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Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Dagon is a battle fought by jujutsu sorcerers, Maki Zenin, Kento Nanami, Naobito Zenin, Megumi Fushiguro against the special grade cursed spirit, Dagon. It takes place during the Shibuya Incident inside of Shibuya Station.


The jujutsu sorcerers happen upon Dagon.

At 10:20 P.M. Nanami meets up with the Zenin Team consisting of Maki and the family head, Naobito. They follow the Inokashira Line in Shibuya Station, entering through the avenue gate and immediately heading down toward B5F to rescue Satoru Gojo.

The Zenin Team is surprised to learn that Gojo was actually sealed. Nanami also informs them that a Pseudo-Geto is the primary cause of this incident. Naobito would personally be fine with allowing things to continue as they are so that he can bear witness to the decline of the Gojo Family. Annoyed, Maki tells him to leave if he's not going to be any help. Naobito believes Maki is the one who should go home, a sentiment Nanami actually agrees with.

Maki believes she's more useful than a drunk, a comment that surprises Nanami. Annoyed, he asks Naobito if he's been drinking but the old man denies it. This makes Nanami consider maybe he was better off going on as his own. As they descend the stairs and run toward the next set of stairs, Maki and Nobara notice a cursed spirit in the area.[1]


Naobito strikes first with such immense speed that no one else can follow.

Dagon, the octopus-like curse in Mahito's group, timidly hides behind a pillar. Nanami tells Maki to leave it to him and draw his sword. However, Nanami and Nobara are both shocked when Naobito tells them they're too slow. Using his cursed technique, Naobito suddenly traps Dagon in a sealed frame. He uses a fierce right hook to punch him out of it, sending Dagon flying across the room and crashing into another pillar.

Maki asks Nanami if he saw what happened but it was too fast for either of them to follow. Laying on the ground in agony and sweating profusely, Dagon vomits up countless human skeletons. Amused, Naobito asks the little cursed spirit how many people he ate. Dagon calls out to Mahito, Jogo, and Hanami, but abruptly recalls that Hanami perished in the previous battles.

Enraged, Dagon sheds his skin and asks how dare the sorcerers kill Hanami. Interested, Naobito looks up to see Dagon's evolved form levitating above him. He understands why Dagon was so weak, he was just a cursed womb before.[2]

Dagon floods the area with water.

Dagon creates a sphere of water on his fingertip, promoting Naobito to react by taking a defensive stance. The curse generates a massive current of water that nearly sweeps Maki away. She stabs her spear into one of the pillars and stands on it to avoid the massive volume of water. This level of output far surpasses Megumi's Max Elephant, but Naobito is able to get rid of the water by trapping it inside frames. He asks the cursed spirit how many frames are in an animated sequence and adds that these days it's all about resolution, using examples like 4K and 60FPS.

Dagon responds by revealing his name as well as the names of his allies. He tries to express the significance of cursed spirits bearing names while Naobito shouts about the unrefined nature of modern animation. Nanami uses this distraction to get above Dagon and strike with his Ratio Technique. He strikes down with his blunt sword on Dagon, which the curse blocks with his forearm. It takes a moment but Nanami's cursed technique takes effect, sending Dagon crashing back to the ground using a critical hit.

Nanami attacks Dagon in the air with his Ratio Technique.

Maki attempts to follow up by slashing her spear at Dagon's head, but the cursed spirit grabs it. Before he can retaliate, Naobito touches Dagon and traps him inside a frame again. This allows Nanami to dive down on top of the curse and strike him through the frame. This time, Dagon blocks Nanami's sword with a shield of water, repelling the critical hit and frustrating Nanami.

A cylinder-shaped water shield flows in a circle in the air around Dagon to protect him. Nanami feels like they haven't done any damage due to the curse's boundless health. Naobito says it's a turbulent time they're living in when two grade 1 sorcerers aren't enough to exorcise a cursed spirit. Humiliated, Maki laments about the fact that she would've died if Naobito didn't save her before.

Naobito saves Maki and sets up Nanami for his next attack.

Amused, Naobito playfully slaps the shield of water and admits he's impressed the curse can pull off multiple strong moves simultaneously. He recognizes Dagon has vast levels of cursed energy and likely has more cursed techniques at his disposal as well. The sorcerers ready their fighting stances as Naobtio asks what their best course of action is. Then they all strike in unison as the old man reveals that their best way to counter is to simply overwhelm their adversary before he can activate any techniques.

The three jujutsu sorcerers all rapidly attack Dagon's water shield at the same time, threatening to crush him with pure speed. As they progress, the sorcerers start slowly piercing the water shield. Naobito's fist manages to get through first, surprising Dagon. He decides to weave a hand sign detonating the shield into a massive explosion of water that forces Nanami and Maki back.

Dagon protects himself with a shield of water.

Dagon retreats back to levitating into the air but Naobito is way ahead of him. He suddenly appears above the curse and immediately knocks Dagon back down to the ground with a fierce kick. Dagon realizes that he can't use his techniques as Naobito blitzes behind him again and lands a powerful left straight on his opponent's face. Then the old man slams Dagon onto the ground, cracking the floor from the impact. The special grade curse realizes he can't fight back due to Naobito's pure speed and skills, admitting he's even faster than Jogo.

Dagon attempt to use another hand sign but Naobito tells him not to even think about it. The sorcerer pummels Dagon's mid-section as well as his hands with rapid-fire downward punches, destroying his fingers. However, it turns out to be a simple distraction. A symbol appears on Dagon's stomach, signaling the activation of his Domain Expansion. This traps Naobito in Dagon's coastal domain: Horizon of the Captivating Skandha. Surprised by the development, Naobito looks out to the vast ocean beside him.[3]

Naobito crushing Dagon with speed.

Maki and Nanami are trapped inside the domain as well. They're suddenly both injured by piranha-like shikigami that bite of a small chunk of their flesh. The fish don't exist until they hit the target due to the effect of the domain's can't-miss enhancement, making it impossible for their target to notice them or defend. Naobito however can repel the shikigami using a secret anti-domain technique called Falling Blossom Emotion. This shrouds the user in cursed energy and automatically counters the moment the enemy domain's guaranteed hit makes contact.

Dagon decides to focus seventy percent of his power on Naobito and the remaining thirty percent on Nanami. He activates Technique Release: Death Swarm, summoning a large group of marine-life shikigami to his side. Nanami warns Maki to attack without hesitation because the shikigami will instantly eat them alive instead of charging straight at them. His advice is interrupted when the shikigami attack Nanami first and appear to devour his upper body.

Death Swarm!

Naobito resists the wave of shikigami with Falling Blossom Emotion, but he's concerned that the volume and force of shikigami aren't slowing down at all. Suddenly, Naobito is punched in the face by Dagon, sending him flying high into the air and crashing through the tops of the tropical island trees. As Naobito falls, he expresses annoyance that the shikigami were blocking his view. Dagon calls his Death Swarm to devour Naobito next, claiming that the sea is a constant source of life and Death Swarm is an endless stream of man-eating shikigami.

Dagon attempts to take out the "weak link".

Maki is also stricken by shikigami biting her but by much less of them than the other two. Dagon quickly gets behind Maki and says she's the weakest one here, kicking her through the trees of the tropical forest. This breaks her spear but Maki survives. She walks back out and tells the octopus to kill her if it's gonna bother calling her weak. Dagon threatens to shred her alive and give her the same fate as the other two sorcerers. In a desperate situation, Maki wishes she had met up with Megumi first or simply taken "it" out without permission.

However, the battle is suddenly interrupted when another domain expansion is cast. Liquid shadows erupt from the ocean and Megumi appears from it to help Maki. He extends his shadow to her, allowing Maki to take out the special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud![4] Megumi's shadows form into a twister that levitates him high above the ocean for a few moments. He releases several toads into the water and gets a good look at Dagon, recognizing the octopus-like curse as the master of the enemy domain.

Dagon calls Megumi a fool for entering the domain voluntarily and motions to attack him. Maki stops him by swinging Playful Cloud and attacking from behind. The strike lands, cutting away a good chunk of Dagon's arm and surprising him with the force of the impact. Maki whirls around and uses the momentum of her spin for a powerful follow-up attack strong enough to send the special grade skidding across his own water.

Special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud!

As Dagon recovers from the heavy blows, he realizes that his guaranteed hit has been nullified because of Megumi's domain. To restore Death Swarm Dagon ignores Maki and focuses on crushing Megumi and his domain. Dagon believes killing Megumi will be simple and spawns two eel-like shikigami from his body into the water to attack him.

Nanami jumps across Megumi's toads and decapitates both shikigami. He asks where Yuji and Ino are and Megumi explains what happened to each of them. Nanami tells Megumi to focus on his domain while the others protect him. Dagon can't believe Nanami survived Death Swarm for about a minute and thoughts are interrupted when Naobito appears suddenly behind him.

Nanami survives Death Swarm and protects Megumi.

Naobito throws a fierce left hook but Dagon ducks under it. He's shocked that Naobito managed to survive Death Swarm's onslaught as well. Maki comes up behind Dagon while the curse blocks a flying knee from the old man. Before Playful Cloud hits, Dagon summons two large shikigami from his body to repel the sorcerers. The shikigami initially pushes Naobito across the sand but the grade 1 sorcerer traps it inside a frame and crushes its head with a powerful stomp. Maki exorcises her shikigami as well, allowing them both to surround Dagon.

Naobito taunts Dagon for putting in all that effort just to claim nothing but a single arm. That being said, even if that arm is seventy-one years old, Naobito plans on getting revenge for it. More shikigami head toward Megumi but Nanami stops them with his Ratio Technique, slashing them apart with ease. He believes that they might win if they can keep up this momentum but Megumi is reaching his limit.

Dagon repels Naobito and Maki.

Megumi reveals that he's not actually in the midst of a domain battle. He's trying to open a hole in the barrier so they can escape rather than enforcing his own expansion. Dagon likely can't use domain expansion again so if the sorcerers can escape then they can win. The barrier's edge is right below Megumi and Nanami tells him he better not plan on staying behind. Megumi affirms that he doesn't plan on throwing his life away even if he is risking it.

The jujutsu sorcerers attempt to escape the domain.

Nanami calls out to his allies, asking Maki and Naobito to assemble. He does so in a roundabout way, but the Zenin Team trusts Nanami and heads toward Megumi. Confused, Dagon wonders why they would get in a group and make it easier for him to attack. It takes a moment, but he quickly realizes Megumi's plan and panics, rushing to follow them a step too late.

Nanami sees that Dagon's figured it out but believes it's too late now. Megumi opens the hole and everyone is ready to leave the domain, but suddenly an intruder enters through it. The recently resurrected Toji Fushiguro uses the opportunity to climb through the hole into the domain, forcing everyone there to bear witness to the flesh of the one who is free and all his overwhelming intensity.[5]


Transformed into a puppet of carnage, Toji enters the domain and bears his fangs at Dagon.

Toji surprises everyone by coming through the hole into the coastal domain. Maki is surprised to see another human jujutsu sorcerer and Dagon is confused as to why they would let someone else in rather than escape. Toji descends from mid-air in an instant and grabs on to Maki's Playful Cloud. She and Naobito are both shocked by his pure speed. Not only his speed but the strength of his grip that concerns Maki as well.

Toji rips Playful Cloud from Maki's hands with ease. She didn't notice any cursed energy and is dumbfounded she was so effortlessly lost in a battle of strength. Megumi reveals that the hole is closed and they might not be able to open another one. As the only one among the group that recognizes him, Naobito is the most surprised to see Toji.

The sclera of Toji's eyes turns pitch black as he takes an offensive stance with Playful Cloud. Due to the irregular circumstances surrounding his resurrection, Toji has become a puppet of carnage, bearing his fangs toward the strongest around.[6]


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