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Megumi Fushiguro ( (ふし) (ぐろ) (めぐみ) Fushiguro Megumi?) is the deuteragonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer and first-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High alongside Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki. Megumi is the step-brother of Tsumiki Fushiguro and as the son of Toji Fushiguro, Megumi is also a descendant of the Zenin Clan. Megumi was born outside the clan as Toji's trump card and was eventually found by Satoru Gojo, who mentored him and enrolled him at Jujutsu High as his student.


Megumi is a relatively tall and slim young man with fair skin and green eyes (dark-blue eyes in the anime adaptation) that slant upwards to denote his harsher and colder personality. He has uniquely styled black hair with long spikes that jut out in every direction around his head, resembling a sea-urchin (according to Hakari). When first meeting Megumi, Gojo noted the resemblance to his father Toji Fushiguro and Megumi himself has similar facial features and the same green eyes as his late father.

Megumi typically wears a standard Jujutsu High uniform with a dark blue jacket over a long-sleeved white dress shirt. His uniform pants match his jacket and only reach to just above his shins. He wears long black socks that cover his exposed ankles and finishes his outfit with low-top brown shoes. He also has a blue tracksuit for training.

In middle school, Megumi wore the Saitama Urami East Junior High uniform, which consisted of a tan jacket over a white dress shirt with black pants and white sneakers. While sneaking inside the Gachinko Fight Club, Megumi wore a black hoodie and matching pants with his normal shoes as a disguise.


Megumi irritated with Gojo

Megumi irritated with Gojo's playfulness.

Megumi is a very outwardly stoic, aloof, and calculating individual. He usually has a neutral facial expression that he rarely changes, making it appear as if he takes every situation seriously. This contrasts heavily with Yuji, Nobara, and Satoru's outgoing and goofy personalities, which often annoy Megumi. He's easily irritated and Yuji has noted that Megumi seems like he's always slightly angry.[5]

Kid Megumi mad at Satoru (Anime)

Megumi's resolute sternness even as a child.

Even as a child, Megumi was very stern, earnest, and thoughtful, to the point where Satoru questioned if he was a first-grader when they first met. He didn't care for his father and assumed he and Tsumiki were abandoned. Megumi understood his situation with the Zenin clan and stood firm that he would only cooperate if Tsumiki were happy as well.[6]

Megumi has always been annoyed by Satoru's attitude ever since they first met. He didn't care for the idea of becoming a sorcerer and became more jaded about it over time. By the time Megumi reached middle school, his impersonal attitude had fully set in. He thought becoming a jujutsu sorcerer would be pointless as he didn't see himself as someone who saves others. Uninterested in making friends, Megumi believed the basis of human interaction was avoiding violating someone else's dignity. He would beat up school bullies who ignored this rule to feed their egos, gaining a reputation as the biggest troublemaker in school as a result. Tsumiki wanted him to stop getting in fights but Megumi didn't listen and wrote her off.

Megumi bullying the bullies (Anime)

Megumi bullying the bullies in middle school.

Megumi hated bad people with unearned pride just as much as he did good people who were too merciful to the former. Tsumiki was a perfect example of a good person to Megumi but he would disagree with and get annoyed with her anytime she scolded him for hurting someone bad. After Tsumiki fell into an unending sleep, Megumi realized he was acting immaturely. He knew Tsumiki was choosing to protect and that she believed that his lack of forgiveness was his way of showing kindness. After Tsumiki was cursed, Megumi was filled with regret and found the drive to become a sorcerer so he could save her.[7]

Yuji and Megumi disagree over Tadashi (Anime)

Megumi and Yuji disagreeing about retrieving the body of a criminal.

As a jujutsu sorcerer, Megumi developed his sense of justice and is steadfast in his interpretation of right and wrong. Like his mentor, Megumi refuses to be influenced by traditions within the jujutsu world. Yuji should've been executed when they first met but Megumi ignored the rules and made a personal request to Satoru to protect him.[8]

Megumi says he's not a hero (Anime)

"I'm not a hero, I'm a jujutsu sorcerer."

Megumi was unsure for a while if he made the correct decision. He was uncomfortable with the idea that he was someone who saved people. He believed saving the wrong people could hurt innocent people in the future, which made saving Yuji a contradictory decision.[9] Megumi learned. Megumi cast aside his uncertainty when he came face-to-face with the consequences of his choice, Sukuna. He decided the only thing that's fair in life is how it's unfair to everyone and sorcerers can be a cog in karmic retribution. He wants more good people like Tsumiki to receive fairness and that's why he'll save people unfairly. Megumi realized that he didn't save Yuji because it was logical, he did it because he didn't want to see a good person die. He knows it was a selfish and emotional decision but he's okay with that because he's not a hero, he's a jujutsu sorcerer. That is why Megumi never regretted saving Yuji, not even for a second.[10]

Megumi and Nobara agree to participate in the Goodwill Event (Anime)

Megumi and Nobara vow to get stronger for their fallen friend.

Being unable to save Yuji or Tadashi Okazaki during the detention center incident left Megumi pondering his role as a sorcerer. He asked Maki what kind of people she wanted to save, only to be annoyed by her response.[11] Megumi and Nobara weren't exactly friends at this point, but Yuji's premature demise brought them closer together. It was the first time either of them lost a friend in battle and they decided to honor him by participating in the Goodwill Event to honor their fallen friend, swearing to get stronger no matter what.[12]

In response to Todo's classic "what kind of girls do you like?" question, Megumi said that he doesn't have a preference as long as his partner is compassionate. He was trying to de-escalate the situation but this only irritated Todo due to their opposing personalities. When it came to blows, despite being outmatched, Megumi never backed down.[13] Megumi didn't hold any resentment toward Todo and was uninterested in a rematch, which disappointed Panda.[14]

Megumi rejecting Noritoshi (Anime)

"I don't care if I'm right or wrong. I only believe in my conscience!"

Megumi didn't have any loyalty to the Zenin clan so he didn't reciprocate Noritoshi Kamo's familiarity with him. He rejected Noritoshi's belief that as descendants of the Big Three Families, they were obligated to kill Sukuna's vessel. Megumi expressed that he didn't care about being right or wrong and acted only according to his conscience. He told Noritoshi that he would save people unfairly and if they disagree, they would have to agree to curse each other instead.[15]

Megumi is too secretive (Anime)

Megumi's secretive nature annoying Yuji and Nobara.

Megumi was distant with Yuji and Nobara despite considering them his comrades and friends. He was so embarrassed when they visited his middle school that he couldn't speak properly. Yuji and Nobara felt Megumi never shared much with them and hassled him for about his secretiveness. Megumi even blushed when he was reunited with Takeda and was annoyed with Akari Nitta for making him the one to speak with the faculty member. He never shared information on Tsumiki's condition with any of them, Nobara didn't even know he had siblings.[16]

Megumi comforted by his friends (Anime)

Megumi finds comfort in being more open with his friends.

Even when Megumi found out Tsumiki could be in danger, he initially refused to involve Yuji and Nobara. They assured him he didn't have to share everything but asked that he depend on them as his friends. This encouragement helped Megumi admit the truth about Tsumiki's condition and his concerns. Yuji and Nobara dismissed the danger of the mission and told Megumi he should've led with that information. Pleased with his comrades' willingness to help him, Megumi smiled.[17]

Megumi decides against sacrificing himself (Anime)

Megumi letting go of self-restraint and striving to win.

Megumi, who lacks any sort of competitive edge, can feel insecure about his strength as a sorcerer. He made it a point to tell Yuji he would surpass him after the Goodwill Event.[18] Pressured by Yuji's rapid growth, he even went to Gojo for training when any interaction between them is a hassle for Megumi. Gojo made Megumi realize his mindset was holding him back from bringing out his best. He relied too heavily on a failsafe and only achieved his growth when he decided to be selfish and visualize a stronger future for himself. This aided Megumi in achieving domain expansion for the first time, while he was untethered and smiling like a madman.[19]

Megumi asks Yuji to save him

"So start by saving me."

Megumi and Yuji have a shared guilt for to accidentally incarnating Sukuna. They both accepted responsibility for Sukuna's rampage in Shibuya. While Yuji felt he couldn't return to Jujutsu High, Megumi believed that was a selfish route. He doesn't think anyone can judge jujutsu sorcerers so they must continually prove their existence by saving people. Megumi told Yuji he could start by saving him, a plee for help to rescue Tsumiki from the Culling Game.[20]

Maki telling Megumi he's head of the Zenin Family

Megumi's complete disinterest in becoming head of the Zenin clan.

Megumi feels no loyalty or connection to the Zenin clan, treating Tsumiki as his family. The only member of the Zenin clan Megumi interacts with is Maki, and their relationship is more friendly than familial. Maki wanted Megumi to help her by becoming the head of the clan after Noabito's death but he was completely uninterested. Megumi's reserved personality immediately led him to reject the position, claiming it was too much of a hassle. He isn't very materialistic and social status isn't important to him either, so he couldn't care less about the fortune he'd receive. He told Maki he'd step down so she could lead the clan instead. Even after Maki pointed out several legitimate reasons why Megumi would be a more acceptable head, he continued to stubbornly push back simply because he didn't want to do it. It was only when Megumi realized how important it was to Maki that he accepted.[21]

Megumi begs Kirara to listen

Megumi's desperation to save his sister.

While Megumi cares about protecting those close to him, that same concern doesn't extend to himself. He feels responsible for Sukuna so he doesn't allow Yuji or anyone else to express concern for him regarding the King of Curses. He and Yuji even argued because Megumi didn't want to hassle their senpai just for his own safety. He told Yuji that line of thinking is selfish and an annoying waste of time. Megumi's desperation to protect others, especially his sister, was on full display when he needed help from Hikari and Kirara. Megumi prostrated himself and begged for help. He even used his status as the head of the Zenin clan to win Hakari over.[22]

Megumi eliminates Chizuru Hari

Megumi trusting his judgement and maintaining his composure after killing his first human opponent.

Unlike Yuji, Megumi had zero qualms about killing other humans in the Culling Game. Megumi's sole focus was saving his sister and he immediately conflicted with anyone who stood in his way. He even threatened to kill Remi, a weak woman, for leading him into an ambush. When Reggie attempted to recruit Megumi, he felt that Reggie and Remi were wasting his time and they almost instantly came to blows.[23][24] Megumi always figured Reggie and his group were always using Remi but she never realized it. When it became clear and she begged Megumi to help her, he told Remi that she was the type of trash who cares more about words than deeds.[25] After making his first ever human kill, Megumi remained calmed and trusted in his own judgment. Confident in himself and his allies, Megumi resolved to wave away any difficulties that crossed his path on the way to rescue his sister.[26]

Megumi only put his cynicism and mistrust aside in the Culling Game when Fumihiko Takaba helped him. Fumihiko's eccentric personality reminded Megumi of Todo and he didn't laugh at his jokes, but they were still able to communicate and work together. Despite their clashing personalities, Megumi even felt comfortable asking Takaba to try and steal Hazenoki's points, viewing him as a potential ally for the future.[27]

Abilities and Powers


Overall Skill Level: Megumi is a grade 2 sorcerer who possesses one of the highest potentials of any student at Jujutsu High regardless of age. He inherited the prized Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin clan and is favored by the strongest sorcerer himself. Satoru believes that Megumi could become as strong as he is and has stated he likely possesses even more skill and potential than Yuji. Mai Zenin commended him as a genius who started school ranked grade 2.[28] Noritoshi Kamo mirrored the same sentiment, claiming Megumi's age is irrelevant because of his inherited technique, and that he was even more reliable than the drunk Head of the Zenin clan.[29] Even Sukuna took a special interest in Megumi due to his unique talents.[30][31]

Megumi and Divine Dogs

Megumi exorcising curses and navigating a mission early into his career.

Megumi is an exceptionally focused person and a highly disciplined combatant. He excels at keeping his cool in even the direst situations. Of all Satoru's students, Megumi is the most level-headed and clever in his approach to every fight. This has translated into an expert degree of understanding when it comes to jujutsu and how to practically apply his own skills. By the time he met Yuji Itadori, Megumi was already capable of summoning several different shikigami and he had a solid grasp on the Ten Shadows Technique. When Satoru left Megumi without much direction in his assignment to track down Sukuna's finger at Yuji's school, he was still able to navigate the mission on his own. Megumi was able to nearly secure Sukuna's finger without issue, but, Yuji and his friends accidentally complicated the mission and led to Megumi getting caught off guard by a giant cursed spirit that nearly incapacitated him.[32]

Megumi escapes with detention facility with Nobara (Anime)

Megumi fulfilling his assignment by rescuing Nobara while also giving Yuji a crucial signal.

During the evacuation of the Eishu Detention Center, Megumi quickly recognized they had been caught in an unfavorable situation when they stepped into an incomplete domain. Even so, his rational line of thinking led him to use his shikigami to navigate the facility while leading his allies through it.[33] Megumi's composure was shaken upon being faced with a special grade curse, but he was able to regain focus and switch his priority to rescuing Nobara. Using his arsenal of shikigami, Megumi was able to track Nobara down and save her. He proved to be the connective crux of this mission, also able to give Yuji the signal to let out Sukuna in order to exorcise the special grade.[34]

Great Serpent

Megumi relying on his shikigami to contend with Sukuna.

Megumi and Yuji's plan, however, did backfire and Sukuna was given temporary free reign over Yuji's body, leading to a fight between him and Megumi. While clearly outclassed, Megumi figured he could force Sukuna to repair Yuji's heart if he dragged out the fight long enough. Megumi and his shikigami were not powerful enough at this point to accomplish his goal, and Megumi's Great Serpent was destroyed as a result. While not fully successful, Sukuna was impressed by Megumi's power and even implied that he could've defeated the other special grade instead of fleeing.[35]

This incident made Megumi realize what areas of his skill set he needed to improve on in order to become a stronger fighter. He and Nobara trained with Maki to increase their capabilities in armed and unarmed close combat.[36] It was at this time Megumi realized he could use his cursed technique in more inventive ways, such as storing weapons inside it so he can keep his hands free for summoning shikigami.[37] Megumi couldn't hope to stand up to Aoi Todo in their scuffle, but he undoubtedly increased his combat skills prior to the Goodwill Event.[38]

Megumi vs

Megumi fighting on even terms with the heir to the Kamo Family.

Megumi fought on equal ground with Noritoshi Kamo during the Goodwill Event. Kamo is also someone who inherited a cursed technique passed down in the Big Three Sorcerer Families and is two years Megumi's senior.[39] Motivated to protect Yuji from Kamo's traditionalist ideals, Megumi pushed his opponent to the limit and could've come out victorious if not for Hanami's sudden invasion of the event.[40] In their joint struggle against Hanami, Megumi was able to deduce Hanami's weakness while fighting alongside Kamo and Inumaki.[41] He did his best to exploit Hanami's weaknesses and hold off the special grade while teaming up with Maki. They were unable to defeat Hanami but the duo did hold the special grade off long enough for reinforcements to arrive.[42] In addition, Megumi's deductions proved invaluable for his allies in their fights against Hanami.[43][44]

Megumi vs

Megumi contending with a special grade curse all on his own.

As Megumi's physical skills continued to grow, the only thing holding him back from his true potential was his own mental restraints, as noted by his sensei. Once Megumi stopped relying on his last resort and let his imagination flow freely, he achieved greater growth in his abilities than ever before. Megumi unleashed Domain Expansion and like Sukuna believed he could, he defeated a special grade Finger Bearer with nothing but his own strength.[45][46]

Megumi works well in a group and has always proven to be a valuable asset. His technique allows him to summon a variety of different aids to not only him, but his entire squad. For example, his Divine Dogs allows for easier tracking and Nue provides an option for attacking targets in the air. His value as a squad member was showcased a great deal in not only the Goodwill Event but the dire Shibuya Incident as well. Megumi had to work together with other sorcerers to survive the perilous battles in Shibuya. He was originally assigned to the Nanami Team where he had just as much of an understanding of the situation as Takuma Ino, who is significantly more experienced.[47]

Yuji and Megumi attacking Awasaka (Anime)

Megumi working together with Yuji to defeat an enemy curse user.

As the operation to rescue Satoru began, Megumi teamed up with Yuji and Ino to take down barriers preventing sorcerers from reaching Shibuya Station. Megumi's Nue allowed Yuji and Ino to mount an assault on Shibuya C Tower where the barrier originated and they drew the curse user's guarding the curtain into a battle.[48] While Megumi initially struggled to find a rhythm fighting in tandem with Yuji[49], they were able to work it out and defeat Jiro Awasaka, a heavily experienced curse user. Megumi deduced exactly how Awasaka's innate technique worked and created an effective plan that completely defeated the curse user.[50] Ino was heavily injured in his fight, but Megumi was able to rescue him from falling from the tower using Nue and then took him to Shoko to be healed. It was thanks to Megumi's efforts and the versatility of his shikigami that the curtain was taken down and Ino was rescued.[51][52]

Megumi invading Dagon's domain (Anime)

Megumi rescuing his allies from the sure-hit function of Dagon's domain.

Megumi re-entered the incident and immediately saved the life of Maki, Naobito, and Nanami from the sure-hit of Dagon's domain expansion. He entered Dagon's domain willingly and created a physical hole inside the barrier so his allies could escape. His interference halted Dagon's relentless assault with Death Swarm, which would have surely killed all the sorcerers.[53] While everything didn't go quite as planned, Megumi's intervention saved the lives of his comrades.[54] He accidentally let in a reanimated Toji Zenin[55], who easily defeated Dagon for them. Then Toji isolated Megumi from the rest of the team and the latter immediately realized the amount of danger he was in.[56] However, he was able to survive against the same monstrous physical prowess that overpowered Ino and Dagon. Megumi remained calm and focused, allowing him to stall for time with every move he made. He rationally accepted that he couldn't escape the fight without an injury, so he accounted for Shoko's presence and decided to try and only suffer an injury he could manage.[57]

Megumi summons Mahoraga (Anime)

Megumi attempting to take his enemy with him instead of simply succumbing to injury.

Without anyone else to watch his back, Megumi was exhausted and susceptible to a surprise attack after consecutive fights. Haruta Shigemo slashed him across the back and heavily injured Megumi.[58] Even on his last legs, Megumi was able to keep his opponent at bay and come up with a plan, something Shigemo commended him for.[59] Rather than allow himself to bleed out or get killed, Megumi decided to summon the unstoppable Mahoraga to attack both of them.[60] Interested in the young sorcerer, Sukuna rescued Megumi from Mahoraga, proving that his decision not to give up was correct one.[61][62] His injuries left Megumi inactive for the rest of the Shibuya Incident, but his value was heavily showcased. Megumi was able to save his allies on numerous occasions and he helped defeat several key adversaries before he was incapacitated.

Megumi restrains Kirara

Megumi outsmarts Kirara by using their own technique against them.

Motivated by the goal of rescuing Tsumiki from the Culling Game, Megumi continued to advance the applications of his cursed technique, which he displayed while skillfully infiltrating the Gachinko Fight Club. He gathered information on Hakari's hideout and put himself and Yuji in positions to complete their task of recruiting him without drawing too much suspicion. When he and Panda were compromised by Kirara Hoshi, a third-year Jujutsu High student, Megumi acted quickly so that they didn't derail the mission.[63] Kirara's technique is particularly complex and most people can't even begin to understand how it functions, but Megumi was able to completely deduce the workings of Love Rendezvous.[64] Not only that, but he was able to outsmart Kirara using their own technique and restrained them so he could appeal to them as an ally rather than an enemy.[65]

Megumi attacks Chizuru Hari

Megumi eliminating an enemy Culling Game player.

The culmination of Megumi's developments as a combatant was heavily showcased in the Culling Game, a deadly battle royale between sorcerers. He contended with enemy sorcerers in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony after it had already reached a deadlocked point where only some of the strongest players remained. Overpowering Remi was easy for Megumi[66] and he was even able to survive the four-on-one ambush she led him into.[67] Not only did Megumi survive an onslaught of explosions from Reggie Star and Iori Hazenoki, but he eliminated Chizuru Hari, a player with twenty-eight points in the process. Megumi easily overpowered Hari on two separate occasions using a combination of jujutsu and taijutsu. In the second confrontation, Megumi took Hari's life before the latter could even use his cursed technique.[68]

Megumi slashes Reggie

Megumi using all his collective abilities to overcome Reggie.

By cooperating with Fumihiko Takaba, Megumi was able to execute a plan to separate Reggie from Hazenoki. Megumi was severely worn down from the ambush but he was eventually able to get Reggie one-on-one and fight on even terms with the incarnated sorcerer.[69] Reggie was a very tough opponent for Megumi, he had more experience as a sorcerer from the past and he possessed an analytical mind that could match Megumi's. Not only that, but Reggie was in peak physical condition compared to his tattered opponent. Despite all Reggie's advantages, Megumi used everything in his arsenal to match him every step of the way, forcing Reggie to recognize his strength.[70][71]

Megumi's shikigami helped him deduce Reggie's technique[72] and he used several deceptions to outsmart Reggie, something Reggie himself specialized at.[73] Megumi proved to be more clever and was able to think several steps ahead of Reggie. He led Reggie into a mental trap where he was thoroughly convinced Megumi couldn't deal a finishing blow. Reggie was severely mistaken and Megumi used this to surprise attack Reggie with Divine Dog after using several near-fight-ending strategies as mere diversions. In spite of his depleted stamina and all the other disadvantages he was faced with, Megumi was able to use all of his accumulated experience to definitively defeat Reggie.[74][75]


Megumi explaining curses to Yuji (Anime)

Megumi expertly explaining jujutsu to the uninitiated.

Immense Tactical Intellect: Megumi's most reliable and imposing asset as a sorcerer is his mind. He is a young genius, a cerebral fighter whose focus in a battle is to outwit his opponent rather than overpower them. Megumi assesses all threats logically and deals with them in a strategic manner. Using his advanced deducting reasoning skills, Megumi thinks of clever ways to deal with every situation as it comes. This is regularly showcased by Megumi's consistent talent for deducing his opponent's strengths and weaknesses in the heat of battle.

Megumi possesses a wealth of knowledge about jujutsu and an expert-level understanding of it, equal to that of full-fledged sorcerers. As a student, Megumi lacks an excess of battle experience but he makes up for the difference with his tactical mindset. His fundamental understanding of sorcery enables him to take the lead on missions, or even go out on his own without much guidance. Megumi was able to give a solid explanation of the basics of curses to Yuji, someone totally uninitiated.[76] In the detention center, Megumi was the only one of Satoru's students who could recognize a domain and assess its threat level while also taking into account its incompletion.[77]

Noritoshi faked out by a shikigami (Anime)

Megumi uses a shikigami on its last legs to create an opening.

Megumi's jujutsu knowledge extends to reading the behavior of fellow sorcerers. Megumi figured out the Kyoto Team's objective during the Goodwill Event by tracking their movements. Fully aware of how sorcerers tend to view Sukuna's vessel, Megumi quickly realized the Kyoto Team was trying to assassinate his ally.[78] As a former associate of one of the Big Three Families, Megumi had prior knowledge of Blood Manipulation before he fought with Kamo. Quickly after witnessing Flowing Red Scale in action, Megumi noticed his opponent was essentially doping.[79] In order to deal with Kamo's boost in speed, Megumi took a tactical approach. He used a Toad on its last legs to distract Kamo and then took advantage of the time gained from this to summon Max Elephant. By using Max Elephant to flood the area with water, Kamo's physical advantage was nullified and he was forced outside into an open space where Nue could capitalize.[80]

Megumi telling Todo about Hanami (Anime)

Megumi passing on information he ascertained about Hanami's weakness.

Megumi generally looks for an opponent's shortcomings to exploit after he's ascertained their abilities. He was able to find the weak point in Hanami's hard shell after noticing that it was invulnerable to all attacks except for Kamo's Piercing Blood on its eye branches. Megumi considered the possibility Kamo was holding back his strength in their own duel, but he confirmed Hanami's weakness by attacking the eye branches himself.[81] He was unable to use this information to bring down Hanami, but he knew it was important to pass it down to his allies that would encounter the special grade curse later.[43]

Megumi also possesses adept analytical skills. This helped him navigate the mystery of the Yasohachi Bridge related deaths. He collected information with his team and tried out several different hypotheses until they eventually located the curse's barrier. When faced with the curse itself, Megumi understood logically that it was pointless to think about its behavior too much. However, upon seeing a Finger Bearer emerge, Megumi pondered it just enough to figure out Sukuna's influence was the catalyst for the deaths.[82]

Inverse maximum and minimum limit

Megumi accurately deducing the details of Awasaka's Inverse technique.

Megumi's intellectual skills are what empowered him to survive Shibuya. He figured out the mechanics of Awasaka's Inverse technique despite its precise mechanics not being apparent at first glance. It initially appeared as if Awasaka could nullify damage, but Megumi knew that technique would be too powerful and used a bluff to get a gauge for his strength. He got Awasaka to admit he couldn't defeat Satoru Gojo and this helped Megumi narrow down his theories.[83] He figured that something like Inverse would be difficult to use on complex techniques like the Limitless. Not only did Megumi eventually deduce the exact details of Inverse, but its upper and lower limits as well. Once he figured that out, Megumi utilized a simple strategy where he and Yuji combined weak and strong blows. This was an effective countermeasure that best utilized their teamwork and it brought down Awasaka quickly.[84]

Megumi opening a hole in Dagon's Domain (Anime)

Megumi creating a hole in Dagon's domain rather than overtaking it.

Megumi's advanced understanding of jujutsu enabled him to effectively counter Dagon's Horizon of the Captivating Skhanda to rescue his allies from sure defeat. He was aware that using a domain, even an incomplete one, inside another domain would nullify its user's sure-hit effect. He also understood that his domain would never overtake his opponent's and decided to focus on creating a hole in the barrier instead. By deluding Dagon into believing he was engaging in a domain tug-of-war, Megumi bought himself enough time to create the escape hole for his team.[85]

Megumi counterattacks Toji (Anime)

Megumi redirects Toji's attack to a non-vital area.

Faced with an opponent he couldn't physically hope to defeat, Megumi had to rely on his analytical skills. He accurately assessed Toji's monstrous threat and planned accordingly. He was aware he couldn't run from Toji forever and decided to deliberately allow himself to be hit. He focused on redirecting Toji's attack to a non-vital area on his body and achieved this by narrowing the options for his opponent's approach. Megumi gauded Toji into attacking him straight-on and then compromised his footing on the approach using his shadow. Megumi's clever thinking allowed him to contain his injury to something that could be healed later and it allowed him to get ahold of his much faster opponent.[86]

One of Megumi's most reliable skills is his ability to focus on deducing opposing cursed techniques while fighting them. As he did with Inverse, Megumi was able to understand and accurately theorize about Kirara Hoshi's Love Rendezvous as well. Kirara's technique is a very technical ability that's far more difficult to understand than Inverse. By collecting information as the fight began, Megumi noticed that Kirara could repel anything that approached them and they could make things attract to one another. He began working on his theory by testing what could and couldn't approach Kirara, summoning numerous rabbits to cover the battlefield. Using Rabbit Escape helped Megumi physically see what areas around them could cover and he used his astute memory to take it in quickly. Working from there, Megumi discovered Kirara's technique marked him and all his shikigami. The markings led him to theorize the technique was based on a constellation. Thanks to his experience stargazing with Tsumiki, Megumi accurately guessed that Love Rendezvous was based on the Southern Cross constellation. Megumi wasn't sure, but by stating it with confidence, he tricked Kirara into confirming it with their reaction. Their surprised facial expression confirmed Megumi's theory and Kirara expected him to figure out their technique at that point.

Rabbit Escape marked by Kirara

Megumi using his shikigami to help deduce the mechanics of a cursed technique.

Even while under more pressure from Kirara, not only did Megumi fill the conditions to approach them, but he deluded Kirara into believing all his shikigami had been dispelled. In actuality, Megumi jammed Divine Dog against a wall so it wouldn't be attracted to him and maneuvered his body so that it would only be free once Kirara was between them. Once Megumi let Divine Dog loose, Kirara's technique attracted the shikigami right to them. Megumi not only deduced the complex technique but he even used its functions to defeat its user.[87]

Megumi guesses the Southern Cross

Megumi getting Kirara to confirm his theory using body language.

The culmination of all Megumi's mental abilities was on display when he was pushed to his limit fighting Reggie Star. Compared to Love Rendezvous, Reggie's Contractual Re-Creation was much more straightforward and easy for Megumi to figure out. Figuring water was a natural countermeasure to Reggie's receipts, Megumi's initial strategy was to distract Reggie with other shikigami to give Max Elephant an opening to douse Reggie. However, Reggie was a cerebral fighter as well and had more experience. Reggie caught Megumi in a few verbal traps with his deceptions, so Megumi decided he needed to do the same.[88]

Max Elephant drops on Reggie

Megumi makes clever use of the shadows above Reggie to drop Max Elephant on him.

The key to victory for Megumi was to deceive his far more deceitful enemy by thinking several steps ahead of him. Megumi led Reggie to underestimate him by playing into the notion that he didn't have any big moves. Then he trapped Reggie inside his domain by using a gymnasium to enclose the incomplete barrier and completely took him by surprise.[89] However, Reggie was crafty and turned the conditions of the domain against Megumi, forcing him to carry tons of weight. Megumi countered by making clever use of the shadows of the domain above Reggie to drop the heavy shikigami right on top him while dousing him in water at the same time.[90]

Additionally, Megumi led Reggie to believe that Divine Dog was destroyed and couldn't be resummoned in their fight. Then Megumi used Chimera Shadow Garden and dropped Reggie into a pool of water, two potential fight-ending moves. Reggie survived both, leading him to believe Megumi was desperate and out of trump cards. Unafraid of Megumi's other shikigami, Reggie thought Megumi's only deception was engaging in a taijutsu fight while fully intending to summon something other than Divine Dog. The true deception was that Megumi could summon Divine Dog all along, allowing it to take Reggie by surprise and deal the fight-ending blow.[91][92]

Physical Prowess

Megumi vs

"A shikigami user who isn't afraid to mix it up!"

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Megumi is a strong fighter who has never been afraid to get in close to hit his opponents. He's always been stronger than normal people his age, able to effortlessly beat down a human pile of bullies on his own.[93] In one of his earliest missions, Megumi was already strong enough to destroy a curse with just the swipe of his bare hands.[94] Megumi has a fast and graceful style of fighting that's evidence of his comfort in close combat. However, by sorcerer standards, Megumi was still weak at close range when faced with dangerous threats, especially without the help of his shikigami.[95] Sukuna was impressed by Megumi's willingness to engage in hand-to-hand combat despite being a shikigami user but the King of Curses easily overpowered Megumi even while he was supported by shikigami.[96]

Maki trained Megumi to be more reliable in close combat but he prefers to supplement himself with weaponry rather than fight unarmed. Megumi only truly excels at hand-to-hand combat while his domain boosts his cursed energy reinforcement. When his sword was broken by the Finger Bearer, Megumi rapidly summoned shikigami alongside his taijutsu to overpower the special grade.[97] The same occurred when Megumi used shadow clones in the domain to barrage Reggie with combinations of punches, flying kicks, and elbows.[98]

Megumi & Maki vs

Megumi comfortably swapping weapons with Maki mid-fight.

Expert Weapons Specialist: Megumi was trained by Maki, the best cursed tool user at Jujutsu High, to use a variety of different weapons. He can keep cursed tools in his shadow, so Megumi is capable of swapping out multiple weapons for himself at any time.[99] Maki began by teaching Megumi with a polearm he quickly became comfortable with[100], and after nearly two months of training, Megumi was able to use a pair of tonfa for the Goodwill Event.[101] In his fight with Kamo, Megumi was able to make effective use of the tonfa, especially on the defensive, using them to block Kamo's enhanced strength until they were broken.[102]

Megumi attacking the bridge curse (Anime)

Megumi utilizing his preferred choice of weaponry.

In a life or death encounter, instead of using blunt weapons, Megumi will generally arm himself with one handed-swords that are lightweight and easy to store if he needs to free up his hands to summon shikigami. He wielded his signature bladed black blade with great speed and efficiency, able to land two blows on Hanami with it.[103][104] He also hit Hanami with Playful Cloud after swapping weapons with Maki mid-fight, displaying Megumi's advanced weapon dexterity.[105] Using this black blade, Megumi also destroyed numerous heads of the Yasohachi Bridge curse in quick succession with great speed and skill.[106]

Megumi's current weapon of choice is another one-handed blade he still incorporates while fighting at close range. He fights gracefully and in a crude manner depending on the situation, making use of both the double-edged blade and the back of the handle to injure his opponents. In combination with a barrage of Yuji's punches, Megumi pummeled Awasaka with the blunt side of his sword.[107] Megumi eliminated Chizuru Hari from the Culling Game by smashing his face with the circular-shaped hilt of the sword before killing Hari with a brutal slash to the head.[108] Up against Reggie, who was the superior taijutsu specialist, Megumi continued to use his swordplay to supplement his close combat skills throughout their entire fight.[109]

Aoi vs

Megumi withstanding a direct assault from Todo.

Advanced Endurance: Megumi is especially tough for a human being, with high pain tolerance, exceptional stamina, and especially impressive durability. He's shown his toughness on numerous occasions where he was able to withstand a beating and survived the battle, sometimes even overcoming his own exhaustion to achieve victory. Megumi can survive direct attacks from even special grade cursed spirits. He suffered a beatdown at the hands of Sukuna without any major injuries.[110] Todo also overpowered Megumi in a similar fashion, but in both cases, Megumi never passed out and he continuously refused to back down.[111]

Megumi satisfied with Domain Expansion (Anime)

Megumi undeterred by injury during a heated battle.

Hanami struck Megumi with a cursed bud that nullified his cursed energy and injured his gut, but Megumi remained standing and was willing to continue fighting.[112] In his fight with the Finger Bearer, Megumi suffered serious head trauma and was knocked unconscious only for a few moments. Despite the severity of his injuries and his depleted stamina, Megumi pushed himself to the limit and exorcised the curse, although he passed out right after.[113] When he allowed himself to be stabbed by Toji, Megumi barely winced from the pain despite his abdomen getting punctured.[114] When he was grievously injured by Shigemo, Megumi still managed to muster up enough strength to summon Mahoraga before he bled out.[115] In the Tokyo No. 1 Colony, Megumi was hit by several explosions and was in rough shape after getting ambushed by Reggie and Hazenoki.[116] Megumi fought through his exhaustion and was able to ignore his injuries long enough to defeat Reggie, who was entirely refreshed with full stamina at the start of their fight.[117]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Megumi prepares to summon Mahoraga against Sukuna (Anime)

Immense Cursed Energy: While not on the level of a special grade, Megumi has a very high volume of cursed energy. He's constantly summoning shikigami while also reinforcing his body with cursed energy in battle. Megumi displayed immense reserves of cursed energy in numerous drawn-out battles while rarely fully exhausting himself. He can summon up to three shikigami at the same time and uses multiple summonings in every fight.

Megumi's cursed energy was running low against Sukuna after using several shikigami in the detention center and in their fight, but he was still capable of summoning Mahoraga if need be. Like the detention center incident, Megumi used a high volume of shikigami during the Goodwill Event and still didn't fully exhaust himself by the end of his fight with Hanami. A testament to Megumi's overall cursed energy is his ability to conjure a domain, which requires a massive amount of it. In Shibuya, Megumi used shikigami before and even after casting his domain without expending himself completely. A similar feat was achieved against Reggie, where Megumi used Max Elephant alongside other shikigami. He usually uses Max Elephant alone because it consumes a lot of cursed energy, but he still had enough to cast his domain afterward. Even after dispelling his domain, Megumi could still summon Divine Dog: Totality with the last of cursed energy.

Megumi's resolve (Anime)
Inherited Technique
Megumi exorcises the Finger Bearer (Anime) Ten Shadows Technique ( () (くさの) (かげ) (ぼう) (じゅつ) Tokusa no Kage Bōjutsu?): A technique passed down in the Zenin Family which Megumi inherited, allowing him to summon up to ten potential shikigami using his shadows as an intermediary. It also grants the user overall manipulation of shadows, allowing Megumi to hide in shadows or store objects within his own shadow.
Divine Dogs ( (ぎょく) (けん) Gyokuken?): Twin canine shikigami with powerful noses for tracking and lethal fangs and claws for devouring curses.[118] The white dog was destroyed by a Finger Bearer but its abilities were inherited by its black twin. Divine Dogs (Anime)
Divine Dog: Totality ( (ぎょく) (けん) (こん) Gyokuken・Kon?): An improved version of the black Divine Dog that's incorporating the power of its fallen white twin. Totality is strong enough to content with special grade cursed spirits, making it Megumi's strongest offensive shikigami. Divine Dog Totality (Anime)
Nue ( (ぬえ) Nue?)[119]: A winged shikigami armed with electro-shock wings that can carry people short distances. Megumi mainly uses Nue for scouting or to support another shikigami using its mobility. Megumi summons Nue against Sukuna (Anime)
Great Serpent (大蛇 (オロチ) Orochi?)[120]: A gigantic snake shikigami that was used to ensnare Megumi's targets. It was capable of destroying low-level curses but only bound Sukuna momentarily before being destroyed. It is currently unknown which other shikigami inherited its power. Great Serpent (Anime)
Toad ( () () Gama?): A large toad shikigami with a long and powerful tongue that can grab people and pull them through the air. Toad's tongue can be used to pull Megumi or his allies to safety and then carry an entire person in its mouth if need be. Megumi's Toad rescues Nobara (Anime)
The Well's Unknown Abyss (不知井底 (せいていしらず) Seiteishirazu?): An extension technique that combines Toad and Nue to summon numerous winged toads that support Megumi in battle. Any number of these winged toads can be destroyed without Megumi losing the ability to summon Nue or Toad.[121] Bottomless Well (Anime)
Max Elephant ( (ばん) (しょう) Banshō?): An elephant shikigami that Megumi dominated just before the Goodwill Event. Max Elephant has the ability to produce a massive volume of water from its trunk and its weight can be used offensively as well. Max Elephant (Anime)
Rabbit Escape ( (だっ) () Datto?): A swarm of rabbit shikigami that Megumi uses as a distraction or to help him figure out his enemies abilities. Like the Well's Unknown Abyss, rabbits can be destroyed without any repercussions, allowing Megumi to spawn as many as he needs. Rabbit Escape (Anime)

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga ( (やつ) (かの) (つるぎ) () (かい) (しん) (しょう) () () () Yatsuka-no-Tsurugi Ikaishinshō Makora?): The most powerful uncontrollable shikigami that the Ten Shadows Technique can produce. Not a single user of the technique has ever been able to tame Mahoraga, including Megumi. He only threatens to summon it as a trump card if he feels he's going to lose a battle anyway, releasing it to attack both him and his opponent.

Megumi summons Mahoraga (Anime)
Domain Expansion
Fushiguro's Chimera Shadow Garden (Anime) Chimera Shadow Garden ( (かん) (ごう) (あん) (えい) (てい) Kangō An'eitei?): A domain that floods the area with fluid shadows that can rapidly produce any shikigami Megumi desires. Megumi's domain is incomplete and doesn't have a sure-hit function, but the Ten Shadow Technique is improved to 120% of its potential.[122] This allows Megumi to produce clones of himself from the shadows as well as shikigami. Megumi is unable to produce a barrier around the domain and must overlap an indoor space to forcibly enclose his domain to trap his target inside.
Megumi uses Chimera Shadow Garden against Reggie


Conventional Weaponry
Megumi practicing using a polearm (Anime) While training with Maki, Megumi received a polearm to practice armed combat with. It is implied to be one of several weapons Maki trained Megumi to use to increase his close-range combat capabilities.
Megumi standing off with Noritoshi (Anime) Megumi used wooden tonfa during the Goodwill Event. He reinforced them with cursed energy and was skillful enough with them to deflect arrows and fight on even terms with Kamo. However, they were both broken when Megumi was trying to defend against Kamo's enhanced strength.
Cursed Tools
Megumi's black sword (Anime) Megumi's go-to cursed tool was originally a single-edged sword with a jet-black blade. It was lightweight and easy to conceal in Megumi's shadow. He first used it against Hanami, who commented that it was a stronger and more durable weapon than Kasumi Miwa's katana. Megumi used it again to exorcise the Yasohachi Bridge curse but it was shattered in the subsequent battle against a Finger Bearer.
Megumi hits Hanami with Playful Cloud (Anime) Playful Cloud ( (ゆう) (うん) Yū-un?): A special grade cursed tool that embodies pure, solid power. Megumi kept it in his shadow on Maki's request and gave it to her on two separate occasions. He also swapped weapons with Maki during their fight with Hanami and used Playful Cloud to strike the special grade curse. Megumi admittedly doesn't feel comfortable using the three-section staff.
Megumi threatens Reggie Megumi's current signature weapon is another lightweight sword, this time with a double-edged blade and a ring-shaped pommel. It has a black handle and the bottom of the blade is wrapped in bandages. Megumi first used this blade against Awasaka after replacing the black sword. He has used it in several battles since that point, including against Reggie where it was a constant staple in Megumi's offense.

Battles & Events

Fearsome Womb Arc

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Death Painting Arc

Shibuya Incident Arc

Perfect Preparation Arc

Culling Game Arc


  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[1]:
    • Enrollment method: Family lineage.
    • His hobby is reading and he likes non-fiction.[3]
    • Favorite food: Food that pairs well with ginger.[3]
    • Least favorite food: Red bell peppers[3] and all sweet side dishes.
    • Cause of stress: People (almost all).
    • When his shikigami gets destroyed, he becomes depressed. People like Fushiguro get more sad over the death of an animal than the people he doesn’t know.
    • He watches the news and reads newspapers, but doesn’t believe half of them.
    • Gojo and Maki taught Megumi Hand-to-Hand Combat and how to use weapons.
    • During Megumi's first mission, Gojo watched over and teased him.
    • Fushiguro has had friends pass away during his career as a jujutsu sorcerer.
    • After their parents vanished, Tsumiki basically did all the housework. Megumi helped to a degree. Gojo had intervened before the little money left by Tsumiki’s mother was used up.
    • Megumi has a strong memory.
    • He doesn't sincerely respect Inumaki because the latter will soon join Panda and Gojo when they're playing around.
    • He has never laughed out loud until the Death Painting Arc.
    • Before he enrolled in Jujutsu High, he did not join missions. He observed Gojo, who acted like his supervisor, taking him out to missions on a few occasions.
    • The tablet he uses is owned by Tokyo High. It’s handed by the accompanying assistant manager when necessary.
    • He got acquainted with Maki and Mai before entering the school. When Gojo worked out the problem of Megumi and Zenin family, he took Megumi to Zenin clan’s house. Megumi met Ogi's daughters for the first time when they went around the house.
  • Megumi first met Gojo when he was in 1st grade.[3]
  • Megumi prefers casual clothes/clothes you'd wear around the house.[3]
  • According to Akutami, Megumi's hairstyle tends to be erratic.[3]
  • Megumi's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows;
    • Megumi ranked second in the first Popularity Poll with 21,193 votes.
    • Megumi ranked first in the second Popularity Poll with 19,393 votes.
    • Megumi ranked first in the third Popularity Poll with 30,059 votes.
  • Megumi's surname contains the kanji for "prone, prostrated, bend down, bow, cover, lay (pipes)" ( fushi?) and "black" ( kuro/guro?) while his first name is a Japanese feminine given name meaning "favor, benefit, blessing, grace" (めぐみ, 恵 megumi?), which is ironic considering that Megumi himself had a really rough start in life.[123]
    • Since Megumi is usually a Japanese name reserved for females, he absolutely abhors it because it was given to him by his father Toji Fushiguro, who didn't even remember Megumi's gender at the time.
    • The full kanji "伏黒" in his surname fits with his Ten Shadows Technique, which usually has him in a crouching position and using shadows to avoid detection.
  • Megumi's theme song, as chosen by Gege Akutami, is Uchujin's "Hakujitsumu" and Weezer's "Island in the Sun".[124]


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Vengeful Spirits Kuchisake-Onna  •  Michizane Sugawara  •  Rika Orimoto  •  Tamamo-no-Mae Incarnate
Death Paintings Choso  •  Eso  •  Kechizu
Other Curses Akuro-o Otake  •  Finger Bearer  •  Fly Heads  •  Ganesha  •  Ko-Guy  •  Kurourushi  •  Rainbow Dragon  •  Rika  •  Smallpox Deity
Sugisawa Third High School Setsuko Sasaki  •  Takagi  •  Takeshi Iguchi
Satozakura High School Junpei Yoshino  •  Shota Ito  •  Sotomura
Saitama Urami East Junior High Fujinuma  •  Taichi Kanada  •  Takeda  •  Tsumiki Fushiguro
Civilians Furudate  •  Fumi  •  Jin Itadori  •  Keita Oe  •  Nagi Yoshino  •  Saori  •  Tadashi Okazaki  •  Takada-chan  •  Wasuke Itadori  •  Yuko Ozawa
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