Mahito ( (まひ) () Mahito?) a curse born from a human being.


Mahito possesses the appearance of a tall human with long white hair. His hair is always tied up in three or so sections with a thick strand that occupies the space between his eyebrows. He has two very big scars that run across his face and one that extends around his neck, this could suggest that his body was stitched together at some point. Upon his first appearance his left pupil is black but later both of pupils appear to be grey. He never wears shoes choosing to walk around barefoot instead.



Mahito is seen for the first time in Chapter 16: Compassion. He is located in a tropical location likely of his own making, Mahito is sitting under an umbrella on a beach chair reading a book when Getou first arrives.


Magic: As a special class curse it has a lot of magical power, it mainly uses its power changing the shape of the soul that changes the body but maintains the same mass and can change the shape of a person or himself.

  • Idle Mutation ( () () (てん) (ぺん) Mui tenpen?): He can use this to mutate bodies to change them into horrific monsters. He can also use it to repair his body; as he can reattach and grow limbs back.

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