Kento Nanami ( (なな) () (けん) () Nanami Kento?) is supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer a Tokyo Jujutsu High alumni.


Kento Nanami (Volume 11)

Nanami revealing his eyes.

Nanami is a well-built man with light-brown hair styled with a neat part. Nanami has very thin eyebrows as well as small eyes that are usually covered by his signature sunglasses, which don't have arms.

Befitting a former office worker, Nanami is usually fully dressed in a business suit. His usual suit consists of a white dress shirt underneath a tan blazer with matching slacks and light shoes. Attached to his dress shirt, Nanami's blunt sword is usually attached to his back by a holster hidden by the blazer. He also sports a necktie that shares the same dotted pattern as the bandages around his blunt sword.

After graduating from Jujutsu Technical School, Nanami wore a vertical striped jacket over a white button-down shirt and dark-colored tie with white dots all over it, vertical striped pants, and black shoes. Nanami's hair was also styled slightly differently when he was younger.


Nanami is a very intelligent and reserved man who at first appears to be someone who is just very serious about his work. He knows how to separate sentimentalism from service and claims he's only a Jujutsu Sorcerer because it's slightly less idiotic than regular careers. As one of Yuji's mentors, Nanami is a complete contrast to Gojo, who is far more outspoken and easy-going.

Gojo introducing Nanami

Nanami's stoic personality in contrast to Gojo.

Nanami almost always has an indifferent attitude, often appearing to very aloof and stoic in every situation. He's very blunt and most of the time and is easily irritated, especially when dealing with Yuji.

Beneath his tough exterior, Nanami is a kind man with good moral values. He's truly just a man worn down by the mundane day to day practices of life that stole his youth from him and transformed him into an adult. He treats Yuji like a kid because he doesn't want to see him let go of his youth just for the sake of becoming a Sorcerer.

Nanami and Mahito first meeting

Nanami quickly becoming irritated with Mahito.

Nanami knows being a Jujutsu Sorcerer is a dangerous and demanding job for crazy people, and so he has a hard time respecting Jujutsu Sorcerers. While he claims to trust Satoru Gojo, he doesn't respect him as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. He also initially refuses to acknowledge Yuji as a Jujutsu Sorcerer.

Originally an office worker, Nanami left his old career because he never felt truly appreciated and his work had no impact on anyone. In contrast, his service to those as a Sorcerer has garnered him true appreciation in the past. These small bits of appreciation from innocent people is enough to keep Nanami fighting for the greater good and allows him to live without regrets. This shows that deep down Nanami is actually a compassionate man who feels a sense of duty as a Jujutsu Shaman, proven when he was prepared to die and admitted he had no regrets.



Nanami has attended the Shaman College and during his first year, he had teamed up with Yu Haibara to back up Getou and Gojo while they are at Okinawa. A year later, Nanami teams with Yu on a mission but the mission turns ou to be more difficult then they realize. After the mission is finished, Nanami is in the morgue while Getou examines Yu's dead body and explains how the mission was more difficult. When Nanami graduated from the college, he decided to quit being a shaman because he found it to be a pain. Nanami then started to work as a salaryman but found that the job only cared about money. After takes care of a Cursed Spirit that was causing a baker problems, Nanami decides to return to being a Shaman.

Nanami is introduced to Yuji by Gojo, since Gojo can't teach him right now. Nanami and the two talk, which Nanami relieves what kind of Shaman he is and how he doesn't approve of Yuji. Yuji responds that he wants to get stronger and that he will make them approve of him, which Nanami tells Yuji to tell the higher ups about that.

Vs. Mahito Arc

Nanami along with Yuji investigate the theater incident, which Nanami manages to teach Yuji to see remnants. As they follow the remnants, Nanami and Yuji talk about how their might be a witness to the murder. After following the remnants, the two come across two Cursed Spirits and each take on one. Nanami begins to explain how his technique works and shows Yuji how it works. Nanami then watches Yuji and figures out how Yuji's technique works. Nanami notices that their is something wrong with the Cursed Spirits and stops Yuji from killing his spirit. Nanami has the Cursed Spirits examined, which Shoko reveals that the Cursed Spirits were once humans. After finding this out, the two head out to continue investigating. After finding out that their have been multiple missing persons and mysterious deaths, Nanami decides to have Yuji investigate Junpei while he heads out to a different lead.

Nanami heads to the sewers where he comes in contact with Mahito. As Nanami fights against Mahito, Nanami plans to finish this fast since he doesn't like to work over time. As Nanami manages to break Mahito arm, Mahito stops fighting and starts to explain how his technique works and heals his arm. As Mahito wonders what would happen if he uses his technique on a Shaman, which Nanami simple looks his watch and says that he will finish this by seven. Nanami continues to fight Mahito, which resulted in Mahito injuring Nanami. Once it hits 7 o'clock, Nanami wraps his tie around his hand and start to explain how his technique works. Nanami then uses his technique on a wall, so that a large amount of rubble falls on top of them. As Mahito watches the rubble, Nanami uses his technique on Mahito and retreats. Afterwards, Nanami contacts Kiyotaka and reveals what had happened. After hanging up, Nanami thinks about what kind of character he is. Later when Yuji finds out what happened to Nanami and wants to come next time, Nanami explains how its not necessary and that Yuji will be observing Junpei.

The next day, Nanami is handling Mahito's cursed spirits in the sewer with Ino. Nanami contact Yuji about not heading to Junpei's school, which Nanami leaves Ino to handle the creatures since Yuji is most likely head to the school anyway. Nanami manages to show up and defends Yuji, when Mahito was about to land a blow on Yuji. Nanami asks about the situation, which Yuji reveals everything that had happened. After finding out that Yuji can harm Mahito, Nanami has Yuji fight Mahito with him. As Nanami and Yuji battle against Mahito, Mahito decides to change statics and have cursed spirits attack Yuji. Nanami fights against Mahito, which Mahito manages to restrain Nanami. As Mahito goes to finish Nanamo off, Yuji shows up and frees Nanami.

Nanami and Yuji continue to overwhelm Mahito, until Mahito uses his territorial expansion to trap Nanami. Nanami thinks about the situation he is in and comes to the conclusion that he is in the palm of Mahito hand. As Nanami prepares to take on Mahito since he has no regrets, but Yuji shows up and Sukuna wounds Mahito. As the territorial expansion is undone, Nanami tries to finish Mahito off but Mahito manages to get away. As Nanami makes plans to cut off Mahito escape route, but notices that Yuji is laying on the ground and goes to check up on him.

Later that day, Nanami meets with Yuji and they talk about the situation that happened that day.

Goodwill Event Arc

On the day of the event, Nanami is with Gojo and they talk about what had happened at Satozakura High School.

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Nanami is with Megumi and Takuma at the Tokyo Metro, Shibuya Station Near exit 13 as they are informed about the situation in Shibuya. As Takuma starts to tell Megumi everything about the curtain, Nanami tells Takumi that Megumi already knows all of that stuff and to stop trying to impress Megumi. Nanami then wonders where Gojo is at. Later when the citizens in the screen are attacked by mutated humans, Nanami along with Megumi and Takuma head into the screen to protect the people. While heading into the screen, Nanami and Megumi discuss why mutated humans are attacking now and how he will head towards the enemy responsible for the screens while the Megumi and Takuma do their best to rescue the people. When Yuji calls out to Nanami and announces what has happened to Gojo, Nanami tells Megumi and Takuma that they will be heading towards Yuji's location. Once they reach Yuji's location, Kokichi explains what had happened to them and what the best course of action should be taken. Nanami agrees with Kokichi's plans and says that they will first need to lift the screen around Shibuya. Nanami says that he will go meet up with Kiyotaka which Megumi, Yuji, and Takuma deals with the screen. Nanami tells Takuma that he is in charge and that they should explain the situation to Naobito and Atsuya if they meet up with them. Nanami then leaves to meet up with Kiyotaka.

Later, Nanami finds Kiyotaka laying on the ground wounded. After finding Kiyotaka in that state, Nanami gets angry and heads out. Nanami then comes across Nobara and the enemy that are attacking the assistant directors. Nanami start walking towards the enemy, which the enemy tries to get him to stop but notices that his hostage has left. When Nanami gets close to the enemy, the enemy attacks him but notices that none of his attacks are working. Nanami asks the enemy how many and where are his allies. The enemy says that he doesn't know, which Nanami sends him flying into a wall. As the enemy gets up, Nanami grabs the enemy and asks again. The enemy says that he doesn't know, which Nanami hits him again. When the enemy tries to have his sword attack from behind, but Nobara saves Nanami. As the enemy is angry at Nobara, Nanami grabs the enemy and asks if he is the one that kill all the assistant managers. The enemy apologizes, which Nanami sends the enemy flying through a building. After this, Nanami explains to Akari and Nobara about the situation with Kiyotaka and how Gojo has been sealed. Nanami then says that he will be going to help Gojo, which Nobara says that she wants to join him but Nanami says that this up coming fight is only grade 1 shamans and that she would only get in the way. Nanami then tells the two to stay here while he heads out to help Gojo.

Nanami manages to meet up with Maki and Naobito, and joins them as they enter the Shibuya Station. When the three encounter a cursed spirit, Nanami says that he will deal with the spirit but Naobito steps in. Nanami then watches as Naobito fight the cursed spirit. When Naobito manages to distract the Cursed Spirit, Dagon, Nanami along with Maki join in and attack Dagon. Dagon manages to defend itself, which Nanami thinks about how Dagon has a large amount of Hp. When Naobito manages to figure out how Dagon is defending itself, Nanami and the other two attack Dagon with speed based attack which Dagon is forced to retreat. Dagon manages to trap Nanami along with Naobito and Maki in his Domain Expansion, which Nanami is instantly hit with the Domain's sure hit technique. When Dagon uses his Death Swarm attack, Nanami advises Maki on how to survive it before he engulfed by multiple fish.


Blunt Sword: Nanami carries a blunt sword wrapped in cloth marked with black dots and lines. This same pattern is also featured on Nanami's tie and he carries the sword sheathed on his back. The sword is quite short and has a wooden handle.

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill-Level: With a Grade 1 power ranking, Nanami is considered to be among the top class of Jujutsu Sorcerers at Jujutsu High. He is respected by other high-level sorcerers such as Ino, Ijichi, and even Gojo, who hand-picked Nanami to help Mentor Yuji. Mahito, a Special Grade Cursed Spirit, considers Nanami to be far stronger than the average Jujutsu Sorcerer, and a true threat, even if he's not crazy strong like Gojo is.

Nanami slicing a curse

Nanami making short work of his target, slicing through them with great speed and precision.

Master Swordsman: Nanami mainly utilizes a blunt sword in battle and does so with incredible proficiency. Combined with his Cursed Technique, Nanami can cut through anything, including a blocking opponent that using Cursed Energy to defend. Nanami wields his blade with grace and balance, striking with extreme speed and precision with every swipe of his sword.

Great Tactical Intellect: Nanami's greatest asset in battle outside of his Cursed Technique is his astute fighting instincts and deductive reasoning skills. Both times he fought Mahito Nanami knew he was outmatched in terms of raw Cursed Energy, however, he survived both bouts and overwhelming Mahito on several occasions thanks to quick thinking and masterful execution.

Nanami in the palm of Mahito's hands

Nanami instantly realizing his situation inside Mahito's Domain.

When Nanami was assigned Mahito's case, he was able to effectively utilize his team to track down the proper clues that eventually lead them right to Mahito. He was also able to recognize that Mahito was purposely leading them into his hideout, and decided to go alone to prevent harm from coming to the others.

During their first encounter, Nanami eventually realized his Cursed Technique could not win against Mahito's. As a countermeasure, Nanami used the environment around them to pin Mahito down. In their second fight, Nanami quickly realized that Yuji could land attacks that actually damaged Mahito. Instantly, Nanami came up with a strategy to overwhelm Mahito together that completely worked, and if not for Mahito's sudden evolution, would have killed the Special Grade Cursed Spirit. At the mercy of Mahito's Domain Expansion, Nanami was able to instantly assess his situation and what it meant for Mahito's advantage.

Superior Precision & Technique: Nanami is an extremely technical fighter who plans on using his every move to exploit an opening in his opponent. His aim is always extremely precise, as he never misses his target's weak point when it's exposed by his Cursed Technique. Against stronger opponents, Nanami fights by breaking them down and creating constant weak points until they eventually fall. This same level of precision allows Nanami to evade his opponent's attacks with clever maneuvers. For example, by sticking his sword into a wall, Nanami was able to raise his legs high enough to avoid an attack from Mahito.


Nanami working overtime

Nanami's Cursed Energy rising as a result of "Overtime".

Great Cursed Energy Level: Nanami appears to have high reserves of Cursed Energy that he's able to control through his Cursed Technique with great efficiency. After using his Cursed Technique repeatedly in battle, Nanami has yet to show any signs of tiring himself out. Even after getting injured in his first fight with Mahito, he was able to utilize his Collapse maneuver, which utilized his Cursed Technique to an even greater degree than before.

In addition, Nanami has such precise control over his Cursed Energy that he even subconsciously protects his soul with it, something that was revealed when Mahito tried to reshape his soul with Idle Transfiguration. Nanami's Cursed Energy is normally restricted by his Binding Vow. The full power of Nanami's Cursed Energy was enough to even intimidate Mahito.

  • Overtime: "Overtime" refers to Nanami's Binding Vow with his Cursed Energy. Nanami limits the amount of Cursed Energy he can utilize during the time he's officially on the clock working for Jujutsu High. Once he goes beyond his normal shift and overtime hours begin, Nanami's Cursed Energy swells to a great degree and grants him a boost in fighting power.
  • Showing One's Cards: A commonly used Binding Vow by many Jujutsu practitioners. By divulging how his Cursed Technique works, Nanami can maximize the output of Cursed Energy in his next attack.
Nanami breaking Mahito's arm

Nanami creating a weak point in Mahito's forearm.

Ratio Technique (十劃呪法 Tookaku Juhō): Nanami's signature Cursed Technique can divide his target with ten lines and forcibly create a weak spot at the ratio point of seven to three. The target's lines don't have to match up with the target's length or wingspan. Nanami can freely choose which part to divide, including the subjects, head, torso, arms, and legs. This technique is also applicable to non-living objects.

  • Collapse (瓦落瓦 Garagara): An Expanded Cursed Technique that creates a large weak point in the surrounding environment, allowing Nanami to destroy it with a single blow. Nanami first used this technique after unleashing both his Binding Vows in order to destroy the underground tunnel and trap Mahito.

Black Flash: A technique that creates spacial distortion with a user connects with an impact of Cursed Energy within a span of .000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes Cursed Energy to flash black, creating an attack that is 2.5 times stronger than that of a normal hit. Before Yuji fought Hanami, Kento Nanami was the record holder for most consecutive uses of Black Flash. He claims he got lucky.


  • Nanami loves bread and is a foodie.
  • The grandfather of his mother's side was Danish.
  • Nanami ranked 5th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 11,644 votes.


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