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Megumi Fushiguro vs. Finger Bearer is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student, Megumi Fushiguro against a special grade cursed spirit containing one of Sukuna's fingers.


Megumi manages to exorcise the mole-like spirit cursing victims from beneath Yasohachi Bridge.

Megumi is forced to realize Sukuna's fingers are the cause of the connected deaths.

However, one hole the spirit used remains even after it has been exorcised, and the barrier remains as well. Confused, Megumi questions what's happening before something comes out of the exit. Megumi is immediately shocked and realizes that the cursed victims began dying in June, the same month Yuji incarnated Sukuna.

Megumi comes to this conclusion because once again he is faced to face with a special grade finger bearer, identical to the one he ran away from at the Detention Center.[1] Sukuna releasing his cursed energy has caused all of his fingers to resonate, awakening the bridge curse which had hidden one of the fingers.[2]


Megumi takes a defensive stance with his blade as the cursed spirit grins at him. Despite its identical appearance to the one from the detention center, this curse is much stronger. With a single blast of cursed energy, Megumi's sword is broken and his head slightly cut from the impact. The curse quickly blitzes behind him by quickly changing angles and attempts to hit him with a cursed energy infused uppercut.

Divine Dog protects Megumi from the curse.

Divine Dog: Totality grabs Megumi in time to avoid the curse's attack completely. Megumi attempts to summon Nue while in the Divine Dog's arms, but the curses speed surprises him yet again.[3] The finger bearer knocks Megumi back into a stone wall and cracks it from the impact, causing Megumi to bleed profusely from his head.

Megumi momentarily falls unconscious causing his Divine Dog to be dispelled. He briefly recalls training with Gojo sensei and how his sensei firmly encouraged him to abandon his restraints and think more freely about his potential. For a moment Megumi considers using a summoning ritual that would ultimately sacrifice himself, but decides against that.

Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden!

Smiling with a crazed expression, Megumi forgoes sacrificing himself and goes for the win instead. Megumi pictures a future stronger version of himself able to bring forth the deepest shadows and surpass his limits. Rather than worry about a specific form, Megumi plans to bring his power forward with cursed energy, activating Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden!

Megumi and Divine Dog exorcise the curse from its own shadow.

Megumi pushes himself, causing his nose to bleed as well, but he's satisfied with the result. Even if it's incomplete, Megumi believes this Domain Expansion should be enough to win. As the floor of the domain is covered in shadows, several frogs grab onto the curse's legs. It moves to repel them but Megumi takes advance of the distract and lands a powerful straight kick to his opponent's face.

By riding on the frogs and liquid shadow, Megumi increases his mobility and circles the curse. His opponent fires a concentrated arrow of cursed energy through Megumi's head, but imagining more freely, he's able to use a shadow fake to substitute himself from taking a blast through the head. Two Nue's cross each other to strike the curse before it decides to blow away all the liquid shadow with a large explosive barrier of cursed energy.

With the majority of the shadows cleared out and Megumi nowhere in sight, the curse believes its won. However, it's suddenly stabbed from behind through its chest. Megumi and Divine Dog: Totality, appear from the curse's shadow to strike it down once and for all. Megumi points out that Divine Dogs claws could even pierce Hanami's hard shell, so this curse was no match. Defeated, the curse fades away and Megumi's crazed expression fades as he notes that he's tired.[4]


With the curse exorcised, the Domain disappears and Megumi is left back in the middle of the forest. He looks around for his classmates while holding Sukuna's finger, but he throws up and collapses from exhaustion. He thinks about his sister and their time in middle school. Tsumiki was always a good person, the type Megumi disliked. Now that she's cursed into a permanent sleep, Megumi wishes to apologize to Tsumiki.

Megumi knows this curse is separate from Tsumiki's sleeping curse. He begins to think about the finger and Yuji, but he abruptly falls fast asleep.[5]


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