Juzo Kumiya (組屋 鞣造 Kumiya Jūzō?) is a Curse user who helped Mahito attack Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Juzo is a large muscular man that has a bold head and dark markings that cover his eyes and the bridge of his nose.

Juzo wears a dark colored apron over his bare chest, dark colored pants, and dark colored boots with metal tips.


Juzo is said to not follow orders and get in others way. Juzo has an interest in creating object from the corpses of people he has kill. Juzo has also show that he doesn't like Cursed Spirits since he can't make anything from their body, since they body disappear once they are dead.



When Geto talks with the Cursed Spirits about invading the Tokyo College, Geto says that they will use Juzo since he is disposable. Before invading the Tokyo college, Juzo gave one of his allies a sword that he had made.

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Juzo invade the Tokyo college, along with Mahito, Hanami and another curse user. Once inside, Juzo creates a screen that encloses the site that the event is happening at, so that Gojo cannot get in.

After the screen has covered the site, Juzo heads off and encounters Utahime and Yoshinobu. When Yoshinobu sends Utahime off, Juzo is disappointed that he will have to face a decrepit old man that he can't make anything out of. Juzo manages to figure out Yoshinobu's ability and get excited since he plans to turn the old man into a wallet.

When Gojo breaks through the screen, Juzo gets excited that he will be able to turn Gojo into a hanger rack. As Juzo goes to attack Gojo, Gojo easily crushes Juzo's arms and legs.

After the invaders have been dealt with, Juzo is interrogated but doesn't reveals much.


Cursed Power and Forms

Juzo's cursed power is currently unknown.

  • Screen: Juzo creates a barrier that surrounds a certain area. The barrier is capable of sealing the area off from other wanting to get in or a specific person.




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