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Kurourushi ( (くろ) (うる) () Kurourushi?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. It was a special grade cockroach cursed spirit released from Kenjaku's Cursed Spirit Manipulation in order to participate in the Culling Game as a player.


Kurourushi looks like one would expect from a cockroach cursed spirit. Its face, arms, and legs have the appearance as if they were made out of a light-colored insect exoskeleton. Kurourushi stands fairly tall and can produce up to four human arms. It also possesses human hands and feet, and its abdomen is completely hidden by a black shroud that extends from its head. It can cover Kurourushi's wings and limbs as well but they can be seen whenever they make movements.

Kurourushi's face is grotesque and perfectly reflects the unsightliness of an insect such as a roach. With six long antennae protruding from it, Kurourushi's face has eight separate sets of eyes in different places and human-like teeth behind its multi-layered jaw.


Kurourushi did not possess a distinct ego and was instead driven entirely by its instincts as a cursed spirit. It wanted only to devour humans in an attempt to satiate its bottomless appetite. Kurourushi was displeased by anything that got in the way of its feeding.

When Yuta Okkotsu interrupted Kurourushi's meal after it woke up in a state of starvation, the cockroach curse focused solely on devouring him instead. Kurourushi even questioned why Yuta was interfering. When Yuta responded by asking why Kurourushi kills, the cockroach curse simply stated that it loved the taste of iron.[1]

Kurourushi's identical offspring shared its insatiable hunger as its desire to feed led it back into another fight with Yuta. It interrupted a domain battle by entering the barrier and repeating that it loves the taste of iron.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Kurourushi ready to fight

Kurourushi controlling a swarm of cockroaches while wielding a cursed tool.

Overall Skill Level: Kurourushi was one of only sixteen registered special grade cursed spirits. Humanity shares a collective fear and disdain for cockroaches, which gave rise to the Kurourushi. It possessed the unique physiology of a humanoid-cockroach, as well as the ability to summon and manipulate endless cockroaches reinforced by its cursed energy. Additionally, Kurourushi could use cursed techniques and wield its signature cursed tool, the especially dangerous Festering Life Sword. At some point, Kurourushi was defeated by either Suguru Geto or Kenjaku and it was absorbed into Cursed Spirit Manipulation. Kenjaku released Kurourushi so the cursed spirit could compete at an elite level in the Culling Game.

Despite generally acting on the instinct of satisfying an endless appetite, Kurourushi is a relatively intelligent creature compared to most cursed spirits. While not to the degree of the unregistered special grades like Jogo, Mahito, Hanami or Dagon, Kurourushi can speak and communicate clearly. Kurourushi understood its own status within the Culling Game and collected fifty-two points before entering a deadlock with the most powerful players in the Sendai Colony. The cockroach curse was intelligent enough to understand that Dhruv Lakdawalla would've been an unfavorable matchup and decided to enter a dormant state.[3][4] Kurourushi also prepared for the worst by creating an offspring that would inherit its cursed energy in the event of an exorcism.

Kurourushi's roaches attacking Yuta

Kurourushi's cursed roaches targetting humans for consumption.

Dhruv's defeat caused Kurourushi to awaken in a state of starvation. Its bottomless hunger immediately lashed out and used swarms of cursed cockroaches to devour any humans in the vicinity. When Yuta Okkotsu stopped Kurourushi's swarm, its instincts led it to try and devour the special grade sorcerer.

Kurourushi about to devour Yuta

Kurourushi nearly devours Yuta, a special grade sorcerer.

Kurourushi used its ability to manipulate large swarms of cockroaches well in tandem with wielding the Festering Life Sword. It could balance itself on a twister made of flying cockroaches and cast cursed techniques from a distance. Kurourushi used this tactic to distract Yuta with a swarm before impairing his vision with its Earthen Insect Trance technique from behind. This created the opening Kurourushi needed to make effective use of the Festering Life Sword. Kurourushi landed consecutive blows on Yuta and was poised to devour him, the prodigal sorcerer second only to Satoru Gojo.

Kurourushi cuts off Uro's arm

Kurourushi proving to be a bad matchup for Takako Uro.

Kurourushi withstood Yuta's reinforced taijutsu and swordplay but its body was completely compromised by his reverse cursed technique. At the last moment before Kurourushi ate Yuta, the sorcerer bit the cockroach curse and delivered a mouth-to-mouth blast of positive energy.[5] After the parent's exorcism, the cursed energy of fear throughout Japan was poured into the child. Even after Kurourushi the Culling Game player perished, the cursed spirit still thrived.

Takako Uro, an exceptionally strong player, was at a disadvantage against Kurourushi and considered it a particularly nasty opponent. She was displeased when Kurourushi became active again after Dhruv fell and didn't break the stalemate in the Colony until the parent was exorcised. Kurourushi's reappearance was such a threat that Uro's focus left her unguarded against Yuta. Uro was vulnerable after she used domain expansion and Kurourushi severed her arm with the Festering Life Sword. However, Kurourushi could not withstand a direct hit from Ryu Ishigori's Granite Blast and was ultimately exorcised by a consecutive blast of positive energy.[6]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Immense Cursed Energy: Kurourushi was born from the collective hate, fear, and resentment associated with cockroaches. These negative emotions manifested special grade levels of cursed energy. Each and every cockroach under Kurourushi's control is imbued with its cursed energy and granted enough strength to eat a human being as a group. Kurourushi consistently manipulated large quantities of cockroaches while using cursed techniques as well.
Cursed Spirit Physiology
Yuta facing Kurourushi Cursed Cockroaches: Kurourushi could produce and control countless swarms of real cockroaches reinforced by its cursed energy. These man-eating cockroaches could strip all the flesh off a group of humans in seconds. This feeds Kurourushi's endless appetite and stimulates parthenogenesis. A single cockroach is not a real threat but a full swarm can be a serious issue even to a jujutsu sorcerer.[7]
Cockroach Curse Parthenogenesis: Flesh devoured by the cursed cockroaches stimulated Kurourushi's parthenogenesis process, granting it the ability to produce more cockroaches. Additionally, Kurourushi used this to reproduce an identical yet entirely new cursed spirit offspring. In order to preserve Kurourushi's existence, the cursed energy from the parent was passed on to the child when it died.
Earthen Insect Trance Earthen Insect Trance ( () (ちゅう) (ぜん) (じょう) Dochū Zenjō?): A cursed technique that conjures flying insect curses that carry large sacs filled with a liquid substance that gets released when destroyed. The substance gets into the target's eyes to impair their vision.[8]


Cursed Tools
Festering Life Sword The Festering Life Sword ( (らん) (しょう) (とう) Ranshōtō?) is an enchanted blade that mixes life and death.[9] There are six firing barrels on the front of the sword that launch cursed insect eggs into its target. The eggs instantly hatch inside the victim, causing insect curses to fester and burst out from inside their skin.[10]

Battles & Events

Culling Game Arc


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