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Maki Zenin vs. The Hei is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High second-year student, Maki Zenin against the Zenin clan's most elite unit of sorcerers, the Hei, and Nobuaki, captain of the Kukuru Unit. It takes place directly after Maki slaughters every other member of the Kukuru Unit during her rampage against the Zenin clan.


The Hei arrive to face Maki.

Nobuaki sends the Kukuru Unit to apprehend Maki after she kills her father, Ogi Zenin. Maki effortlessly cuts her way through every single one of Nobuaki's foot soldiers.

The captain expects the Kukuru Unit to have defeated Maki by the time he arrives in the ton and slams the door open, asking how it went. However, the last of his men grunts as they fall to Maki's blade. Nobuaki looks down in disappointment as the brutally dismembered bodies of his men lie slaughtered around Maki. She returns Nobuaki's gaze but is taken off guard by a sudden surge of cursed energy.[1]


Two gigantic stone arms erupt out of the ground, breaking the roof off the ton room and launching Maki into the air. While she's able to maintain her balance and stay upright, Maki is vulnerable while high air and both hands clap their palms together to smash her.

Chojuro attempts to smash Maki with a surprise attack.

Nobuaki recognizes Chojuro's cursed technique and looks over to see Jinichi and Ranta arriving with him. The three of them stand together, representing the Hei, a collective of the Zenin clan's strongest sorcerers.

Maki forcibly breaks her way out of the stone hands, surprising Nobuaki, who doesn't understand how she can even still move after getting hit. Maki runs down the giant rock arms and Chojuro jumps past Nobuaki to intercept her. He tries to deliver a flying roundhouse kick but Maki deflects it with her right hand while simultaneously using her sword to block a slash from Nobuaki's katana.

Nobuaki tries to follow up with another attack but Maki drops her weapon and crosses her arms with blistering speed. She jabs both Chojuro and Nobuaki in their throats with swift, deadly jabs using only her fingers. Before they bleed out and die, both acknowledge that her strike was extremely fast and can't believe this is really the same Maki.

Maki kills Chojuro and Nobuaki with her bare hands.

Maki suddenly feels Ranta's gaze on her back, with two metaphysical eyes appearing behind her. Locking his eyes on his target allows Ranta to activate his cursed technique, paralyzing Maki's body with a coating of cursed energy. Ranta calls out to Jinichi, who attempts to capitalize by rushing Maki while she can't move. However, Maki quickly regains her movement and rips her way out of the immobilizing aura of cursed energy. To fully regain her mobility, Maki pushes her way past the pair of metaphysical eyes, cracking them until they're destroyed. This causes major backlash to Ranta's body, causing his real eyes to get crushed and bleed profusely.

Maki brute forces her way out of Ranta's paralysis technique.

Jinichi turns around in concern but Ranta tells him to keep pushing forward. Ranta believes the Zenin clan only exists because of Toji's whim. He tells Jinichi that Maki has become the same as him, someone who has broken away from cursed energy and attained supreme strength. Determined to preserve the family, Ranta calls out for Jinichi to kill Maki right here, right now before it's too late.

"Right here! Right now! Kill her!"

Jinichi leaps high into the air and activates his cursed technique with a downward punch, raining down gigantic missile-like fists propelled by jets of cursed energy. Numerous gigantic fists crash into the area where Maki is, decimating the estate with a barrage of massive jet-powered punches.

Ranta collapses to his knees and succumbs to his injuries, ultimately believing that Jinichi was able to rescue the clan. However, Maki walks out of the dust and smoke completely unharmed, defiantly carrying Jinichi's severed head.[2]


Maki walks right past Ranta's bleeding corpse before throwing Jinichi's head into a pond. Naoya arrives in time to see it and is amused. He calls Maki cruel and asks if she has a heart, but she replies that it was taken from her.[3]


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