Max Elephant (満象 (ばんしょう) Banshō?) is an elephant Shikigami that can be summoned through the Ten Shadows Technique.


Max Elephant is a large elephant with black markings on its forehead, the top of its head, its back, and its knees.

Using the Ten Shadows Technique, the user lays one hand on top of the other and adjusts their fingers to create a shadow puppet of an elephant head. The Elephant is summoned from the user's shadow, but this requires some time as well as a large amount of Cursed Energy.[1]


Max Elephant is capable of unleashing a massive torrent of water from its trunk. The water is blasted with enough volume and pressure to flood an entire corridor and forced Noritoshi Kamo through a solid wall to the outside of the building. This allowed Megumi to set up a follow-up attack using Nue since Noritoshi was virtually defensless in mid-air.[2]


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