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List of Battles & Events throughout the Jujutsu Kaisen series and it's prequel, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High.

Gojo's Past Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Geto defeats Kokun.png Satoru & Suguru vs. Bayer & Kokun The jujutsu students make short of the Q soldiers and successfully rescue the Star Plasma Vessel.
Old Curse User appears behind Geto.png Suguru Geto vs. Shikigami Curse User Suguru defeats the curse user with a brutal pummeling using his bare hands, and interrogates the old man afterward.
Kuroi defeats one of the curse user's clones.png Misato Kuroi vs. Cloning Curse User Kuroi briefly immobilizes the cloning curse user before he dispels his clone to go after Riko instead.
Clones stopped by the Infinity.png Satoru Gojo vs. Cloning Curse User Satoru defeats all of the curse user's clones and protects Riko from harm.
Toji gets behind Gojo again.png Satoru Gojo vs. Toji Fushiguro Toji cuts down Satoru with the Inverted Spear of Heaven and brings him to the very edge of death. Unbeknownst to Toji, who believed he killed Satoru, the sorcerer was able to survive.
Rainbow Dragon attacks Toji.png Suguru Geto vs. Toji Fushiguro Toji easily defeats Suguru after exorcising several of his strong curses, choosing to spare him so the curse manipulator doesn't unleash the curses his body took in.
Satoru using Red on Toji.png Satoru Gojo vs. Toji Fushiguro: Rematch The newly awakened powers of the Limitless allow Satoru to overpower Toji and defeat him with Hollow Technique: Purple.

Cursed Child Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Maki defeats three Cursed Spirits.png Yuta & Maki vs. Cursed Spirits Yuta unleashes Rika's full power and exorcises all cursed spirits.
Yuta slashes a Cursed Spirit.png Yuta & Toge vs. Cursed Spirits Yuta and Toge exorcise all cursed spirits.
Geto declares war on the Jujutsu Sorcerers.png Night Parade of a Hundred Demons All cursed spirits are exorcised by jujutsu sorcerers in both Shinjuku and Kyoto.
Panda surprises Geto.png Maki, Toge & Panda vs. Geto Suguru Geto effortlessly defeats Maki, Toge, and Panda.
Yuta punches Geto.png Yuta Okkotsu vs. Suguru Geto By overcoming the limits of Rika's power, Yuta defeats Geto with the cursed power of love.

Introduction Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Yuji rescues Sasaki and Iguchi (Anime).gif Yuji & Megumi vs. Cursed Spirits Yuji devours Sukuna's finger. Yuji and Megumi exorcise all cursed spirits from Sugisawa High School.
Sukuna attacks Satoru Gojo (Anime).gif Satoru Gojo vs. Sukuna Yuji proves that he can control Sukuna's influence on his body.
Secret Execution (Anime).png Secret Execution Yuji's execution is delayed until he can consume all of Sukuna's fingers. He's accepted into Tokyo Jujutsu High to be trained as a jujutsu sorcerer.
Curse appears above Yuji (Anime).png Yuji & Nobara vs. Cursed Spirits Yuji and Nobara exorcise all cursed spirits from an abandoned building in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Cursed Womb Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Cursed Womb Domain (Anime).png Evacuation of the Eishu Detention Center The team is unable to confirm any survivors. A special grade cursed spirit is born.
Nobara vs. Mask Curses (Anime).png Nobara Kugisaki vs. Cursed Spirits Nobara exorcises the majority of the curses ambushing her. Megumi rescues Nobara from the numerous remaining cursed spirits.
Yuji punches the Finger Bearer with Cursed Energy.gif Yuji Itadori vs. Finger Bearer Yuji holds off the curse long enough for Megumi to rescue Nobara. Sukuna takes over the battle.
Sukuna attacks the Finger Bearer.png Sukuna vs. Finger Bearer Sukuna effortlessly annihilates the enemy cursed spirit and reclaims his finger from it.
Megumi vs. Sukuna.gif Megumi Fushiguro vs. Sukuna Megumi helps Yuji regain control of his body from Sukuna but Yuji dies as a result.

Cursed Training Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Watching Movies (Anime).png Watching Movies Gojo sensei teaches Yuji to properly control his cursed energy.
Jogo confronts Satoru Gojo (Anime).png Satoru Gojo vs. Jogo Satoru effortlessly defeats Jogo and uses the battle as a lesson to teach Yuji.
Aoi Todo attacks Megumi (Anime).png Megumi Fushiguro vs. Aoi Todo Aoi mercilessly beats on Megumi until Panda and Toge interrupt the battle.
Mai holding Nobara (Anime).png Nobara Kugisaki vs. Mai Zenin Mai shoots Nobara multiple times with cursed energy from her gun. Maki interrupts the battle.

Vs. Mahito Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Nanami using Ratio Technique on a transfigured human.gif Yuji & Nanami vs. Transfigured Humans Yuji and Nanami exorcise all curses at Kinema Cinema. The investigation into the victims continues.
Nanami fighting Mahito underground.gif Kento Nanami vs. Mahito Nanami destroys Mahito's lair and both fighters escape the area.
Yuji vs. Junpei.gif Yuji Itadori vs. Junpei Yoshino Yuji overpowers Junpei and convinces him to stop fighting.
Yuji vs. Mahito.gif Yuji Itadori vs. Mahito Nanami joins the battle before Yuji is defeated.
Yuji and Nanami fighting Mahito.gif Yuji Itadori & Kento Nanami vs. Mahito Yuji & Nanami are victorious thanks to Sukuna's interference. Mahito escapes the area with his life.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Spirit Bash Race (Anime).png Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event - Spirit Bash Race Mechamaru, Nobara, Mai, and Kasumi are eliminated before the competition is interrupted by Mahito's faction of curses and curse users.
Spirit Bash Race Jujutsu Battles
Yuji Itadori vs. Aoi Todo continued.gif Yuji Itadori vs. Aoi Todo Aoi uses the fight as a way to train Yuji. Their battle is ultimately interrupted by the appearance of Hanami.
Panda vs. Mechamaru (Anime).gif Panda vs. Ultimate Mechamaru Panda defeats Ultimate Mechamaru using Gorilla Mode.
Maki vs. Kasumi (Anime).gif Maki Zenin vs. Kasumi Miwa Maki easily overpowers Kasumi and takes her katana.
Momo hits Nobara with Cursed Energy Wind (Anime).gif Nobara Kugisaki vs. Momo Nishimiya Nobara nearly defeats Momo but Mai interrupts the battle and eliminates Nobara.
Maki kicks Mai (Anime).gif Maki Zenin vs. Mai Zenin Maki defeats Mai despite the younger sister unveiling her cursed technique.
Flowing Red Scale (Anime).gif Megumi Fushiguro vs. Noritoshi Kamo Megumi and Noritoshi battle back and forth until a sudden attack from Hanami interrupts them.
Megumi, Toge & Noritoshi vs. Hanami (Anime).png Megumi, Toge & Noritoshi vs. Hanami Noritoshi and Toge are incapacitated. Maki joins the battle to help Megumi fight Hanami.
Megumi & Maki vs. Hanami (Anime).gif Megumi & Maki vs. Hanami Megumi and Maki are moderately injured. Yuji and Aoi take over the battle.
Yuji and Aoi vs. Hanami continued (Anime).gif Yuji & Aoi vs. Hanami Yuji and Aoi overpower Hanami and and corner him. Satoru Gojo interrupts the battle before Hanami can activate Domain Expansion.
Gakuganji vs. Juzo (Anime).gif Gakuganji vs. Juzo Satoru Gojo takes over the fight and instantly incapacitates Juzo.
Baseball Game (Anime).png Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event - Baseball Game Tokyo High wins the Goodwill Event 2-0.

Death Painting Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Domain near Yasohachi Bridge (Anime).png Megumi Fushiguro vs. Yasohachi Bridge Curse Megumi exorcises the curse, but the barrier beneath the bridge remains and a Finger Bearer appears.
Megumi vs. Finger Bearer continued (Anime).gif Megumi Fushiguro vs. Finger Bearer Megumi Fushiguro is victorious after unleashing his Domain Expansion.
Yuji vs. Eso continued (Anime).gif Yuji Itadori & Nobara Kugisaki vs. Eso & Kechizu Yuji and Nobara are victorious, resulting in the deaths of Eso and Kechizu.

Shibuya Incident Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Mechamaru overpowering Mahito.png Kokichi Muta vs. Mahito Mahito narrowly defeats Kokichi and Mechamaru Mode: Absolute.
Satoru Gojo Rescue Operation.png The Shibuya Incident Pseudo-Geto's plan is successful. Satoru Gojo is sealed and all twenty-three wards of Tokyo are abandoned, left to be a haven for cursed spirits.
The Shibuya Incident Jujutsu Battles
Satoru Gojo fighting Jogo and Hanami.png Satoru Gojo vs. Jogo, Hanami, Choso & Mahito Satoru Gojo exorcises Hanami and a thousand Transfigured Humans. Jogo, Choso, and Mahito buy enough time for Pseudo-Geto to activate Prison Realm. Satoru Gojo is sealed.
Grasshopper Curse jumping and biting.png Yuji Itadori vs. Grasshopper Curse Yuji exorcised the Grasshopper Curse and breaks the commissioned curtain it was guarding.
Ino vs. Ogami and her grandson.png Takuma Ino vs. Ogami & Her Grandson Ino outclasses the grandson in the fight but it buys Ogami enough time to shapeshift her grandchild into Toji Zenin. Toji Zenin completely dominates and defeats Ino.
Yuji and Megumi attacking Awasaka.png Yuji & Megumi vs. Awasaka Yuji and Megumi work together to defeat Awasaka. They break the curtains he was protecting that prevented sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station.
Mei Mei vs. Niji Ebina.png Mei Mei vs. Niji Ebina Mei Mei effortlessly defeats Ebina.
Nanami vs. Haruta Shigemo.png Nobara & Nanami vs. Shigemo Shigemo momentarily overpowers Nobara, but Nanami takes over the battle. Nanami effortlessly brutalizes Shigemo into submission.
Mei Mei cutting the Smallpox Deity.png Mei Mei & Ui Ui vs. Smallpox Deity Mei Mei successfully exorcises the Smallpox Deity with her brother's help.
Yuji fighting Choso.png Yuji Itadori vs. Choso Choso defeats Yuji after a hard-fought battle. An invasive memory of an event that never happened stops Choso from finishing him off.
Naobito saves Maki from Dagon.png Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Dagon Naobito initially overpowers Dagon until he traps all his adversaries inside Horizon of the Captivating Skandha. After Megumi arrives late to help, Toji Fushiguro is accidentally allowed inside the domain and takes over the fight.
Toji stabs Dagon through the head.png Toji Fushiguro vs. Dagon Toji overpowers Dagon and easily exorcises the curses spirit.
Toji attacks Megumi through Rabbit Escape.png Megumi Fushiguro vs. Toji Fushiguro Toji commits suicide to end the séance and rescue his son for certain death.
Sukuna and Jogo's final faceoff.png Sukuna vs. Jogo Sukuna defeats Jogo without suffering a single hit. Sukuna admits Jogo is strong and exorcises him using a flame manipulation technique.
Sukuna punches Mahoraga.png Sukuna vs. Mahoraga Sukuna defeats Mahoraga after deducing how its adaptability works. This puts an end to Megumi's exorcism ritual, allowing Sukuna to preserve the young sorcerer's life for his own future plans.
Yuji and Nobara chasing Mahito.png Yuji & Nobara vs. Mahito Mahito incapacitates Nobara and pummels Yuji after destroying his resolve. Aoi Todo takes over the battle to rescue Yuji and restore his fighting spirit.
Aoi Todo swaps with a transfigured human.png Yuji & Aoi vs. Mahito Yuji defeats Mahito once and for all with Todo's support. Pseudo-Geto finds his defeated ally before Yuji can exorcise him for good.
Jujutsu Sorcerers charge at Pseudo-Geto.png Jujutsu Sorcerers & Choso
vs. Pseudo-Geto & Uraume
Yuki Tsukumo interrupts the battle before Uraume could kill their opponents. Pseudo-Geto and Uraume escape with Prison Realm.

Itadori's Extermination Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Yuji uses himself as bait.png Yuji & Choso vs. Cursed Spirits Yuji and Choso's hunt of curses in Shibuya is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Naoya Zenin and Yuta Okkotsu.
Yuji breaks Yuta's katana.png Yuji Itadori vs. Yuta Okkotsu Yuta is victorious after stabbing Yuji in the chest.
Naoya stabs Choso.png Choso vs. Naoya Zenin Choso defeats Naoya, but Yuta arrives shortly after and knocks the curse-human out.

Perfect Preparation Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Yuji defeats Panda.png Yuji Itadori vs. Panda After exchanging information with Yuji, Panda lets the boy defeat him.
Totality attacks Kirara.png Megumi & Panda vs. Kirara Hoshi Megumi figures out Kirara's technique and uses that information to trick his opponent and defeat them.
Kinji kicks Yuji.png Yuji Itadori vs. Kinji Hakari Yuji avoids dodging Kinji's attacks, making his senpai accept him and listen to his request.
Ogi counters Maki's attack.png Maki Zenin vs. Ogi Zenin After Mai sacrifices herself to power up Maki, she easily beheads their father.
Maki overpowers the Kukuru Unit.png Maki Zenin vs. The Kukuru Unit Maki easily overpowers and slaughters the entire unit, bar the captain, before the Hei arrive to face her.
Maki fights Nobuaki and Chojuro.png Maki Zenin vs. The Hei Maki overpowers and slaughters the entire unit with the exception of Naoya.
Naoya kicks Maki through a wall.png Maki Zenin vs. Naoya Zenin Maki figures out how Naoya's technique works and knocks her cousin out with a single punch by smashing him into the ground.

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Yuji fights Haba.png Yuji Itadori vs. Haba & Hanyu Yuji defeats Hanyu by causing her to crash into a building. He defeats Haba shortly after.
Hiromi Higuruma rapidly smashing his gavel.png Yuji Itadori vs. Hiromi Higuruma Hiromi lets Yuji defeat him after finding out about his innocence, stopping the fight and agreeing to give him 100 points.
Iori throws his teeth at Megumi and Remi.png Megumi Fushiguro vs. Reggie Star's group Megumi kills Chizuru and seemingly lets Remi escape, before the fight is interrupted by Fumihiko Takaba.