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Maki Zenin vs. The Kukuru Unit is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High second-year student, Maki Zenin against the Kukuru Unit of the Zenin Family. It takes place inside the Zenin household's ton room when the Kukuru Unit attempts to apprehend Maki for murdering Ogi Zenin.


The alarm bell sounds around the Zenin clan estate, getting everyone's attention. Ranta informs Naoya and Jinichi that Maki has gone mad and murdered Ogi.

The Kukuru Unit surrounds Maki.

Nobuaki, Captain of the Kukuru Unit, tells his men to find Maki and seize her before he arrives. If they're late in doing so, Nobuaki knows he is the one Jinichi will discipline. The captain also orders his men not to kill her and plans to finish her off himself.

The men of the Kukuru Unit find Maki in the ton room and announce a visual confirmation of two unidentified cursed tools in her hands. Over twenty men move quickly to surround Maki but she remains unphased with her eyes completely shut. Maki can only think about apologizing to Mai for what happened and wonders if she should've given up being a sorcerer to be happy with her.

The Kukuru Unit begins their assault, with one man leading the charge toward Maki and calling out the order to attack. Maki remains still as she remembers Mai's final request, asking Maki to destroy everything. Recalling her promise, Maki furiously opens her eyes, ready to annihilate them all.[1]


Maki delivering on her promise to destroy everything.

The Kukuru unit swordsman leading the charge attempts to slash Maki with his katana. However, in a flash, Maki uses her own sword to sever both his hands, literally disarming the man. Then she slides over his back to vault around to the other side of him. This allows Maki to intercept another fighter running toward her from a different angle. She slashes the top of that adversary's head before turning around and decapitating the man that she disarmed.

The Kukuru Unit are completely outclassed Maki's improved abilities...

A sorcerer armed with two knives flanks Maki while another fighter with a cross-shaped design in his hair circles around in front of her. Maki quickly stabs the man behind her in the back with one sword and then delivers a devastating upward slash to the frontal adversary with Dragon-Bone. She uses the cursed energy propelled jets to increase Dragon-Bone's cutting power, brutally ripping the man's face off with the slash.

...with each member falling in increasingly violent fashion.

Maki lets go of Dragon-Bone and kicks another sorcerer trying to attack her from behind. The force of the kick is so strong it spins the man's head around and breaks his neck. Then Maki quickly mounts his body, wrapping her legs around his head before being backward into a handstand in order to avoid an attack from behind. She enters the handstand while slicing the man with the broken neck's head in one motion. Then she uses one of the Kukuru Unit's knives to stab this man in the leg before slicing it down his groin area.

After killing off most of the squad in just a few moments, Maki lowers her center of gravity and crawls along the ground at high speed, turning around and slicing a man's leg off with the knife. She continues to violently cut down one Kururu Unit member after another until there are none left.[2]


Maki effortlessly slaughters the entire Kukuri Unit.

Nobuaki arrives just as the last man in the squad is killed. He's surprised to see the men's bodies brutally slashed apart and lying around Maki. who's completely unscathed.

Maki notices a surge in cursed energy, which is coming from Chojuro down the hall next to her. Suddenly, two gigantic stone erupt from the ground, launching Maki into the air. She's able to maintain her balance, but the rock hands quickly clap their palms together in an attempt to smash her. Nobuaki recognizes Chojuro's cursed technique and realizes the Hei have arrived.[3]

The Kukuru Unit are Zenin men who do not possess innate techniques. They are a subdivision of the Hei who undergo demanding martial arts training. The Hei are composed the strongest sorcerers in the Zenin clan, all holding a ranking if semi-grade 1 or higher. This includes Jinichi, Ranta, and Chojuro, who have all come to put an end to Maki's rampage.[4]


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