Kento Nanami ( (なな) () (けん) () Nanami Kento?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a first grade shaman and a Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College alumnus.



He is a serious, work-focused guy who knows how to separate the sentimentalism from service. He is a very intelligent and strategist who knows how to handle any situation quickly and efficiently. He is kind of indifferent to what happens around him if it does not interfere with his life. Although he does not demonstrate he cares about his companions and people around him even though he is not being recognized for it. He hates wasting time, preferring to finish things before work hours end.



Strength: He possesses a great physical force able to cut a curse without problems is when releasing all its power him and able to cut a giant wall causing a great collapse.

Durability: Endured a Mahito Coup with magical power and still managed to fight without seemingly problems.

Magic: As a professional Shaman he possesses a great deal of magic, his technique forms a line segment out of the target and forces a weak point to form where the line splits in a 7:3 ratio.[1] The line segment isn't restricted to just the whole of a target's body length which allows, Kento to cut through separate body parts such as the head, torso, upper arms, or forearms. His magic isn't just limited to sentient lifeforms as it's also incredibly effective on inanimate or non-living things such as walls.[2]

  • Ten Stroke Cursed Ritual: Rattle ( (とお) (かく) (じゅ) (ほう) () () () () Tookaku juhō: Garagara ?)[3]: Is an extension technique that loads magical power into the destroyed target causing it to explode.


He carries with him a short sword wrapped in a ribbon full of lines and dots. Through it, Kento is able to cut apart curses using his magic.


  • Nanami loves bread and is a foodie.
  • The grandfather of his mother's side was Danish.


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