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Kuchisake-Onna (口裂 (くちさ) () (おんな) Kuchisake-Onna?) was an imaginary vengeful cursed spirit controlled and used by Suguru Geto's Cursed Spirit Manipulation technique.


Kuchisake-Onna had the appearance of a tall woman with long, disheveled black hair that reaches past her shoulders. Most of her face is covered by her hair, but several eyes appear within the strands of hair when she gets excited. Her entire face is also wrapped bandages as well as her hands. When Kuchisake-Onna's mouth is open, her grotesque, razor-sharp teeth can be seen.

Kuchisake-Onna's wears simple black shoes, has polka-dots on her legs, and completes her outfit with a simple light-colored trench coat tied closed tightly around her waist.


Gojo's Past Arc

Suguru summoning Kuchisake-Onna and Rainbow Dragon

During the Star Plasma Vessel Escort Mission, the team was attacked on the last day by the sorcerer killer Toji Fushiguro. Despite Satoru Gojo's efforts, Toji managed to get past him and killed the Star Plasma Vessel right in front of Suguru. In response, the special grade sorcerer summoned Kuchisake-Onna and Rainbow Dragon.[1]

During Suguru's battle with Toji, Kuchisake Onna trapped the Sorcerer Killer in her innate domain and asked him if she was pretty, Toji replied that she isn't his type, upsetting her. The domain was released and several floating scissors were summoned in close proximity to Toji's body, ready to sheer him into pieces. However, Toji effortlessly deflected all the blades with the Inverted Spear of Heaven, surprising the vengeful spirit.

Suguru attempted to absorb Toji's inventory cursed spirit but failed due to their master and servent relationship. Immediately after, Toji cuts down both Suguru and Kuchisake-Onna, exorcising her and defeating the curse manipulator.[2]


Overall Skill: Kuchisake-Onna is a cursed spirit of an unknown rank. She was one of Suguru Geto's strongest curses when he was a second-year student. It possess the ability to communicate and can even cast a domain, meaning Kuchisake-Onna is likely somewhere around semi-grade 1 to special grade level. Toji Fushiguro was initially impressed with her abilities but Kuchisake-Onna proved to be no match for his physical prowess.


Innate Technique
Kuchisake-Onna's scissors attack Toji.png Scissor Technique: Kuchisake-Onne can conjure a small pair of hair sheers in her hands imbued with cursed energy. By wielding this, she can manifest several, much larger scissors that appear automatically within range to snip off her opponent's limbs. [3] (Unnamed)
Innate Domain
Toji caught in Kuchisake-Onna's Domain.png

Kuchisake-Onna has the ability to cast her innate domain without using a proper domain expansion. This effect turns the area into negative colors to signal her technique activating. Once her target is within the domain, Kuchisake-Onna begins by asking a question. The domain is imbued with a binding vow that doesn't allow the target to escape unless the question is answered. If Kuchisake-Onna is disatisfied with the answer, her technique activates as soon as the domain is dispelled.[4]

Battles & Events

Gojo's Past Arc


  • Kuchisake-Onna is based on the legendary Kuchisake-Onna of Japanese mythology.


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