Mai Zenin ( (ぜん) (いん) () () Zenin Mai?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is a second-year at Kyoto Prefectural Curse Technical College.




History Edit

Mai was born in the Zanin Clan, as the younger twin sister of Maki. As a child, Mai always relied on Maki since she was afraid of Cursed Spirits. Later in life when Maki left the clan, Mai began to resent Maki for leaving her.

Disaster Curse Arc Edit

Mai accompanies principal Yoshinobu, along with Aoi, to the Tokyo College. After arrive at Tokyo, Mai along with Aoi meets up with Megumi and Nobara. As Megumi wonders what they are here, which Mai says that she came to because she was worried for them since their classmate had just died. Mai then starts to insult Yuji and how Megumi must be relieved that Yuji is dead.

When Aoi starts to fight with Megumi, Mai stops Nobara from helping Megumi. Nobara insults Mai about her looks, which Mai gets angry and shoots Nobara multiple times with rubber bullets. Suddenly Maki shows up and distracts Mai long enough for Nobara to put Mai in a choke hold. Aoi shows up and says that they are leaving, which Nobara lets Mai go. As Mai leaves, she proclaims that thing will be different during the goodwill event.

Goodwill Event Arc Edit


Cursed Power and Forms Edit

Mai's cursed power is Construction, this technique allows her to construct an object from nothing, which she uses in conjunction with her gun to make ammunition on the go. However, this power requires an immense amount of cursed energy, which can have a harsh effect on Mai's body with her current limit being one bullet per day.



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