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Kinji Hakari ( (はかり) (きん) () Hakari Kinji?) is a third-year student at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Kinji is a young man with an short locks and is close-shaven on either side of his head, thin eyebrows, small eyes and a mustache.


Kinji is described as moody by Yuta Okkotsu.[1]


Cursed Training Arc

Maki mentions to Megumi and Nobara that the third year student has been suspended and can't participate in the Kyoto Goodwill Event.[2][3]

Gojo mentions Hakari as one of his students that can rival him in the future.[4][5]

Perfect Preparation Arc

Analysis of the culling game is done and Maki instructs Megumi, alongside Yuji, to rendezvous with Hakari as earlier planned between them.[6]

Abilities and Powers

Hakari's current abilities are unknown. However, he has been spoken by Satoru Gojo as potentially surpassing him along with Yuta Okkotsu.[4] Yuta also states that Hakari is capable of being stronger than him when he is serious.



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