Mahito ( (まひ) () Mahito?) a curse born from a human being.


Mahito possesses the appearance of a tall human with long white hair. His hair is always tied up in three or so sections with a thick strand that occupies the space between his eyebrows. He has two very big scars that run across his face and one that extends around his neck, this could suggest that his body was stitched together at some point. Upon his first appearance his left pupil is black but later both of pupils appear to be grey. He never wears shoes choosing to walk around barefoot instead.



Disaster Curses Arc Edit

Mahito is located in a tropical location likely of his own making, Mahito is sitting under an umbrella on a beach chair reading a book when Getou first arrives. Mahito agrees with Getou, about sealing Gojo on a set date that he will contact them with.

Vs. Mahito Arc Edit

At a later day, Mahito meets Junpei after having killed three people at a theater. They then heads to the sewer with Junpei, were Mahito explains to Junpei what Cursed Spirits are. Junpei asks what kind of spirit Mahito is, which Mahito says that he is a Cursed Spirit that was created from people fearing other people. Mahito and Junpei then talk with about human emotion while Mahito shows Junpei his human experiments.

Later Mahito encounters Nanami, and the two start to fight. After a little bit, Mahito starts to explain his abilities. The two continue to fight, Mahito notices that Nanami's power is increasing after it hits 7 o'clock. As Mahito prepares to continue fighting, Nanami escapes by burying Mahito in rubble. Mahito manages to escape from the rubble after sometime and meets with Geto.

After Junpei's mother is killed, Mahito shows Junpei the Cursed Object that caused it and suggest that it was the classmate that was bullying Junpei that did it. Mahito then help Junpei prepare to attack his classmates.

Mahito shows up during the fight between Yuji and Junpei. Mahito restrains Yuji, and uses his abilities to transforms Junpei. Mahito then laughs when Sukuna refuses to help Yuji. Mahito continues to laugh after Junpei dies, which Yuji punches him. Mahito notices that their was something different about that punch and realizes that Yuji can natural combat him. Mahito then takes on Yuji, and manages to force Yuji to the courtyard. Mahito manages to pin Yuji down and tries to for Yuji to switch with Sukuna, but Sukuna forces Mahito out of his territory.

Mahito and Yuji continue to fight, until Nanami shows up and attacks Mahito. Mahito then takes on both Yuji and Nanami, and manages to dodge most of their attacks. Mahito manages to distracts Yuji and restrain Nanami. As Mahito prepares to finish Nanami off, Yuji shows up and hit Mahito. Mahito is then repeatedly hit by both Yuji and Nanami, until he uses his Territorial Expansion to trap Nanami. Mahito prepares to attack Nanami but when Yuji enters hit territorial, Mahito is wounded by Sukuna. Mahito uses the last of his power to distract Yuji and escape from the area. Mahito then recovers in the sewer, and thinks about how powerful Sukuna is and how he will kill Yuji next.

Goodwill Event Arc Edit

Later Mahito and Geto meet up with Jogo. Mahito talks with Geto and Jogo about how he is for Geto's plans and how they will retrieve the fingers that are at the Tokyo College. Mahito later attends another meeting with the others about how they will invade the Tokyo College.

During the Goodwill Event, Mahito shows up at the site along with Hanami, Juzo Kumiya, and another. Mahito heads over to were Sukena's fingers are at, while the others distract the shamans. Mahito manages to obtain the fingers, along with three of the Death Painting Wombs. Mahito then meets up with Hanami and another, were he help a wounded Hanami leave the site.

The Origin of Obedience Arc Edit

Days later, Mahito feeds the Death Painting Wombs to humans, in order to give them bodies. Later Mahito is playing a board game along with Geto and Choso, when Choso reveals that his brothers are dead. Mahito is more concerned by the fact that Choso had destroyed a piece, but smile when he learns that Yuji and his classmate are the one that did it.


Cursed Power and Forms Edit

Magic: As a special class curse it has a lot of magical power, it mainly uses its power changing the shape of the soul that changes the body but maintains the same mass and can change the shape of a person or himself.

  • Idle Mutation ( () () (てん) (ぺん) Mui tenpen?): He can use this to mutate bodies to change them into horrific monsters. He can also use it to repair his body; as he can reattach and grow limbs back.
  • Territorial Expansion: A technique were Cursed Power is used to construct an innate territory with technique that spans the surrounding area.
    • Mahayana Prison ( () (へい) (えん) (どん) () Jihei endonka?)[1]: Mahito creates a territory where the space touches everything, which allows him to use Idle Mutation at anytime without actually needing to directly touch anyone.



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