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Mai Zenin ( (ぜん) (いん) () () Zen'in Mai?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is a second-year at student at Kyoto Jujutsu High.


Mai has mid-length black hair that reaches to her neck. She has dark eyes and thin eyebrows as well. Her school uniform consists of the traditional long-sleeved jacket and a long skirt with dark shoes.

While training, Mai is shown wearing a long sleeve track suit with black sleeves and shoulders and a white body, along with black pants. As a child, Mai wore a dark kimono with a black sash. Her casual outfit consists of a black sleeveless high collar shirt with a long, black skirt and black shoes.


Mai insulting her rivals' dead classmate.

Mai is a very crude and straightforward person who takes out her desire to not be a sorcerer on others. Upon meeting Nobara and Megumi, she insulted them and their dead friend just for the sake of the school rivalry. She's also always blunt when calling her sister useless and weak.

This attitude comes from Mai's desire to live a normal life and her trauma of abandonment after her twin sister Maki left the family. Mai and her sister were both raised in the Zenin household, looked down upon for being women and for possessing little cursed energy. While Mai was content living there, Maki decided to leave and become a sorcerer, breaking her promise to always stay with Mai. To avoid any backlash from the Zenin family, Mai was left with no choice but to attempt to become a sorcerer as well.

Mai resents Maki for breaking her promise and she has a negative attitude toward most people in general because of the life she's forced to live. When it comes to classmates such as Kasumi and Momo, Mai shows her kinder side as she seems to have a close relationship with them. Her other classmates believe she's taken after Aoi's crazed and aggressive personality.

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: Mai is a grade 3 sorcerer and a good sniper with her handgun. Capable of infusing her bullets with cursed energy, with just one direct hit she is able to take down a fellow sorcerer or a curse. Despite keeping up the façade that she is more powerful than her sister, she does not possess the physical skills to contend with her. Additionally, her cursed technique is unrefined and can only be used once a day.

Expert Marksman: Mai is well versed in wielding her handgun in battle. In a close range scrap she's willing to blast her opponent several times point blank. From a distance, Mai is able to hit her mark with sniper-like precision. Just before Nobara was about to defeat Momo during the Goodwill Event, Mai fired a rubber bullet into her temple that left the first-year instantly unconscious.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Low Cursed Energy: Mai possesses above average cursed energy for a human but less than the normal sorcerer. Mai can infuse her gun with cursed energy and fire reinforced bullets. However, she nor Maki were able to gain an Inherited Technique of the Zenin clan.
Innate Technique
Construction (Anime).gif Construction (構築術式 Kōchiku Jutsushiki?): This technique uses a large amount of cursed energy to create something from nothing. Mai uses this technique to create a single bullet per day, and the backlash affects her body when she activates it.


Mai's revolver (Anime).png Mai primarily uses a revolver which she can imbue with her own cursed energy. Against other sorcerers she uses it to fire reinforced rubber bullets.


  • Mai's surname contains the kanji for "meditation" ( zen?) and "institution" ( in?), and her first name contains "genuine" ( ma?) and "rely on" ( i?).
  • Mai was ranked 24th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 1,064 votes.
  • Mai and her twin are both 170 cm tall (5'7").[1]
  • It is said by Gege Akutami that Mai is a natural-born troublemaker.[1]
  • Mai's sexuality is unconfirmed, but it is mentioned in a volume extra that whenever she interacts with other female characters, it appears as if they're dating.
  • Mai was stated to primarily use a Six-Shooter Revolver as a bluff in order to catch her opponents off guard and take advantage of her innate technique's ability so that she can create an unexpected seventh round after exhausting her first six.
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook:
    • Enrollment method: Family lineage.
    • Her hobby is taking care of cactus.
    • Favorite dish: Junk food.
    • Least Favorite dish: Vegetarian food.
    • Cause of stress: Aoi Todo.


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