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Megumi Fushiguro & Maki Zenin vs. Hanami is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High students Megumi Fushiguro and Maki Zenin against the special grade cursed spirit Hanami.


Maki attacks Hanami from behind.

Hanami corners Megumi and Noritoshi after pummeling the latter. Despite his injuries, Toge steps up to face Hanami and with the last of his strength, using his cursed speech to force Hanami to blast away. The powerful impact hurls Hanami to the top of the temple, appearing to leave him open to attack.[1]


Maki suddenly appears behind Hanami wielding Kasumi's sword. The special grade curse claims he can't be cut with that weak of a sword and breaks it by blocking with his wrist. Using the opening Maki created, Megumi slashes Hanami's eye branches, proving they're incredibly vulnerable.

Hanami commends Megumi's blade as the young man switches it out inside his shadow to pull out a weapon Maki claims is far stronger. Megumi hands her a three section staff that still doesn't quite feel right to wield for Maki.[2]

Divine Dog: Totality!

The three-section staff is the Special Grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud. Maki spins the staff and strikes through Hanami's defense, sending him crashing through the forest a great distance away from the building. Hanami regains his footing in a small river close to the forest. Hiding in the brush, Megumi summons Divine Dog: Totality, a much stronger version of the Divine Dog to attack.

The Divine Dog claws away Hanami's arm to weaken its defense and Maki quickly follows with a slash of her own. Hanami readies to defend Playful Cloud, but he blocks Maki wielding Megumi's black sword instead. The distraction leaves Hanami open to a powerful swing of Playful Cloud that strikes the back of the curse's neck. While Hanami is groggy, the students switch weapons and quickly strike simultaneously.

Megumi gets hit by Hanami's Cursed Bud.

They do enough damage to cut apart Hanami's weak spot, but a cursed sprout suddenly sprouts from Megumi's stomach. Shocked, Maki is left open to a wooden spear that pierces her left arm. Hanami was aiming for the heart but Maki's reaction time saved her. Hanami explains that hurting one sorcerer creates openings in the other. Divine Dog prepares to attack but its dispelled because of the Cursed Bud feeing off Megumi's cursed energy.

Maki tries to uses a thrusting technique to hit Hanami but he avoids it and smacks her aside with brute force. He admits she has nice moves but not nearly as sharp as before. Megumi prepares to use jujutsu no matter what to save Maki as she's wrapped up in Hanami's roots. She stops him by calling out and claiming its time for them to tag out.[3]


Suddenly, Yuji and Aoi crash down on top of the roots, forcing Hanami to retreat. Aoi secures Maki while Yuji helps him break apart the roots, arriving just in time to save their fellow students.[4]


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