Kechizu ( () (ちず) Kechizu?) is a cursed spirit and human mix and the third of the Death Painting Wombs with a Special Grade rank. Together with his brothers, they have sided with Mahito.


Kechizu is a large blue humanoid cursed spirit, two sunken eyes, two holes beneath his eyes, a small mouth with dragged teeth above a large mouth with more dragged teeth. Kechizu also seems to bleed from all the holes on his face.




Kechizu is one of nine death painting wombs that came from a women capable of giving birth to Cursed Spirit children. At some point, Kechizu and his brothers were stored at Jujutsu High along with some of Sukuna's fingers.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Kechizu and his brothers, along with Sukuna's fingers, were taken from Jujutsu High by Mahito.

The Origin of Obedience Arc

Kechizu and his brothers are given bodies by Mahito, which Kechizu and his brothers decided to side with the Cursed Spirits since the world they envisioned will suit the brothers more.

Kechizu and Eso are sent on an errand to Yasohachi Bridge to retrieve one of Sukuna's fingers. Once at the bridge, Kechziu enters the Cursed Spirit territory and encounters Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi. Kechizu gets into a fight with Yuji, which Kechizu tries to hit Yuji with his blood but fails. As Kechizu get a hold of Yuji, Yuji easily harms Kechizu. Kechizu then proclaims that Yuji is strong and that this is not fun. When Eso takes Nobara out of the territory, Kechizu heads out to along with Yuji following close behind.

When Kechizu and Yuji meet up with Eso, they see Eso back and apologizes for it. As Eso forces Yuji and Nobara to run, Kechizu takes a short cut and cuts the two off. Kechizu takes this chance to hit Yuji with his blood, and Eso manages to land a blow while Nobara is distracted. When Eso activate their Decay technique, Nobara uses her own body to harm the two brothers. As Kechizu is distracted by this, Yuji start to attack him. When Eso comes to Kechizu's aide, Yuji stops attacking Kechizu. Yuji then goes after Eso, while Nobara decides to attack Kechizu. Kechizu then gets up and goes after Nobara, but Nobara uses Kokusen to wound Kechizu. When Nobara turns her back on Kechizu, Kechizu tries to kill her but Nobara uses a technique of the needle inside Kechizu to kill him. Kechizu's dead is sensed by both of his brothers.


Kechizu is a special grade Cursed Spirit.

Curse Power and Forms

Kechizu's cursed power is Supreme Rot Technique, this technique allows Kechizu and his brothers to decay anyone who has come in contact with their blood. Kechizu's blood is poisonous, but it is not the same quality as his brother's.

  • Extreme Corrosion Technique: Decay: This technique cause a flower pattern to appear on a person that has been hit with Kechizu or his brother's blood. At the spot the target was hit at, the target starts to decay. Any of the brothers are able to activate this technique.



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