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Maximum: Meteor ( (ごく) () (ばん) (いん) Gokunoban・In?) is the Maximum Technique of Jogo's pyrokinetic innate technique.


As the name implies, Maximum: Meteor is a maximum cursed technique that conjures a flaming meteor that's launched by the user as a projectile. It's relatively small compared to real meteors but massive enough to cause widespread devastation on a city-wide level.[1][2]


Jogo throwing Maximum: Meteor.

Jogo was forced to use his maximum technique in his battle with Sukuna during the Shibuya Incident. With a swing of his arm, Jogo tossed the massive smoldering rock at his opponent and the impact instantly annihilated a large portion of Shibuya.

Having failed to land any hits on Sukuna at that point, Jogo was confident that his most supreme art must've dealt some damage at last. Unfortunately for Jogo, the attack was too slow to hit Sukuna, but the King of Curses with fifteen fingers even admitted that he would've been hurt if the technique had landed.[3] The meteorite without the flames remained longed after its creation even after Jogo's defeat.[4]


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