversary suddenly falls out on the ground dead and in a pool of their own blood flowing from the head.[2]


Shigemo attacks Megumi while he's vulnerable.

Confused, Megumi examines the corpse and notices the face changed completely. Unbeknownst to Megumi, the shapeshifting caused by the séance has finally ended, reverting Ogami's grandson back to normal. Megumi can't make sense of what's going on and decides he needs to focus on finding Shoko to seek medical attention. Before that, Megumi reminds himself he needs to make sure Maki and the others are okay.

Suddenly, Megumi's back is violently slashed open from behind. He collapses while turning his head around to see Haruta Shigemo slashing him with his hand sword cursed tool. Excited, Shigemo claims that he's much better suited for this type of killing.[3]


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