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Megumi Fushiguro, Toge Inumaki & Noritoshi Kamo vs. Hanami is a battle fought by Jujutsu High students Megumi Fushiguro, Toge Inumaki & Noritoshi Kamo against special grade cursed spirit Hanami during his group's attack during the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.


Given to him by Panda, Toge uses Mechamaru's phone to call Kasumi by unlocking it with the puppet's arm. He commands her to sleep with his cursed speech, instantly incapacitating her. The jujutsu second-year tosses away the arm and hands the phone over before petting Megumi's Divine Dog and commanding it return.

Hanami suddenly invades the Goodwill Event.

Suddenly, Toge notices a dark presence of a Semi-Grade 1 curse. He prepares to zip down his jacket and confront the curse but it suddenly dies. The real enemy, Hanami appears from behind the tree and reveals himself. Faced with a much greater threat, Toge unzips his jacket collar and faces off with the Special Grade.[1]

As Toge flees from Hanami's giant roots, he reaches the roof of a building while the wooden attack goes overhead. He notices Megumi and Noritoshi down below and immediately commands them both to run away, allowing them to dodge the crashing roots.[2]

Hanami begins his assault on the students before they can retreat.

The three students regroup as the roots shrink and Hanami descends from the top of the building. The situation becomes drastic as they're faced with a Special Grade cursed spirit and the area is surrounded by a curtain.

Toge suggests they call Gojo, which Megumi agrees with, fearing Hanami might use Domain Expansion on them. As Megumi begins the call and suggests to Noritoshi that they must retreat, Hanami blitzes behind them and breaks the phone with a wooden projectile.[3]


Nue keeps Hanami pinned down.

Toge immobilizes Hanami by telling him to stop with cursed speech. Then the students immediately create distance while Noritoshi strikes the curse with Blood Manipulation: Slicing Exorcism. Noritoshi's spinning blood blade strikes Hanami's hardened shell, doing minimal damage to his head. Nue follows up with a strike from above, forcing Hanami to block with his arm as it crashes down with its wing on him. Megumi attempts to cut Hanami's leg while the curse is blocking but his shell is too tough.

Hanami abruptly begins speaking to the students through telepathy, explaining that he is a curse born from the Earth's desire to preserve itself. He asks for time without humans and suggests the young students can all become sages through death.[4] He chases the students into another building using the roots. He then forms three wooden balls that project spears, one for each student.

Noritoshi manages to slightly injure Hanami, exposing his weak point.

Toge commands the attack to stop, allowing Noritoshi to counter attack with Piercing Blood. This time, Noritoshi's blood bullet manages to slightly injure Hanami's face. They immediately run away to create space while Toge recovers. They plan on using this strategy until they can find help from anyone else. The students flee outside on the roof of the lower levels of the building as Nue circles around to meet them.

Megumi tells Nue that Toge will stop Hanami so it doesn't have to be afraid. He sends his shikigami straight for Hanami as the curse appears from the building. Toge attempts to immobilize Hanami again, but his throat gives way to side-effects of his cursed speech.

Without Toge's support, Noritoshi is left defenseless against Hanami.

Without anything to stop him, Hanami pierces Nue with two large wooden spikes. Noritoshi makes the mistake of looking back at Toge, giving Hanami the opening to smash his face into the ground with a fearsome downward right hook. The impact cracks the tiles of the roof and sends Noritoshi spinning away, immediately incapacitating him.

Three wooden balls appear to finish Noritoshi off, but Megumi grabs him before the protruding wooden spikes stab into the roof. The jujutsu first-year surmises that his senpai's sursed speech backfired due to the difference in strength.

As Megumi prepares to summon another Shikigami, Toge stops him and steps forward to face Hanami again. His junior voices concern, but Toge looks Hanami in the face and commands him to Blast Away. Toge is incapacitated from the recoil, but the shock wave breaks apart the roof and sends Hanami flying back from the impact.[5]


Hanami reels from the attack as he lies on his back on the highest point of the building. He notices a presence from behind and claims they can't cut him with their sword. Maki joins the fight and attempts to behead Hanami from behind, but the curse turns around and blocks wit his wrist, instantly breaking the sword in two. However, this opening allows Megumi to slice the branches on Hanami's face with his black sword.

This allows Megumi to confirm that Hanami's weak point are the branches coming out of his eye sockets. Hanami admits Megumi's black sword isn't so weak and Maki responds by claiming she has an even better weapon. Megumi puts his black sword back inside his shadow and takes out a three-section staff for Maki to wield.[6]


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