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Manji Kick ( (まんじ) () Manji Keri?) is a Taido Martial Arts technique used by Yuji Itadori.


Knee Release ( (ひさ) () Hisanuki?) is an ancient Taido Martial Arts technique that eliminates starting movement during a physical confrontation.

By releasing their knees the user can easily avoid their adversary's own starting motion. Instead of falling down, this move instantly guides the user to their opponent's feet. From a lower position, the user can utilize this moment to strike with an upward roundhouse kick.[1]


Yuji, a master martial artist, first demonstrated his proficiency for Taido Martial Arts and used Manji Kick against Mahito in Shibuya.

Yuji releasing his knees, hips, and shoulders.

After standing off in front of one another, Mahito threw a punch only for Yuji to disappear from his sight in an instant. Yuji not only unlocked his knees but his hips and shoulders as well. This allowed him to quickly get below Mahito's field of view before delivering the powerful Manji Kick directly to the cursed spirit's face.

Enhanced by Yuji's superhuman physical prowess and cursed energy manipulation, Manji kick left a bruise on the special grade's face and even drew blood on impact.

After performing Manji Kick, Yuji followed up with a front kick with the same leg that further injured his opponent. This impressed Mahito, who admits Yuji got the better of him in that "first round" by asking to move on to the second.[2]


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