Megumi Fushiguro ( (ふし) (ぐろ) (めぐみ) Fushiguro Megumi?) is the deuteragonist of the series. He is a first-year student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, and also a descendant of the Zenin Family.


Megumi is a tall, dark-haired boy with light green eyes. He wears the standard uniform of Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College which consists of a long-sleeved shirt and a high collar of dark color, dark trousers and shoes.



History Edit

When Megumi was in elementary school, his dad had married Tsumiki's mom. When their parents had died, Gojo had stepped in and had the college support Megumi and his sister instead of Megumi heading to the Zenin Clan.

Megumi attends Saitama Urami East Junior High school and got into a lot of fights.

Introduction Arc Edit

Megumi is sent on a mission to Sugisawa Third High School to retrieve a Cursed Object. Megumi arrives at the High School and finds that the Cursed Object is not their. Megumi calls his superior to inform them about the circumstance, which his superior tells him that he can't go home until he find that object.

The next day, Megumi is walks around the school and comes across multiple curses. Megumi wonders if their is a dead body in the school, or if the Cursed Object is attracting the spirits. Megumi wonder what to do, when he comes across Yuji. Megumi notices the presence of the object on Yuji tries to follow him. Megumi manages to track Yuji to the hospital, and meet with him. Megumi explains what the object is to Yuji, but finds out that Yuji doesn't have the object. Yuji tells Megumi that his senpai's are going to unseal the object tonight at the school, which the two rush over to the school.

Once they reach the school, Megumi tells Yuji to stay outside and heads inside the school. As Megumi enters the school, he encounters multiple cursed spirit and uses his shikigami's to exorcise them. Megumi manages to locate Yuji's friends, but he notices that he can't rescue them in time. Suddenly Yuji shows up and manages to rescue his friends, which Megumi uses this chance to exorcise the spirit. Megumi and Yuji talk about the circumstance about the situation, when they are attacked by another spirit. Megumi tries to take on the spirit, but the spirit easily overwhelm him. Yuji comes to Megumi's rescue but the spirit easily counters Yuji. Yuji asks why the spirit wants the finger, which Megumi tells him that the spirit wants to eat the finger in order to get stronger. Megumi then watches as Yuji eats the finger, and Sukuna is incarnated. Megumi also watches as Sukuna takes down the spirit, and plans to start a massacre. When Yuji manages to take back his body, Megumi tells him that he will have to exorcise him.

Suddenly Gojo shows up and asks about what is going on. After Gojo is informed, Megumi is give the mochi that Gojo had brought to hold onto, while he face off against Sukuna. Megumi then watches as Gojo takes on Sukuna, and how Yuji manages to take back his body within ten seconds. After Gojo knocks Yuji out, he asks Megumi what he thinks which Megumi asks Gojo to help Yuji out. The next day after getting healed, Megumi meets up with Gojo and Yuji and informs Yuji that he is going to enroll at the same college he attends.

Days later, Megumi returns to the college and takes a nap in his room at the dorm. Later when Yuji moves into the room next to his, Megumi wakes up and finds this out. Megumi then listens as Gojo informs them that they will be heading out to pick up the last of the first-years tomorrow.

The next day, Megumi and Yuji talk about how their are so few shaman and how the last first year student is coming to the school so late. Gojo then shows up and they heads out, which Megumi asks why they are pick her up at Harajuku. After they arrive at Harajuku, the three manages to locate Nobara. After they each introduces themselves, they all head to Roppongi for a mission. When they arrive at the location for the mission, Gojo has Nobara and Yuji head inside while he and Megumi stay outside. Once Nobara and Yuji head inside, Megumi says that he will head inside to but Gojo tells him that its a test for Nobara and Yuji. When one of the spirits tries to escape, Megumi goes to exorcise it but Gojo stops him. After the mission is complete, Megumi heads out eat with the others.

The Cursed Womb Arc Edit

A month later, Megumi attends a mission at a detention center along with Yuji and Nobara. Kiyotaka informs them about the circumstances of the mission, which the three head into the center once Kiyotaka is finished. As they head into the center, Megumi summons one of his shikigami in order to locate spirits that are near by. Suddenly they notices that the exit has disappeared, Megumi informs the others that his shikigami can locate the exit. The three then head deeper into the center, which they come across some corpses. When one of the corpses turns out to be the son that a parent is worried about, Yuji wants to take him back but Megumi tells him to leave it. The two then get into an argument, but stop when Nobara is taken away. Megumi notices that his shikigami is destroyed and tries to tell Yuji to leave, but a powerful spirit shows up. Yuji convinces Megumi to goes rescue Nobara while he distracts the spirit, which Megumi takes the name tag of the person before he leaves.

Megumi manages to locate Nobara and rescue her from some spirits. Once he gets Nobara out of the center, Megumi gives Yuji that signal to let Sukuna take over his body. As Kiyotaka takes Nobara to the hospital, Megumi stays behind to wait for Yuji. When the spirit has been dealt with, Sukuna appears before Megumi. The two talk, which Sukuna decides to take Yuji hostage and kill Megumi. Megumi attack Sukuna with multiple shikigamis but Sukuna easily defeats them. Megumi is easily overwhelmed by Sukuna and tossed around. After talking with Sukuna again, Megumi finds his resolve again but Yuji manages to take back his body. The then talk just before Yuji dies.

Disaster Curses Arc Edit

The next day, Megumi is mourning Yuji with Nobara when Maki, Panda, and Toge. As Nobara wonders who they are, Megumi informs her that they are the school's second-years. He also tells her that their is a fourth one, but he is overseas right now. The second-years asks them to join the Goodwill Event, which Nobara wonders what that is. Megumi and the second-years inform her what the Goodwill Event is, which Nobara and Megumi agree to join them. Megumi and Nobara also says that they are going to train for the event, which the second-years agree to the help them.

Another day, Megumi informs the mother of the deceased person at the detention center that their son had died before they found him. Megumi hands her the name tag that he was able to retrieve, and apologizes for not saving him. Later Megumi meets up with the second years and Nobara. Megumi then begins to train with Maki, on how to handle a weapon. After a while, all of them take a break which Megumi asks Maki about what she does when she carries more then one weapon. When Panda and Maki tell him what other shaman do to carry their weapon, Megumi thinks about how he was asked about why he ran from a high-grade spirit. Megumi figures something out and places his hand within his shadow, which he tells Maki that he had figure something out.

'Days later, Megumi is with Nobara when they are confronted by Aoi and Mai. Megumi asks why they are here, which Mai says that they were worried about them but just simply insult Yuji. Aoi says that he wants to test them out, and asks what type of girl is Megumi's type while also explains why he asked that. Megumi gives an answer that Aoi doesn't like, which cause Aoi to attack him. Megumi tries to attack with his shikigamis but Aoi easily overpowers him. Megumi manages to restrain Aoi, which Panda and Toge show up and for Aoi to leave.

Goodwill Event Arc Edit

On the day of the Goodwill Event, Megumi is with the other Tokyo students when the students and faculty of the Kyoto school shows up. When Gojo show up and reveals that Yuji is still alive, Megumi is shocked by this news. After the faculty explain the rules of the event, Megumi attends a meeting with the other Tokyo students were they discuss their plans for the event. After the meeting, Megumi asks Yuji if something had happened to him which Yuji tells him that something did happen but he is fine now.

When the event starts, Megumi travels with the rest of the Tokyo students in a group while using his shikigami to track down Cursed Spirits. When Aoi suddenly shows up, Megumi splits from the group with Maki. After splitting up, Megumi talks with Maki about how the Kyoto students might be planning to kill Yuji which they decide to head back and support Yuji. Megumi has his Nue Shikigami attack Momo, while he confronts Noritoshi.

The two continue to fight which results in them entering a building. Megumi figures out that the arrows that Noritoshi is firing, are coated in his blood and thinks about how Noritoshi's ability works. Megumi gets distracted, which Noritoshi uses this chance to get close to Megumi. As Noritoshi fights Megumi in hand to hand combat, Megumi figures that Noritoshi is manipulating his blood to increase his capabilities. Megumi manages to force Noritoshi away, which the have a short conversation. Megumi manages to distract Noritoshi with one of his shikigami, which allows him to use his Banshou shikigami to force Noritoshi into a wide open area. Megumi launches his Nue Shikigami at Noritoshi, but Noritoshi uses his blood to retrain the shikigami.

Before Megumi and Noritoshi can face off again, Toge and Hanami shows up which Toge forces them to run. Megumi, Toge, and Noritoshi discuss what to do, when Hanami attacks them. Toge restrains Hanami, which Megumi and Noritoshi attack but it does nothing. Hanami then explains his reason for wanting to kill all the humans to the three, which the three run from Hanami. The three make chance to attack Hanami, which Toge would stop Hanami while the other two would attack Hanami. They manages to figure out that Hanami's weak point is the branches on his head, and wonder if they can get out of the screen before Toge's throat gives out. The three plans to corner Hanami, but Toge's throat gives out and Megumi's Nue shikigami is defeated. Hanami lands a blow on Noritoshi, but Megumi rescue him before Hanami can finish him off. Megumi plans to attack Hanami, but Toge stops him and use the last of his ability to send Hanami away but not far.

Maki shows up and attack Hanami, which Megumi uses this chance to land a blow on Hanami's weak point. Megumi and Maki attack Hanami, which Megumi uses his shikigami Jade hound: Chaos on Hanami. Megumi and Maki manage to land a few blows on Hanami, but Hanami manages to plant a Cursed Energy feeding seed in Megumi. As Maki continues to fight Hanami, Megumi decides to continue to attack but Maki stops him. Suddenly Yuji and Aoi show up and rescue them, which Megumi notices that Yuji has gotten stronger. Megumi and Maki are then handed over to Panda, where they are taken out of the screen to receive help.

After the intruders have been dealt with, Megumi is recovering when he is visited by Yuji and Nobara. The three discuss about what had happened during the event, and how they all are going to get stronger. Later Megumi attends a meeting with everyone else, were they all decide to continue the event. When its decided that they will be playing baseball, Megumi position is outfielder. When Maki hits Aoi in the head with a ball, Megumi compliments Maki for the pitch. The Tokyo students then manages to win the game.

The Origin of Obedience Arc Edit

Day after the Goodwill Event, Megumi is being driven to another mission by Akari with Yuji and Nobara. While on their way to the site of the investigation, Megumi and the others discuss the details of the investigation. Once they reach the site, they find out that their has been another victim and decide to investigate the school that all the victims had attended. Once they reach Saitama Urami East Junior High, they find out that Megumi had once attended the school. After asking around, they find a lead at the Yasohachi bridge. The three decide to investigate the site but after hours of investigating, they find no Cursed Energy. While discussing at a convenience store, when some students of the junior high show up. One of the student reveals that she is going through that same as the victims and that Megumi's sister might be going through the same thing. After finding this out, Megumi check up on his sister and has guards to protect her. Megumi then has Yuji and Nobara head home, while he decides to investigate the site again.

Later that night, Megumi is investigating under the bridge when Yuji and Nobara show up. After Megumi explains his reasoning for investigating alone, the three cross the river and enter the spirits territory. Kechizu suddenly shows up, which Megumi and Nobara take on the spirit while Yuji handles Kechizu. As Megumi and Nobara try to exorcise the spirit, but can't seem to hit it. Suddenly Nobara is dragged out of the territory, which Megumi tries to stop but fails to. Megumi then tells Yuji to go help Nobara while he takes care of the spirit. While taking on the spirit, Megumi figures out that the spirit has one of Sukuna's finger and it appears before him. As Megumi takes on the spirit, the spirit manages to easily overwhelm Megumi. Megumi remembers what Gojo has taught him after the Goodwill Event and decides to fight seriously. Megumi uses his territorial expansion to cover the area with his shadow. As Megumi is able to overwhelm the spirit, the spirit forces the shadows away. Megumi appears from the spirit's shadow and rips the finger out of the spirit. As the spirit is exorcised, the territory fades away and Megumi falls unconscious after thinking about his sister.

After Yuji and Nobara finish taking care of Eso and Kechizu, they check up on Megumi and find that he is still alive. They then discuss what to do with the finger, which Megumi decides to have Yuji hang on to it, but not eat it, since Yuji looks the most okay. As Megumi hands Yuji that finger, Sukuna has a mouth appear on Yuji palm and eats the finger. Megumi gets angry about this, but Akari shows up and the three leave the area. Two days later, Megumi discuss with Nobara about how the Yasohachi bridge incident was triggered by Yuji eating Sukuna's finger. After explaining this to Nobara, he tell her to not tell Yuji. Later Megumi is nominated by Aoi for promotion to grade 1 shaman.

Days later, Megumi along with Nobara and Yuji complete a mission which Megumi has Kiyotaka take him back to the college. Before Megumi get back to the college, Nobara has Kiyotaka bring Megumi back. As Megumi arrives at the diner, Nobara explains Yuko's situation to Megumi. Megumi tells them that Yuji doesn't have a girlfriend along with what type of girl Yuji likes. After Nobara calls Yuji to the diner and they talk for a little bit, which Yuji recognizes Yuko, Yuko leaves with confession to Yuji. Megumi asks Nobara if this is okay, which Nobara says that she made sure to get Yuko's contact information.


Megumi entered the college as a Second Grade Shaman. He is considered to have high potential by Noritoshi Kamo, Mai Zenin and even Sukuna.

Physical PowerEdit

Curse Power and FormsEdit

Megumi's Curse Form is called Shadow Technique of Ten Types ( () (くさの) (かげ) (ぼう) (じゅつ) Tokusa no Kagehoujutsu?), a curse form originated from Zenin Family, about using shadows to create Shikigami, and processing ten at once. He can create various advanced Shikigami, and uses the shadow to contain objects, as well.

  • Jade Hounds ( (ぎょく) (けん) Gyokuken?)[1]: Fushiguro created 2 black and white Shikigami dogs that chase and devour curses. [2] Later, after Jade Hound: White was destroyed by Sukuna, its abilities and curse power was inherited by Jade Hound: Chaos.
  • Chimera ( (ぬえ) Nue?)[3]: An owl-like Shikigami that can fly. Strong enough to carry a human, its offensive abilities are mostly dive attacks from the sky.
  • Monster Serpent (大蛇 (オロチ) Orochi?)[4]: A giant snake Shikigami which can be used as surprise attack coming out of the ground and binding the opponent. This shikigami was destroy by Sukuna.
  • Toad ( () () Gama?)[5]: Multiple large toads, using their tongue to pin opponents and hold them down.[6]Megumi also used a toad to rescue Nobara Kugisaki.
    • Bottomless Well ( (せい) (てい) () (らず) Seiteishirazu?)[7]: using a combination of 2 Shikigami: Toad and Chimera, the toads gain wings and the ability to fly.
  • Banshou: An elephant Shikigami that is capable of releasing a large amount of water from its trunk. Megumi can only use its base form since it consumes a lot of Cursed Energy.
  • Territorial Expansion: A technique were Cursed Power is used to construct an innate territory with technique that spans the surrounding area. Currently Megumi's technique is incomplete.
    • Chimera Shadow Garden: The area is flooded with a large amount of fluid shadow. From the shadow, Megumi is capable of summoning multiple shikigami and even creating a double of himself from the shadow. When the shadow is pushed area, Megumi is capable of hiding within an enemies shadow and attack from their blind spot.


Weapon MasteryEdit

Megumi is not really competent at weapons, as his curse forms need both hands. He has started to train with polearms under Maki Zenin's training. He also once used tonfa to confront Noritoshi Kamo.


  • Megumi ranked 2nd place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 21,193 votes.
    • White Jade Hound - 29th with 514 votes;
    • Black Jade Hound - 33th with 382 votes;
    • Nue - 34th with 362 votes;
    • Toad - 36th with 245 votes;
    • Kon - 39th with 240 votes;
    • Orochi - 52nd with 102 votes;
    • Basho - 63rd with 62 votes.


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