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Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki & Panda vs. Suguru Geto is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High students Maki Zenin, Toge Inumaki, and Panda against special grade curse user, Suguru Geto.


Suguru Geto declares war on his alma matter, unleashing a Night Parade of a Hundred Demons on Kyoto and Shinjuku. Meanwhile, he marches towards Tokyo Jujutsu High alone, slaughtering the managers that step into his path. He knows his chances of defeating the jujutsu sorcerers is less than 20% but he can bring this up to 99% with one move, killing Yuta Okkotsu and taking the special grade vengeful cursed spirit, Rika. He knows Jujutsu High wouldn't risk deploying Yuta, so the real goal of the Night Parade is actually to isolate Yuta at the school.[1]


Panda takes the shortest route to attack Geto.

Suguru summons a curtain that forms around the school. Maki confronts the curse user in the courtyard but he's less than impressed.[2] Claiming he has no time to waste on a non-sorcerer, the curse user summons a grotesque insect-like curse to deal with her.[3]

In Shinjuku, Satoru Gojo gets wise to Suguru's scheme and teleports Toge and Panda back to the school to rescue their classmates. They waste no time and immediately break into the curtain. Suguru immediately notices someone broke a hole in the barrier and believes they will arrive in five minutes. Suddenly, Panda breaks through the wall behind Suguru, making him realize Panda broke through the walls to take the shortest route.

"Crumble away!!!"

Panda jumps at Suguru and unleashes a barrage of punches reinforced by his metal knuckles. The curse user avoids it and Panda catches a glimpse of Maki's injured body. Distracted, Panda's face gets kicks into the ground by Suguru, who proves to have impressive close combat skills.

Toge jumps over the wall to support Panda, getting Suguru's attention. Panda grabs their opponent's leg, allowing Toge to command him to crumble away. This cursed speech forces Suguru to get crushed into a giant hole in the ground.

The immediate drawbacks from the cursed technique forces Inumaki to cough up blood. Panda also lost the hand that was holding Suguru. He checks on Toge but they both agree Maki comes first. Suddenly, Suguru rises from the ground, resurrected by a powerful curse. He retaliates with an attack that shakes the entire school, instantly defeating both students.[4]


Immensely moved by sorcerers risking their lives to each other, Suguru cries out in happiness. Yuta goes outside and finds Maki in a pool of her own blood with her leg badly torn apart. Panda and Toge are also both seriously injured, the latter using the last of his strength to tell Yuta to run away. Enraged by the sight of his dying friends, Yuta calls upon Rika's full power, manifesting the curse in an attempt to kill the invading curse user once and for all.[5]


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