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Megumi Fushiguro vs. Noritoshi Kamo is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Megumi Fushiguro and Kyoto Jujutsu High third-year student Noritoshi Kamo during the Spirit Bash Race competition of the 30th Annual Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.


Soon after the start of the Goodwill Event, Megumi's Divine Dog notices that most of the Kyoto Team is moving around where Yuji is fighting Aoi. Maki asks if the grade 2 curse could be in that area but Megumi refutes that idea. Instead, he suggests that the Kyoto students might be trying to kill Yuji, which Maki agrees is possible.

"Are you guys trying to kill Itadori?"

Maki decides they should go back to save him and Megumi apologizes. Maki tells him that she's doing it because the Goodwill Event will end if their friend dies.[1] They reach the area where the Kyoto Team is ambushing Yuji but Aoi breaks up their attempt at his new friend's life. Megumi spots Momo watching from above on her broom and summons Nue to bring her down.

The fleeing members of the Kyoto Team split into two groups. The ones who don't go to secure Momo, Noritoshi and Kasumi are immediately attacked by Maki and Megumi as soon and their squad parts ways. Megumi clashes his tonfa with Kamo and asks if their class is attempting to kill Yuji.[2]

Kamo steps back from the exchange to vaguely propose that perhaps Megumi is correct. Megumi claims they failed because Yuji isn't easily beaten, which leads Noritoshi to claim there is no reason to kill him. Megumi argues that there is plenty of reason for the three head sorcerer families.[3]


Megumi stops the blood-controlled arrows.

The duel between Noritoshi and Megumi takes them inside one of the temples on the battlefield. While standing on the left hallway on the floor above Megumi, who stands at the bottom of a set of stairs, Noritoshi fires his arrows. Two of them curve to down the stairs at his opponent while the other takes a different trajectory. Megumi uses his tonfa to deflect the two arrows coming for him and his Toad shikigami from The Well's Unknown Abyss uses its tongue to catch the third arrow, which had wrapped around in an attempt to strike Megumi's head from behind.

Megumi breaks apart the tip of the third arrow and confirms that Noritoshi's Inherited Technique gives his arrows the ability to defy physics by marking them with traces of blood. The jujutsu upperclassman asks his opponent to stop holding back, believing Megumi can still summon another shikigami. However, Megumi's Divine Dog is busy with Toge and he deflects the comment by pointing out his senpai is down to one last arrow.

Using Flowing Red Scale to enhance his strength, Noritoshi breaks Megumi's tonfa.

The two students know of each other's Inherited Techniques thanks to their connections to the big three sorcerer families. Noritoshi surprisingly uses his last arrow to destroy the roof, confusing Megumi. Just as the debris blocks Megumi's vision, Noritoshi suddenly rushes at him and attacks with a powerful right hook. Megumi is able to block it with his tonfa, but he's taken off guard by Noritoshi's strength.

Noritoshi reveals his right eye and blood marks begin to form around it as he follows up with a left hook that breaks one of the tonfa. Because Megumi was late with using his cursed energy to defend, he's sent reeling back into the wall by Noritoshi's strength. The blood marks form a star around Noritoshi's right eye, signaling the activation of a technique known as Flowing Red Scale. By manipulating blood beyond its form, Noritoshi can grant himself more energy and physical enhancements. Megumi compares this to athlete doping but Noritoshi doesn't agree with the connotation of that remark.[4]

Max Elephant floods the building with a rush of water.

Megumi attempts to strike with his remaining tonfa but Noritoshi deflects it by clashing their wrists together. Megumi flips the tonfa around to swing it at Noritoshi's head but he's able to duck under it and counter with a forward palm strike that breaks the tonfa. Noritoshi claims he's proud that the Ten Shadows Technique user can hold his own in close combat. As this is their first formal meeting, Megumi is confused why is his senpai is acting familiar with him.

Noritoshi believes they will be the pillars of the sorcerer families and states that he will kill Itadori of his own will. Megumi claims he has no connection with the Zenin family anymore and refutes Noritoshi completely. They disagree on how to properly be a sorcerer so Megumi suggests they agree to simply curse each other.

Nue is trapped by Noritoshi's Crimson Binding.

Suddenly, one of Megumi's toads bursts through a door behind Noritoshi. He turns around to confront it but the shikigami is instantly dispelled, forcing Noritoshi to realize it was just a decoy on its last legs. The distraction lasts long enough for Megumi to summon a shikigami he had just recently acquired: Max Elephant!

A strange power interrupts the climax of the duel.

Noritoshi prepares to attack but the elephant floods the corridor with water. The strong current sweeps Noritoshi outside, leaving him defenseless while in mid-air. Megumi follows up by summoning Nue, who strikes Noritoshi with a fly by swipe of its electro-shock wings. When it circles around to attack again, Noritoshi counters by throwing a blood pack at the shikigami and activating his Crimson Binding technique. This wraps Nue in a net of blood, rendering it immobile.

Megumi emerges from the temple and rushes Noritoshi just as he lands. The two rivals run at each other preparing for one final clash when suddenly giant tree roots that dwarf the temple emerge from the ground nearby.[5]


Both jujutsu students stop just before they clash to notice a swarm of giant branches reaching over top the building. Megumi spots Toge running on the roof and calls out his name. This makes Toge notice them both and uses his cursed speech to order them to run away. This helps Megumi and Noritoshi to narrowly dodge to crashing roots by running full speed away from the uncanny attack.[6]


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