Junpei Yoshino ( (よし) () (じゅん) (ぺい) Yoshino Junpei?) is a high school student who can see curses.


Black hair, pale skin, is seen wearing a white t-shirt with a black square during his debut. Later, he is seen wearing a black jacket that is presumably his mother's.


He is a bit of a recluse and was bullied by some of his classmates. But he takes to Itadori fairly quickly after he realizes that they share a common favorite movie. He says that even if there existed a button that would kill all those he hates, he probably won't press it. But if there was a button that would kill every person who hated him, he'd press it without hesitating.


History Edit

Junpei was bullies by multiple students, with Shota Ito being one of them, which at one time ended up with Junpei receiving a scar on his forehead.

Vs. Mahito Arc Edit

Junpei is at a theater when he notices Mahito kill three student that had bullied him. After Mahito leaves the theater, Junpei follows and caught up with Mahito. As Mahito wonders what Junpei wants, Junpei asks if he can do the same.

Junpei then heads with Mahito to the sewer, where they have a conversation about what Cursed Spirits are. Junpei asks what kind of Cursed Spirits Mahito is, which Mahito says that he is a spirit that was created from the fear and hatred of humans. The two continue to talk, during which Mahito shows Junpei his experiments that he did on humans. The two then talks about humans and what they are.

Later Junpei is walking on the street when he runs into his teacher, Sotomaru. When Sotomaru starts to make Junpei, Junpei goes to use his power but is stop by the timely arrival of Yuji. After Yuji gets rid of Sotomaru, Junpei and Yuji head off to go have a chat. When they reach a river bed, Yuji asks about the theater incident which Junpei covers for Mahito. The two then talk about films and find out that they like the same movies. When Junpei's mom shows up, he introduces Yuji to her and they invite Yuji to dinner. As they all have dinner, they all have a good time and enjoy it. When Junpei's mom falls asleep, Junpei talks with Yuji about Yuji being a Shaman and what would happen if they would kill a person. After Yuji leaves, Junpei thinks about how he can't kill someone since it would taint his soul.

When Junpei's mother is killed because of one of Sukuna's fingers, Mahito tells Junpei that Shota had done it even through Mahito is the one that put the finger in Junpei's house. Junpei then heads to the school and after reaching the school, he uses his power to knock out most of the students. As Sotomaru wonders what had happened, Junpei tells him that they are all still alive. Junpei then head over to Shota and asks his if he left that thing in his house while also using his power on him. As Junpei starts to beat Shota, Yuji shows up and stops him from killing Shota.

Junpei then fight against Yuji, and while fighting Junpei tells Yuji he has no right to interfere with his business. Junpei then remembers what Mahito told him about his power and how they work. Suddenly Yuji grabs Junpei and tosses him out of the building. Junpei wonders why Moon Dregs poison is not working on Yuji. Junpei then tries to counter attack but Yuji easily overpowers Junpei and punches him into another building. As Yuji tries to get Junpei to stop, Junpei simple asks if he and his mom was cursed by other people's hearts and attacks. Junpei wonders why Yuji has taken his attack, Yuji simply says that he won't curse him. Yuji also suggests Junpei join the college with him and that they will find the person that had cursed him mom.

Mahito suddenly shows up, much to Yuji and Junpei's surprise, and restrains Yuji. Junpei is then taunted by Mahito and turned into a cursed spirit. Junpei then starts to attack Yuji against, but dies a short while latter.


Cursed Power and Form Edit

Even though not a Shaman he possesses magic, he uses his magic in the control of a shikigami jellyfish to manipulate the poison created by him.

  • Moon Dregs ( (おり) (つき) Ori tsuki?)[2]: A shikigami jellyfish used to poison enemies.




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