Mahito ( () (ひと) Mahito?) is one of the primary antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a Cursed Spirit allied with Suguru Geto, Jogo, Hanami and several others. Their ultimate goal is the eradication of humanity and ultimately replacing the population with Cursed Spirits.


As described by Jujutsu Sorcerers, Mahito is a human-looking Cursed Spirit with a patchwork face. He has light gray eyes and long gray hair that reaches past his neck and is sectioned off into three large strands with ties at the ends. Along with his face, Mahito stitches all across his body that gives him the appearance that he was sewn together.

Mahito normally sports a black shawl that is separated into three pieces on the left sleeve. He also wears matching pants without shoes.


Mahito explains his origin

"Thanks to the hate spewed between people... I was born."

Mahito is a sadistic, immature Cursed Spirit who enjoys toying with human emotions. He believes he was born from human transgressions and considers himself the very manifestation of humans' hatred of each other. As such, Mahito believes that humans should be extinguished and Cursed Spirits should rule in their place.

Mahito has no sympathy for human lives and appears to place little value on even his own life. He is devoted to his cause, believing that reviving Sukuna is more important than his own well being. As long as Cursed Spirits eventually reign supreme, Mahito cares not if he's there to see it. Unlike his ally Jogo, who is very short-tempered and arrogant, Mahito can remain relatively calm and is playful in nature. Even so, they agree on the same goals when it comes to their race.

Mahito misleads Junpei

Mahito feeding the darkness in Junpei's heart.

Nanami describes Mahito as extremely immature and has a superficiality about him similar to Satoru Gojo. He enjoys toying with humans, even in battle when his life is on the line. Mahito befriended Junpei because he saw him as a toy that could be fun to play with. He coerced Junpei into becoming a Curse User by feeding his hatred. When his toy ran out of use, Mahito used him as leverage against Yuji and even killed him without a second thought.

Mahito is also very philosophical when it comes to the concept of souls. He believes that the human soul came before the body and is intrigued by the very nature of the soul. His Cursed Technique is derived from this obsession, and he uses it to experiment on human victims in order to gain further knowledge.

Abilities and Powers

Yuji and Nanami fighting Mahito

Mahito single-handedly holding off both Yuji and Nanami.

Overall Skill-Level: Mahito is an unregistered Special Grade Cursed Spirit that eclipses the power of at least three of Sukuna's fingers. He is younger than Jogo and as a result, is less experienced and not as powerful. Despite this, Mahito is far above what a Special Grade Cursed Spirit would normally be. He has very high intelligence and an extremely dangerous Cursed Technique.

In a one on one fight, he was able to overwhelm Grade 1 Sorcerer Kento Nanami by rendering his Cursed Technique useless. Following that fight, Nanami believed that Mahito had to be exorcised immediately or else he would grow into something too fearsome for Jujutsu High to handle.

In Mahito's two on one battle with Nanami and Sukuna, Mahito would also have likely defeated both Jujutsu Sorcerers if it were not for Sukuna's intervention. During this fight, Mahito was able to grow stronger while his life was in danger, allowing him to achieve the ability to conjure his own Domain Expansion.

High Intellect: Mahito possesses very high intellectual prowess, especially for a Cursed Spirit. He was accurately able to deduce that Jujutsu Sorcerers were investigating him and was able to set a trap for his pursuers. Mahito can also surmise his opponent's skill level and even their Cursed Technique after just a few exchanges. He was able to accurately do so against Nanami and he was able to realize that Yuji had the ability to see souls thanks to his relationship with Sukuna. Along with Suguru Geto, Mahito often acts as the brains of his faction's operation.

Enhanced Durability: Mahito is exceptionally difficult to kill. Not only does his Cursed Technique render physical attacks meaningless, but even Mahito's soul is extremely resistant to damage. Nanami attempted to crush Mahito's body, but he went through their entire battle without expressing that he felt any pain even when attacks did land. When Yuji was able to hit Mahito's soul and both Jujutsu Shaman overwhelmed Mahito, he was able to weather the storm and unlocked a new power instead of allowing his body to crumble under the pressure.


Mahito's Cursed Energy

Mahito channeling his Cursed Energy.

Great Cursed Energy Level: Mahito has a vast amount of Cursed Energy at his disposal, more so than even Sukuna's vessel after consuming three fingers. Mahito is able to use his Cursed Technique repeatedly without depleting his Cursed Energy. Only his Domain Expansion has used up significant enough amounts of Cursed Energy to exhaust Mahito's reserves.

Idle Transfiguration ( () () (てん) (ぺん) Mui Tenpen?): Mahito's Cursed Technique grants him the ability to reshape souls. Doing so allows him to disfigure the body of his victims, heal his own wounds, transform his appendages into weapons, and a limitless variety of other possible transformations.

  • Soul Multiplicity: Body Repel: Mahito manipulates mutated humans for a currently unknown effect. The damage this technique is capable of kill multiple humans.

Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection ( () (へい) (えん) (どん) () Jihei Endonka?): Mahito's Domain Expansion creates an environment where he is automatically connected with the souls of anyone inside and is capable of transfiguring them at will.[1]



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