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Kenjaku ( (けん) (じゃく) Kenjaku?) is one of the primary antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is an ancient sorcerer who pursues the goal of "evolving" humanity via cursed energy, thereby ushering in a new golden age of jujutsu sorcery paralleling the Heian Era.[2] Using his cursed technique that allows him to transplant his brain into different bodies to possess them, he has inhabited different people throughout the centuries, assuming different identities.[3][4]

Among those he has possessed was Noritoshi Kamo over 150 years ago, as whom Kenjaku became known as history's evilest sorcerer and a stain on the Kamo Family.[4] Currently, Kenjaku possesses the body of the deceased Suguru Geto—whom he chose for his Cursed Spirit Manipulation—and has assumed his identity as Pseudo-Geto ( () (とう) (かり) Getō (Kari)?).[3]


As Noritoshi Kamo, Kenjaku takes the same appearance as Noritoshi himself, only with a stitched scar running horizontally through his forehead.

As Suguru Geto, Kenjaku takes the same appearance as Suguru himself, only with the same stitched scar through his forehead. It was shown that Kenjaku was able to remove the top part of his head in Suguru's body and reveal his brain.


While in the body of Suguru Geto, Kenjaku displays a relaxed, cheerful and cocky attitude.

Although willing to work with cursed spirits to achieve his own ends, he reacted negatively when these spirits acted like they were his equal. He proved to be a civil collaborator as he told Jogo and the others exactly what they needed to do and even formed a friendly bond with Mahito. In his spare time Kenjaku would even play board games with them. This relaxed and condescending attitude remained during fights, where he would praise the abilities of his opponents. Although Kenjaku occasionally pauses claiming that he is talking like somebody else. This implies that at least some of his habits come from the original Geto's personality influencing him.

As shown in his conversation with Yuki Tsukumo, Kenjaku believes that the next stage of human evolution is not "removing themselves of cursed energy", but is instead "optimizing cursed energy". This belief being the main reason to his actions and all of his unethical and inhuman experimentation on both cursed spirits and human beings and the main motivation for his current plots.

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level: As a thousand-years old sorcerer, he possesses incredible knowledge about curses, cursed techniques and jujutsu world overall. He was stated by Tengen to be the second most powerful barrier user after himself. During his possession of Noritoshi Kamo, he became known as history's evilest sorcerer and he is able to create special grade cursed objects Cursed Womb: Death Paintings thanks to his experiments.

In Suguru Geto's body, he has led a group of incredibly powerful special grade curses and made them into a functioning team capable of being a great threat to the Jujutsu world and Japan. He makes great use of his current cursed technique, arguably more knowledgeable about it than its original user.

Kenjaku's physical prowess contending with a special grade...

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to his more than 1000 years of existence, Kenjaku has amassed a variety of experience with hand-to hand combat. This was proven when he contended with and overpowered Choso in a battle of pure physical blows.

Immense Tactical Intellect: Kenjaku's greatest asset, however, is his immense amount of intelligence and planning. Kenjaku can lay plans which are so advanced, they can span millennia before coming to fulfillment.

And his mental prowess sealing the strongest sorcerer.

In the modern age, he is the mastermind behind Mahito's group and the entire Shibuya Incident, including the eventual sealing of Satoru Gojo. He is the reason why the group was even able to function, due to the vastly opposing nature of the cursed spirits' personalities. Kenjaku masterminded the attack on Jujutsu High and is the organizer of the Culling Game and its rules.

The only weakness to his planning, however, seems to be the Six Eyes, but he has seen a way around that in the modern age. He is a skilled manipulator, as he planned to make Mahito and Jogo grow, only to absorb them, something that he achieved with the former, but not the latter due to Sukuna killing him. Due to his intelligence, he can quickly deduce the strengths and weaknesses of cursed techniques and has a deep, fundamental understanding of Jujutsu as well.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Immense Cursed Energy: Kenjaku has massive amounts of cursed energy. This is evident by his effective use of Cursed Spirit Manipulation, a cursed technique that can only be used to its full potential with vast amounts of cursed energy. He is confident that he can take on the cursed spirits in his group. He absorbed Mahito without any need to impose any conditions on himself, further proving his massive amounts of cursed energy.
Reverse Cursed Technique ( (はん) (てん) (じゅつ) (しき) Hanten Jutsushiki?): A reverse cursed technique processes negative energy into positive energy by taking two sources of cursed energy and multiplying them by one other. As a result, the energy that destroys becomes energy that creates, and negative energy becomes positive. Kenjaku use reverse cursed tecnique to heal Suguru Geto body after transplanting his own brain into Geto's body.
Innate Technique
Pseudo-Geto reveals himself as an imposter.png Kenjaku's own innate technique allows him to swap bodies with another person, even if they are dead by transplanting his own brain into the body of his target. After the transplant, this technique leaves a stitched scar running horizontally through their forehead. Kenjaku is able to remove the top part of their head to reveal his true form.

Once he is inside a body, Kenjaku gains access to the host's cursed energy, all their innate techniques and memories. Even the Six Eyes cannot recognize him as an imposter as he retains the host's cursed energy. Thanks to his cursed technique, Kenjaku is able to live more than thousand years while inhabiting different bodies.

Noritoshi Kamo ( () () (のり) (とし) Kamo Noritoshi?): At some point in the past, Kenjaku transplanted his brain with his innate technique into Noritoshi's body. As Noritoshi Kamo, Kenjaku experimented with the fusion of human flesh and curses, resulting in the Death Paintings. Noritoshi Kamo (Ancestor) First Appearance.png
Jin Itadori's second partner: At some point in the past, Kenjaku transplanted his brain with his innate technique into the body of Jin Itadori's second partner. Posing as her, Kenjaku gave birth to his son Yuji for a currently unknown purpose. It remains unclear how long he inhabited this body. Jin's second wife.png
Suguru Geto ( () (とう) (すぐる) Getō Suguru?): After Suguru Geto's defeat at the hands of Yuta Okkotsu, Kenjaku transplanted his brain with his innate technique into Suguru's body and has taken Geto as his host body, effectively giving Kenjaku access to all of Geto's memories, skills and jujutsu. This is seen where he could now apparently access all of Geto's techniques. Suguru Geto's Imposter (Chapter 82).png
Copied Techniques
Cursed Spirit Manipulation.png Cursed Spirit Manipulation ( (じゅ) (れい) (そう) (じゅつ) Jurei Sōjutsu?): A type of technique where the user can summon and control naturally formed cursed spirits for a desired purpose and or purposes. Due to gaining Geto's body, Kenjaku is able to utilize this technique as if it is his own innate technique. Thanks to this technique, Kenjaku was shown to have acquired numerous cursed spirit's as his personal familiars and has deployed them to fight off numerous opponents and bombard them with a variety of different cursed technique that each spirit possess. One of the cursed spirits he have acquired was Smallpox Deity which is a powerful special grade cursed spirit capable of casting its own Domain Expansion. As shown during its battle against Mei Mei, it was powerful enough to nearly corner her if not for the assistance of her brother to distract it to give her a chance to finish it off. Later, he is able to acquire Mahito when he is weakened by Yuji Itadori.
Maximum: Uzumaki ( (ごく) (ばん) 「うずまき」 Gokunoban・Uzumaki?): The maximum technique of Curse Manipulation combines a massive number of collected curses into one powerful attack. However, when used on cursed spirits of semi-grade 1 ranking or higher, Uzumaki extracts their innate cursed technique, allowing the user to keep the techniques.[5] Kenjaku first used this technique on Mahito, allowing him to gain access to Idle Transfiguration. Pseudo-Geto's Uzumaki.png
Pseudo-Geto using Idle Transfiguration.png Idle Transfiguration ( () () (てん) (ぺん) Mui Tenpen?): After expelling Mahito via the Maximum: Uzumaki technique, Kenjaku gained his innate technique. Idle Transfiguration grants Kenjaku the ability to reshape the souls of other people and potentially himself. He first used it on Tengen's barrier to kickstart the Culling Game.


Cursed Object
Satoru Gojo seal complete.png Prison Realm ( (ごく) (もん) (きょう) Gokumonkyō?) is a special grade cursed object containing a barrier capable of sealing absolutely anything or anyone inside of an inescapable pocket dimension. It was the crux of his plan to seal Satoru Gojo in Shibuya. The plan took place on October 31st in Shibuya and sealing is completed as according to Kenjaku's plan. Kenjaku is the bearer of the "front gate" of the Prison Realm. As the bearer, only he has the authority to open "back gate" of the Prison Realm which was in the hands of Tengen. However it is possible to unseal the target from realm by breaking it open with a cursed technique that has the ability to cancel or nullify other cursed techniques.
Commissioned Curtains.png Commissioned Curtains ( (しょく) (たく) (しき) (とばり) Shokutakushiki no Tobari?) are cursed objects that can be programmed to activate barriers with special conditions.

Battles & Events

Shibuya Incident Arc


  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[6]:
    • He was able to take over Geto because his body was not cremated.
    • He doesn't heal the scar on his forehead because it’s a Binding Vow.
    • The brain that takes over Geto’s body is a physical part of Kenjaku’s flesh, so he can be seen by normal people. He has his own technique in the body that he left behind, so he can sort of have two cursed techniques. When he moves over, the technique from his original body disappears, but he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.
    • Mahito's group does not know that someone has taken over Geto's body. They simply think he is a curse user who knows a lot.
    • He has a strictly business-only relationship with the other cursed spirits. In reality, he looks down to the cursed spirits who have organized themselves, but both sides do the same, so it’s not a problem.
    • In a one-on-one fight, he can take on his fellow cursed spirits and use his technique on them. But he thinks Jogo and Mahito would be quite tough.
    • He has never considered taking over the bodies of Gojo and Toji. Gojo is an impossible option. Simply put, he can’t be killed. Toji isn’t impossible, but if Kenjaku was to take over Toji’s body, there’s a chance that Toji’s Heavenly Restriction and Kenjaku's technique may clash.


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