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Megumi Fushiguro vs. Aoi Todo is a battle fought between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Megumi Fushiguro and Kokyo Jujutsu High third-year student Aoi Todo during the leadup to the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.


On the day of the Kyoto Goodwill Event meeting, Aoi Todo and Mai Zenin decide to visit their sister school underclassmen to talk trash. They confront Megumi and Nobara in an underpass somewhere on the school grounds.

Rivals from Kyoto come to intimidate the Tokyo first-years.

Megumi is surprised to see Mai and asks why she's here. Nobara is surprised to learn that Mai is Maki's sister. Aoi address Megumi and Nobara as "replacements" and Mai inquires about their dead classmate.

She calls Yuji "half monster" and asks how bad it was to be around him. Annoyed, Megumi and Nobara mostly ignore her and Aoi completely changes the subject. He's only worried about if they're worthy replacements for Yuta Okkotsu.

"You're boring... Fushiguro."

Aoi takes off his shirt and asks Megumi what kind of girls he likes, confusing the first years. He adds that depending on Megumi's answer, he'll beat him half to death and drag out Okkotsu himself. Aoi takes a fighting stance and reveals he likes tall girls with big butts.[1]

Megumi replies by asking why he would reveal such information to someone he just met. Aoi explains that someone's personal tastes reveals everything about them. If they have boring tastes, then they're a boring person and Aoi hates boring people. This is Aoi's last Kyoto Goodwill Event and he won't be able to take it if it's boring. So he needs Megumi to prove he'll provide a rush for Aoi.

Megumi says that as long as a person is compassionate, then that's all he needs. While Mai and Nobara are impressed with his answer, Aoi claims that Megumi is boring after all.[2]


Todo overwhelms Megumi with sheer brute force.

Sensing his opponent's bloodlust, Megumi folds his hands in preparation to summon Nue. However, Aoi blitzes right past his guard and hits him with a powerful clothesline. Megumi is able to partially block it, but Aoi's brute force sends him flying back into the rear wall all the way past the end of the underpass.

Aoi follows Megumi as the latter recovers, claiming Megumi trampled all over his kindness after giving him a chance not to be boring. Megumi finally recognizes Aoi Todo as the sorcerer who defeated five Grade 1 and one special grade cursed spirit single-handedly. Megumi asks if Aoi even used his cursed technique and he reveals to have only used it on the special grades.

Todo blitzing through Megumi's defense with incredible speed.

Megumi forms Nue's shadow successfully this time and combines it with his toad shadow to create The Well's Unknown Abyss. Aoi once again uses his speed to get behind Megumi and traps him with a body lock. Aoi tells his opponent that his body is weak as his taste in women before slamming him with a reverse suplex.

Megumi's toads bind Todo with their tongues.

Megumi's head begins bleeding as a result of the assault, but he manages to get back on his feet quickly. However, within a split second, Aoi blitzes Megumi and smashes his head against one of the school's pillars, pinning Megumi. Not done yet, Aoi throws Megumi through the bottom of the platform above them.

When Aoi goes to follow up on his attacks, the winged toads wrap him up with their tongues. He's not impressed, but Megumi gets up and prepares to show him all he's got. However, suddenly someone using cursed speech tells them to stop. [3]


Toge Inumaki uses his cursed speech to stop Aoi's movements. Then, Panda hits him with a strong right hook, appearing to momentarily stun Aoi. Panda tells Aoi to leave and he agrees to end the fighting. Aoi claims the event might not end up being boring but he tells Panda to tell Okkotsu to show up before walking away. [4]


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