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Kurourushi ( (くろ) (うる) () Kurourushi?) was a special grade cockroach cursed spirit released from Kenjaku's Cursed Spirit Manipulation in order to participate in the Culling Game as a player.


Kurourushi looks like one would expect from a cockroach cursed spirit. Its face, arms, and legs have the appearance as if they were made out of a light-colored insect exoskeleton. Kurourushi stands fairly tall and has long human-like arms, hands, and feet. Its abdomen is completely hidden by a black shroud that extends from its head. It can cover Kurourushi's wings and limbs as well but they can be seen whenever they make movements.

Kurourushi's face is grotesque and perfectly reflects the unsightliness of an insect such as a roach. With six long antennae protruding from it, Kurourushi's face has eight separate sets of eyes in different places and human-like teeth behind its multi-layered jaw.


Sendai Colony Arc

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Abilities and Powers

Kurourushi's cursed roaches attacking Yuta after quickly devouring someone.

Overall Skill: Kurourushi is one of only sixteen registered special grade cursed spirits. While generally acting on the instinct of satisfying its endless appetite, Kurourushi is still intelligent and can slightly communicate. Humanity shares a strong disdain for cockroaches, giving rise to a powerful curse like Kurourushi. Its abilities as a cursed cockroach are what make Kurourushi exceptionally dangerous.

At some point, it was absorbed into Cursed Spirit Manipulation only to be released later to compete in the Culling Game. Kurourushi was smart enough to understand the rules of the game and when it was at a disadvantage with other strong players. Dhruv Lakdawalla would've been an unfavorable matchup for Kurourushi, so it decided to enter a dormant state. This wasn't until after Kurourushi managed to score 54 points in 12 days.[1][2]

Kurourushi momentarily overpowers Yuta, a talented special grade sorcerer, and nearly devours him.

Once Dhruv was defeated, Kurourushi awoke in a state of starvation and its bottomless hunger lead it to try and devour Yuta Okkosu. While Kurourushi is effectively most dangerous attacking indiscriminately with swarms of cockroaches, it also thrives in a one-on-one battle. It is capable of wielding cursed tools and cursed techniques with similar abilities that compliment each other.

Using its's uncanny insect abilities in conjunction with wielding a cursed tool weapon, Kurourushi was even able to momentarily overpower Yuta Okkotsu, a prodigal sorcerer second only to Satoru Gojo. While being mostly resistant to Yuta's katana and taijutsu attacks, Kurourushi's composition as a cursed spirit was completely compromised by his reverse cursed technique.[3]


Innate Technique
Yuta trying to save someone from roaches.png Cockroach Manipulation: Kurourushi's technique appears to be directly tied with its physiology as a cockroach curse. It can produce and control flying swarms of countless man-eating cockroaches capable of stripping all of a human being's flesh from the bones in seconds. Kurourushi's endless appetite stimulates parthenogenesis, meaning the more cockroaches devour, the more of them can be produced. Each manifested cockroach is real and reinforced with cursed energy. A single one is no issue but a full swarm is a serious threat even to a powerful jujutsu sorcerer.[4] By his ability of parthenogenesis, it is also able to reproduce completely. When it dies, the cursed energy accumulated from the fear can be transferred into the reproduced body.[5](Unnamed)
Earthen Insect Trance ( () (ちゅう) (ぜん) (じょう) Dochū Zenjō?): An extension technique that conjures cursed insects that carry sacs filled with liquid that blind their target when pierced.[6] Earthen Insect Trance.png


Cursed Tools
Festering Life Sword.png The Festering Life Sword ( (らん) (しょう) (とう) Ranshōtō?) is an enchanted blade that mixes life and death.[7] There are six firing barrels on the front of the sword that launch cursed insect eggs into its target. The eggs instantly hatch inside the victim, causing insect curses to fester and burst out from inside their skin.[8]

Battles & Events

Sendai Colony Arc



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