Kasumi Miwa ( () () (かすみ) Miwa Kasumi?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is a second-year at Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Kasumi has long light blue colored hair that extends past her shoulders with the hair in front of her forehead is cut diagonally and some that are the side that is cut just above her chin. She also has dark colored triangle shape eyebrows.

Kasumi wears black long sleeved jacket over a light colored button down shirt and a black tie, black pants, black socks, black shoes, and a belt that she uses to hold her sword.

While training, Kasumi has her hair tied in a ponytail and wears a dark colored track suit.


Kasumi is a kind hearted, hard-working girl who isn't as jaded as some of her classmates. She's much more restrained, down to earth, and behaves like a normal girl. Kasumi wants to be a Sorcerer to make money and she's a fan of famous Sorcerers like Gojo. Despite being ordered to do so by the principal, Kasumi was uncomfortable about her class's attempt on Yuji's life and apologizes for it later



Kasumi comes from a poor family and has two younger brothers.

Cursed Training Arc

Kasumi accompanies principal Yoshinobu, as his secretary, to a meeting with principal Masamichi. While Yoshinobu talks with Gojo, as they wait for Masamichi, Kasumi thinks about how cool Gojo is. Kasumi is shocked when Gojo tells them that Masamichi will arrive in 2 hour, as he is leaving. When Yoshinobu tells her to go get him some tea, Kasumi heads out while hoping to get a picture with Gojo.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

On the day of the Kyoto Goodwill Event, Kasumi accompanies the Kyoto students and faculty to the Tokyo college. After encountering the Tokyo students, Kasumi is glad of Gojo's arrival and is even given a souvenir from his trip. Afterwards, Kasumi attends a meet with the other Kyoto student and principal Yoshinobu. Yoshinobu tells them to kill Sukuna's host, Yuji, during the event, which Kasumi thinks about how she doesn't want to. After Aoi and Yoshinobu leave, Kasumi talks with the other student one how they should handle the event.

When the event starts, Kasumi and the others manage to locate Yuji and surround him. As Mai draws Yuji to her, Kasumi goes to attack him but Yuji manages to evade her. As Aoi forces the Kyoto students to retreat from killing Yuji, Kasumi is glad about that. As Kasumi retreat with Noritoshi, both of them encounter Megumi and Maki.

As Kasumi takes on Maki, Maki wonders why she seperated from Noritoshi. Kasumi tells Maki that she wants to use this event in order to get promoted and help out her family. After talking, Kasumi and Maki continue to fight with neither holding back. As Kasumi fight Maki, she notices that Maki is stronger then what Mai had told her. As Kasumi is put on the defensive by Maki's attacks, she decides to take a stance in order to counter. When Maki breaks her weapon, Miwa wonder why she did that. As Maki throws a part of her broken weapon at Kasumi, Kasumi easily blocks it but notices that Maki had thrown a kunai. As Maki manages to get close to Kasumi, Kasumi defend herself against Maki. Kasumi notices that her feet had moved and plans to get back into positon, but Maki tosses Kasumi and even disarms her. Kasumi then asks for her sword back but Maki doesn't give it and leaves.

As Kasumi wonders what to do, she suddenly gets a call from Mechamaru. As she answers the phone, Toge is on the other side and puts her to sleep. When intruders invade the event, Kasumi is still asleep.

After the invaders have been dealt with, Kasumi attends a meeting and agrees with the others to continue the event. One the second day of the event, Kasumi plays baseball with the others. After the event is finished, Kasumi head back to Kyoto along with the students and faculty.

Shibuya Incident Arc

Sometime later, Kasumi informs Mechamaru that their notebooks are due that day. After telling Kasumi where his notebook is and that he will be asleep for a bit, Kasumi pokes Mechamaru and wonders were his real body is at.

Later, Kasumi talks with Mechamaru and informs him that she wishes to get closer to him along with meeting with him in person one day.


Overall Skill Level: Kasumi is a Grade 3 Sorcerer capable of using the New Shadow Style swordsmanship techniques. Her lack of an Innate Technique makes it difficult to stand up to some her fellow Jujutsu students, and she was completely overpowered by Maki, someone with advanced levels of physical prowess.

Expert Swordsman: Kasumi wields a katana as her main weapon in battle. She has studied Iai sword drawing techniques and is capable of incorporating Jujutsu into her swordsmanship.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Moderate Cursed Energy: Kasumi does not have her own Innate Technique, but she can see Curses and utilize Barrier Techniques such as Simple Domain. She also has enough control to potentially counter Cursed Speech by flowing Cursed Energy through her brain as Noritoshi instructed.
Barrier Techniques
New Shadow Style Simple Domain.png New Shadow Style: Simple Domain (シン・陰流 簡易領域 Shin Kageryū: Kan'i Ryōiki?) begins after Kasumi assumes the proper stance, creating a circle around Kasumi 2.21 meters in diameter. Anything that enters this space can instantly be intercepted by Kasumi's blade. If both of her feet leave the position where her stance began, the Jujutsu is dispelled.
Batto Sword Drawing (抜刀 Battō?) surrounds Kasumi's blade while it's in its sheath and rotates it to create incredible speed when she draws the blade. It is the fastest drawing technique of the New Shadow Style. Yuji dodging Kasumi's Batto Sword Drawing.png


  • Kasumi's surname contains the kanji for "three" ( mi?) and "ring, loop" ( wa?), and her first name contains "mist" ( kasumi?).
  • Kasumi ranked 11th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 4,923 votes.



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