Junpei Yoshino ( (よし) () (じゅん) (ぺい) Yoshino Junpei?) is a high school student who can see curses.


Black hair, pale skin, is seen wearing a white t-shirt with a black square during his debut. Later, he is seen wearing a black jacket that is presumably his mother's.


He is a bit of a recluse and was bullied by some of his classmates. But he takes to Itadori fairly quickly after he realizes that they share a common favorite movie. He says that even if there existed a button that would kill all those he hates, he probably won't press it. But if there was a button that would kill every person who hated him, he'd press it without hesitating.



Magic: Even though not a Shaman he possesses magic, he uses his magic in the control of a shikigami jellyfish to manipulate the poison created by him.

  • Moon Dregs ( (おり) (つき) Ori tsuki?)[1]: A shikigami jellyfish used to poison enemies.



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