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Kokun (コークン Kōkun?) is a soldier from the curse-user group, Q.


Kokun has dark colored buzz cut hair and triangle shaped eyebrows.

Kokun wears a white Breton hat that has a dark colored bill and a Q on the front of it, a mask that cover his mouth and nose, a double breast suit with a cape that has the ends of it attached to the ends of the sleeves, a dark button down shirt under the suit, a light colored tie, a dark belt around his waist, dark colored pants, and dark colored boots.


Kokun is a cruel man, throwing an unconscious Riko off a building to her death. He seems to have great faith in the organization and member Bayer.


Gojo's Past Arc

Kokun is sent to the location were the vessel, Riko, that will fuse with Tengen is at, along with Bayer. Once they arrive, Kokun manages to infiltrate the location and send Riko plummeting to her death. Kokun says that Riko should blame Tengen for her circumstance, but notices that Suguru Geto has rescued Riko. Kokun recognizes that Geto is from the Curse Technical College, and tells him to had over the girl or die. When Geto doesn't hand over Riko, Kokun takes on Geto but is easily captured by one of Geto's spirits.[1] Kokun tries to get Geto to let him go, which Geto doesn't agree to it. Kokun then tells Geto that they are no match for Q's stronger soldier, Bayer, which Geto shows Kokun that Satoru Gojo has already defeated Bayer. After this incident happens, the organization is disbanded and it is unknown what happened to Kokun.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skills: Kokun is a sorcerer with unknown capabilities.


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