Megumi Fushiguro ( (ふし) (ぐろ) (めぐみ) Fushiguro Megumi?) is the deuteragonist of the series. He is a first-year student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College, and also a descendant of the Zenin Family.


Megumi is a tall, dark-haired boy with light green eyes. He wears the standard uniform of Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College which consists of a long-sleeved shirt and a high collar of dark color, dark trousers and shoes.




Megumi entered the college as a Second Grade Shaman. He is considered to have high potential by Noritoshi Kamo, Mai Zenin and even Sukuna.

Physical PowerEdit

Curse Power and FormsEdit

Megumi's Curse Form is called Shadow Technique of Ten Types ( () (くさの) (かげ) (ぼう) (じゅつ) Tokusa no Kagehoujutsu?), a curse form originated from Zenin Family, about using shadows to create Shikigami, and processing ten at once. He can create various advanced Shikigami, and uses the shadow to contain objects, as well.

  • Jade Hounds ( (ぎょく) (けん) Gyokuken?)[1]: Fushiguro created 2 black and white Shikigami dogs that chase and devour curses. [2] Later, after Jade Hound: White was destroyed by Sukuna, its abilities and curse power was inherited by Jade Hound: Chaos.
  • Chimera ( (ぬえ) Nue?)[3]: An owl-like Shikigami that can fly. Strong enough to carry a human, its offensive abilities are mostly dive attacks from the sky.
  • Monster Serpent (大蛇 (オロチ) Orochi?)[4]: A giant snake Shikigami which can be used as surprise attack coming out of the ground and binding the opponent.
  • Toad ( () () Gama?)[5]: Multiple large toads, using their tongue to pin opponents and hold them down.[6]Megumi also used a toad to rescue Nobara Kugisaki.
    • Bottomless Well ( (せい) (てい) () (らず) Seiteishirazu?)[7]: using a combination of 2 Shikigami: Toad and Chimera, the toads gain wings and the ability to fly.
  • Territorial Expansion: A technique were Cursed Power is used to construct an innate territory with technique that spans the surrounding area. Currently Megumi's technique is incomplete.
    • Chimera Shadow Garden: The area is flooded with a large amount of fluid shadow. From the shadow, Megumi is capable if summoning shikigami's and even creating an double of himself from the shadow. When the shadow is pushed area, Megumi is capable of hiding within an enemies shadow and attack from their.


Weapon MasteryEdit

Megumi is not really competent at weapons, as his curse forms need both hands. He has started to train with polearms under Maki Zenin's training. He also once used tonfa to confront Noritoshi Kamo.


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