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Mai Zenin ( (ぜん) (いん) () () Zen'in Mai?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She was a second-year at student at Kyoto Jujutsu High, member of the Zenin clan, and the younger twin sister of Maki Zenin.


Mai looked identical to her twin sister but with her hair cut shorter. She had mid-length black hair (green in the anime) that reached just to her neck, dark brown eyes, and thin eyebrows.

Mai's school uniform consists of the traditional While training, Mai is shown wearing a long sleeve tracksuit with black sleeves and shoulders and a white body, along with black pants. As a child, Mai wore a dark kimono with a black sash. Her casual outfit consists of a black sleeveless high collar shirt with a long, black skirt and black shoes.


Mai insulting her rivals' dead classmate.

Like her twin sister, Mai was mistreated by the Zenin clan growing up only for being a girl with little talent for jujutsu. Mai was content with living under their thumb as a servant and would rather do chores than fight. In contrast, Maki wanted to spite the clan and work as a sorcerer. The repercussions of Maki's rebellion forced Mai to study to become a jujutsu sorcerer. Mai detested the grotesque work exorcising curses entails and resented Maki for essentially thrusting them both into that life.

Mai was an unwilling sorcerer who took out her frustrations on others, mainly her rivals and Maki. She has a snarky and rude personality due to her experiences. She's crude and likes to boost her own ego. While Mai doesn't particularly like Aoi Todo, she hangs around him to make herself look tougher than she is. Unlike how she treated the Tokyo students, Mai got along with her peers, for the most part, especially Momo Nishimiya and Kasumi Miwa. She also appears to be the only one who can tolerate Todo and was visibly disappointed with Mechamaru when he betrayed their group.[2]

"Why didn't you... fall down the hole with me?"

Although Mai is well aware of how physically gifted Maki is, she acted as if her twin sister is completely talentless. Mai barbed her directly during the lead-up to the Goodwill Event and targeted her juniors as well. Mai insulted Yuji Itadori, the dear friend of Megumi and Nobara who had recently died, just to taunt the first years upon meeting them.[3] She also told Maki that she was worthless because she couldn't even use cursed energy.[4]

Mai leaves everything to her big sister.

Maki promised she would stay with Mai when they were younger. When Maki left the clan and broke that promise, Mai began calling her a liar. She hated her sister for leaving and never told her anything like her first crush or that she had a cursed technique. When Mai lost to Maki in the Goodwill Event, she asked why her sister didn't fall down the hole with her. She was dissatisfied with Maki's answer and continued to hate her from that point.[5]

Mai was forced to put her feelings toward Maki aside when their own father attacked them. With both twins on the edge of death, Mai decided to sacrifice her life to give Maki the tools to live on. Mai always knew Maki was tough and acknowledged that she was only holding her sister back, openly admitting that the situation sucked. Mai suspected that she might have to make a tough decision one day and decided to go through with sacrificing herself so that Maki could reach her full potential. In a moment that took the twins back to their childhood, Mai asked her big sister to destroy everything in exchange.[6]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: Mai was a grade 3 sorcerer with not much talent for jujutsu. She was born with a cursed technique but more cursed energy than Maki, but not nearly enough to make her technique effective. She used to keep up the cascade that she was superior to Maki, but Mai simply does not possess the same physical skills Maki was born with. Mai also doesn't possess the drive to be a fighter and was forced to become a sorcerer because Maki left the clan. Despite this, she's always made do with what skills she has.

Expert Marksman: Mai is an excellent shot and prefers to fire from long range. In a close-range exchange, she can hit her opponent point-blank with her cursed energy-infused rubber bullets. She can also fire her signature revolver from afar with pinpoint accuracy. During the Goodwill Event, Mai saved Momo from Nobara at the last moment by blasting the Tokyo student in the temple from a great distance away, leaving her unconscious.[7] Mai also assumed a professional sniper position while firing on Pseudo-Geto, landing effective shots he needed to dedicate effort into blocking.[8]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Low Cursed Energy: Mai possesses above average cursed energy for a human but less than the normal sorcerer. Mai can infuse her gun with cursed energy and fire reinforced bullets. However, she nor Maki were able to gain an Inherited Technique of the Zenin clan.
Innate Technique
Construction (Anime).gif Construction (構築術式 Kōchiku Jutsushiki?): An inefficient technique that consumes most of Mai's cursed energy to create something from nothing. Her limit is a single bullet per day and the backlash for activating this technique is severe. While wounded, Mai was also able to create a cursed tool sword at the cost of her life.


Cursed Tools
Mai's revolver (Anime).png Mai primarily uses a revolver which she can imbue with her own cursed energy. Against other sorcerers, she uses it to fire reinforced rubber bullets.
Mai's sniper rifle.png During the Shibuya Incident, Mai utilized a marksman's sniper rifle to shoot her target from a great distance with real bullets.

Battles & Events

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Shibuya Incident Arc


  • Mai's surname contains the kanji for "meditation" ( zen?) and "institution" ( in?), and her first name contains "genuine" ( ma?) and "rely on" ( i?).
  • Mai was ranked 24th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 1,064 votes.
  • Mai and her twin are both 170 cm tall (5'7").[1]
  • It is said by Gege Akutami that Mai is a natural-born troublemaker.[1]
  • Mai's sexuality is unconfirmed, but it is mentioned in a volume extra that whenever she interacts with other female characters, it appears as if they're dating.
  • Mai was stated to primarily use a Six-Shooter Revolver as a bluff in order to catch her opponents off guard and take advantage of her innate technique's ability so that she can create an unexpected seventh round after exhausting her first six.
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook:
    • Enrollment method: Family lineage.
    • Her hobby is taking care of cactus.
    • Favorite dish: Junk food.
    • Least Favorite dish: Vegetarian food.
    • Cause of stress: Aoi Todo.


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