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Megumi Fushiguro & Panda vs. Kirara Hoshi is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Megumi Fushiguro and second-year student Panda against Tokyo Jujutsu High third-year student Kirara Hoshi. It takes place on the roof of Gachinko Fight Club where Kirara attempted to prevent Megumi and Panda from reaching the club's monitoring room where Kinji Hakari was meeting with Yuji Itadori.


Megumi takes out the lookouts.

Megumi successfully sneaks Yuji into the fight club and then meets with Panda outside the building. They form a plan to ensure that Yuji's meeting with Hakari goes well by covering the door and keeping an eye on the situation.

The meeting is taking place in the monitor room and the only entrance is on the roof. Panda knows where all the lookouts and cameras are located, so getting to the roof shouldn't pose an issue. The issue is Kirara and their cursed technique, which has always prevented Panda from approaching to the monitor room door. Unfortunately, this isn't something they can plan for, so the duo decides to press on with their plan around 1:00 P.M. when Yuji texts Megumi to confirm the meeting time.

While sneaking up to the roof of the building, Megumi uses the Ten Shadows Technique to hide his body inside the shadow of one of the lookouts. He jumps out of the shadow and uses his arms to put the lookout in a chokehold while his legs secure a body lock. The man passes out before long, allowing Megumi to restrain him and hide his body before the next lookout passes by. As the next unsuspecting lookout passes by, Megumi moves into his shadow before taking him down behind another pillar where the nearby camera can't see. Megumi locks in a grounded triangle choke on this lookout that puts him to sleep as well.

Kirara catches Megumi sneaking around with Panda.

Meanwhile, Panda heads up the emergency stairs and tricks two lookouts by acting like an innocent animal. While their guard is down, Panda knocks them both out and runs up the rest of the stairway. Panda meets Megumi on the roof and assures him that their actions won't cause too much trouble later. The duo moves to cover the monitor room door as planned but their plan is ruined when they're surprised by Kirara's sudden appearance.

Kirara turns around and notices Megumi and Panda on the platform above them. They associate Megumi and Panda with Jujutsu High, making Kirara realize that Yuji must be with Jujutsu High as well. Believing their friend is in danger, Kirara immediately reaches for their phone to warn Hakari.[1]


Megumi tries to use Divine Dog to stop Kirara from warning Hakari.

With their cover already blown and Yuji's sure to be next, Megumi tries to prevent Kirara from reaching their phone by summoning Divine Dog: Totality. Divine Dog leaps from Megumi's shadow toward Kirara and attempts to restrain them. However, as soon as Divine Dog makes the slightest contact with Kirara, its send directly back at Megumi. As Megumi gets hit with his own shikigami, he wonders if Divine Dog was repelled. Then he recalls Panda saying that Kirara prevents things from approaching. Kirara confirms to themselves that they've marked everyone involved and then runs back toward the monitor room.

Panda tries running after Kirara and desperately attempts to explain that they're not enemies. Kirara's technique prevents Panda from getting close. They refuse to believe Panda and express how betrayed they feel. Before Kirara reaches the door, Divine Dog intercepts their path. Megumi believes since Kirara stopped this might mean they can't approach Divine Dog either. However, Megumi is suddenly pulled into Divine Dog, making him realize there are even more rules to this technique now that he can't separate from Divine Dog. Unbeknownst to Panda and Megumi, the former has been marked with the star "★Imai".[2]

Rabbit Escape!

While everyone is at a deadlock and Kirara is standing between Megumi and Panda, the former decides it's a good time to negotiate. Megumi and Panda try to explain they're not spies with Jujutsu High and that Satoru Gojo was sealed so they need Hakari's help, but Kirara doesn't believe them. Determined to convince Kirara because their help would make convincing Hakari go smoother, Megumi starts with trying to navigate their cursed technique. He summons Rabbit Escape and floods the roof with numerous rabbit shikigami.[3]

Megumi immediately notices "★Acrux" on his rabbits and "★Gacrux" on the door to the monitor room. Kirara is surprised by the sheer amount of rabbits but doesn't understand their purpose. Kirara knows that before long, their technique will attract all the shikigami back to Megumi and suffocate him. Megumi suddenly dispels Rabbit Escape before this happens and asks Panda what areas on the roof did he notice the rabbits could and couldn't approach. Panda replies that the rabbits could reach him and the second floor of the roof but not Kirara or the door. Megumi finds ★Acrux on his lower abdomen and Panda finds ★Imai on his bottom. Based on what information gathered, Megumi guesses that Kirara's technique is based on a constellation of stars called the Southern Cross.

Kirara attracts a car to Panda.

Kirara is surprised by Megumi's guess, giving it away that he was correct. Kirara didn't realize that Megumi was unsure at first but now they've both given it away with their reactions. Knowing that Megumi will decipher the workings of the technique soon, Kirara resolves to hold him away from Hakari no matter what. Megumi eventually figures out that in order to approach Kirara or the monitor room, he must follow a predetermined order set by the technique. They've already established four points that have been marked and realize there is a hidden fifth one they must reach before approaching Kirara.

With their technique exposed, Kirara goes on the offensive. They jump onto the hood of the car and mark it with ★Imai, the same star as Panda. Kirara's attack sends the car upward and directly into Panda. Panda catches the car and ensures Megumi that he's fine, adding that he needs to find the fifth star. Panda makes the mistake of tossing the car away. Sharing the same star with the car causes the vehicle to come right back into Panda. It slams into Panda's head and incapacitates him.

Megumi incorrectly concludes Kirara can't send more projectiles at him.

Megumi focuses on seeing the residuals on the roof and realizes that while Kirara has marked themselves, other objects on the roof have be pre-charged with someone else's cursed energy to be marked. Megumi finds a parking stop charged with third-party cursed energy and sees its marked with ★Mimosa before touching it. Now able to approach Kirara's star next, Megumi runs toward them.

Megumi outsmarts Kirara and restrains them.

Megumi doesn't think Kirara can attract objects to him like they did to Panda because Kirara's own cursed energy has already been marked. However, Kirara removes the ★Ginan star from their own cursed energy and charges several items with it instead, surprising Megumi. Kirara marks a car door and several parking stops with ★Acrux, Megumi's star, sending them all flying at him like projectiles. Kirara thinks Megumi was too fast to conclude that he couldn't be hit with more objects and is confident that they've won.

However, Divine Dog: Totality suddenly reappears behind Kirara and grabs them. At first, Kirara doesn't understand where Divine Dog came from, but they realize that Megumi never dispelled it in the first place. Divine Dog was purposely being jammed between a wall and Megumi to prevent them from sticking together. Megumi moved in a clever manner and didn't set Divine Dog loose until Kirara was directly between them. With Divine Dog being pulled back to Megumi with Kirara in its clasp, they're forced to cancel Love Rendezvous. Megumi immediately restrains Kirara, pulling their arm behind their back while simply asking for them to please listen.[4]


"I'm begging you! There's no time! So please hear us out!"

While restrained, Kirara says they don't believe that Megumi could've correctly planned the end of the fight. They add he couldn't have known whether he would've pulled Divine Dog or vice versa. Megumi admits he gambled but the last exchange also taught him that the subject with the higher cursed energy output does the pulling. Kirara is annoyed they lost, but they're surprised when Megumi suddenly lets them go.

Megumi prostrates himself, bowing his head to Kirara as he begs for them to listen. Confused, Kirara decides to hear Megumi out and tells him to go ahead. However, their conversation is interrupted by the monitor room door coming flying off the hinges. Hakari is already onto Yuji and he kicks him out onto the roof. Megumi is surprised to see Yuji while Panda admits he wasn't very useful.


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