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Jujutsu Sorcerers & Choso vs. Kenjaku & Uraume is a battle fought by Tokyo and Kyoto Jujutsu High affiliated sorcerers, Yuji Itadori, Noritoshi Kamo, Panda, Momo Nishimiya, Mai Zenin, Kasumi Miwa, & Atsuya Kusakabe, as well as the Cursed Womb: Death Painting, Choso. They face off against the curse users, Pseudo-Geto and Uraume in one final attempt to procure Prison Realm from their clutches in order to rescue Satoru Gojo. This battle occurs at the remains of the Shibuya Police Station at the very end of the Shibuya Incident.


"Would you like me to save you... Mahito?"

Yuji finally manages to best Mahito at the end of their climatic battle through Shibuya. After being defeated and humiliated by a changed Yuji, fear strikes Mahito's heart and he immediately tries to flee from his mortal enemy.

Yuji pursues Mahito, sure to catch up eventually. He swears to chase Mahito for all time and kill him repeatedly if need be. However, before the sorcerer catches the cursed spirit, Mahito falls on his knees and looks up to see an ally before him. Pseudo-Geto suddenly appears and offers to save Mahito.[1]

Mahito is surprised to see Geto and Yuji takes notice of the name he addresses the curse user by. Yuji knows "Geto" is the one who sealed Gojo. He was already running toward Mahito but turns his attention to Geto, demanding Gojo sensei back. Pseudo-Geto steps past Mahito to face the young sorcerer. He completely ignores Yuji's demand and begins to monologue about the legend of catfishes during Japan's Edo Period.[2]


A "catfish" opening a gaping hole in the ground beneath Yuji's feet.

In the Edo period, people spoke of a mysterious connection between catfish and earthquakes. They believed a giant catfish was swimming underneath their feet and causing the devastating earthquakes that ravaged the country. Geto tells Yuji all of this while the Jujutsu High student is still running toward the curse user. Yuji's momentum is completely halted and he suddenly begins to fall into a gigantic hole in the ground. This occurrence appears to be created by a catfish-like curse with its eyes opening just outside the gaping hole in the ground. However, Yuji doesn't fall into the hole, he just suddenly slams into the ground as if the hole was never created in the first place.

Yuji is dazed by the impact and left utterly confused as to what happened to him. Geto asks Yuji if he thought he fell and claims when viewed from the side, it looked as if Yuji suddenly flipped over. Geto divulges the strength of Cursed Spirit Manipulation lies within the immense variety of abilities at the user's disposal. He currently wields numerous curses ranked semi-grade 1 and higher, allowing him to utilize all of their cursed techniques at will. If an opponent may overcome one ability, the curse manipulator can simply release another. However, Geto chooses not to allow time for countermeasures and piles on the cursed techniques to overwhelm his target.

Pseudo-Geto piling on techniques from different cursed spirits to quickly overpower Yuji.

Geto summons a thick mass of darkness from his feet. Centipede-like cursed spirits connected to the web-like black mass ensnare Yuji and bind him. Geto uses the catfish cursed spirit again to create another hole that forces Yuji to fall toward the ground with great ferocity. On top of that, the curse user summons more centipede curses from above to smash the young sorcerer into the ground. Pseudo-Geto believes Cursed Spirit Manipulation to be so powerful that Suguru Geto would have defeated Yuta Okkotsu during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. The imposter says that Yuji had nothing to do with that event as he looks down at the bloodied student. Yuji's injured on his hands his knees with his skin is severely cut all over his body.

Despite receiving a ferocious barrage of cursed techniques, Yuji demands Gojo sensei back. Geto admits he's impressed by Yuji's toughness and Mahito uses the opportunity to attack. The cursed spirit attempts to touch Geto but the imposter easily knocks his hand away. Mahito uses his last words to proclaim that he always knew about Yuji because he was born of humans. Geto uses Cursed Spirit Manipulation to transform Mahito into a black sphere ripe for absorption. Before ingesting Mahito in this sealed form, Geto turns to the bloodied Jujutsu High student and offers to discuss the future.[3]

Noritoshi fires on Momo's signal, launching three arrows at Geto.

While Yuji is still struggling on all fours, Geto explains how Cursed Spirit Manipulation Maximum: Uzumaki functions. If Geto merges a semi-grade 1 or higher cursed spirit into Maximum: Uzumaki, their cursed technique is extracted to him. After revealing this, Geto swallows the sphere Mahito is sealed in. While looking up toward the sky, Geto boasts that he's noticed some newcomers.

Above the curse user is Momo Nishimiya riding on her broom. Her broom has a lantern hanging off of it, producing a bright light that acts as a signal for her allies. Noritoshi Kamo knows the target is directly below the signal. He aims his bow directly at Geto and fires three cursed energy infused arrows. Geto runs out of the way of the arrows as they crash and break up the ground behind him. While evading Noritoshi's assault, the curse user notices a bullet suddenly flying directly at him. With inhuman reflexes, Geto is able to block the speeding bullet. It was fired from a sniper rifle wielded by Mai Zenin from a far distance away. Mai is disappointed not to have landed her shot but Geto admits he's impressed. He believes it's wise to use conventional weaponry like arrows and firearms when attacking another sorcerer.

Kasumi puts everything she's got into Batto Sword Drawing but the attack comes up short.

Kasumi Miwa gets behind Geto and swings her katana with everything she has, attacking him with Batto Sword Drawing. The curse user miraculously catches the blade with his bare hands and snaps it with a fierce grip. Without mercy or restraint, Geto immediately activates Maximum: Uzumaki and attempts to annihilate the girl will full force. The maximum technique fires super condensed cursed energy at Geto's target, creating a massive explosion. The impact creates a gigantic fissure in the ground, but Atsuya Kusakabe was able to get Miwa out of the way in time.

Accompanying Kusakabe is Panda, who arrives on the battlefield at the same time as Choso. Choso has made a realization that generates a pulsing sensation in his head and a horrified disposition. Geto greets Choso as if things are normal between them but Choso's pulsating continues to get more and more intense. Choso had three parents: his mother, the cursed spirit that impregnated her, and the man who mixed his blood with theirs. The man who mixed his blood with theirs toyed with the mother and earned Choso's hatred. This man was none other than the evilest jujutsu sorcerer in history and current inhabitor of Suguru Geto's body: Noritoshi Kamo.

Cursed Spirit Manipulation - Maximum: Uzumaki!

Choso yells the imposter's identity aloud, surprising everyone on the battlefield. Geto is amused Choso finally noticed but he views the "Noritoshi Kamo" as just one of many identities he's donned in the past. Choso rushes at Geto, irate that the curse user tried to manipulate him into killing his younger brother Yuji. Uraume suddenly appears and cuts off Choso's path, stopping the Death Painting in his tracks. Uraume demands Choso step aside because they refuse to be kept waiting any longer. Searing with anger, Yuji's new older brother refuses and tells Uraume to get out of the way in return.[4]

Choso can feel the deaths of his younger brothers, the same sensation he experienced when he nearly ended Yuji's life. Since Geto's imposter extended their existence by moving from body to body, it's completely plausible that Yuji could be related to Choso. Fighting with all his strength, Choso strives to fulfill his duty as an older sibling. He charges Blood Manipulation: Convergence with such intensity that it impresses Noritoshi Kamo, who's also surprised that someone else can use the Kamo Family's inherited technique.

Uraume barely blocks Choso's Piercing Blood.

Choso fires Piercing Blood with blinding speed. It slices through the air and it gets right in Uraume's face, almost too late for them to notice. Uraume barely blocks it in time with their hand steeled with cursed energy. Uraume manages to protect their face, but Piercing Blood drills a hole through their hand. Piercing Blood's bursting speed even impresses Uraume as the exchange occurs.

Choso attacks Geto for putting his younger brother's life in danger.

Choso twists the stream following Piercing Blood's tip and uses it to slash at Pseudo-Geto. The curse user avoids Choso's attack, which breaks up the ground and splatters blood all over it. Choso manipulates the blood spilled on the ground to lift the ground beneath Geto's feet into the air. With his opponent's footing off-balance, Choso gets to Geto directly and they exchange a series of taijutsu blows.

Pseudo-Geto holds his ground against Choso and even delivers a powerful kick that stifles his opponent's momentum. He tells Choso not to push himself after working so hard during the Shibuya Incident. Choso doesn't see exhaustion as any reason not to put his life on the line to protect his younger brother. While watching the fight, Panda asks Yuji if they're actually related. Choso nearly killed Yuji during their own fight earlier, so Yuji obviously denies this. Regardless, Noritoshi points out that they need to take advantage of Choso's disturbance. This is their last chance to retrieve Prison Realm to rescue Satoru Gojo.

Uraume's Frost Calm freezes the jujutsu sorcerers solid.

In Gorilla Mode, Panda leads Noritoshi, Yuji, and Kusakabe as Momo guides them from above. Just as Panda is about to activate Unblockable Drumming Beat, everyone notices a sudden surge in cursed energy. This is a result of Uraume activating their innate technique: Ice Formation. The air chills around the battlefield as Uraume activates Frost Calm and blows an icy mist that traps their opponents under thick sheets of ice materialized from the frosted air. Noritoshi admits that this high a level cursed technique of ice is overwhelming. Panda knows that even one move will result in them getting their frozen bodies ripped apart. While Kusakabe remains relatively silent, Choso struggles to get free. Trying to put a lid on Uraume's bloodlust, Geto asks Uraume not to kill the messengers.

Uraume doesn't believe requiring messengers to return to Jujutus High is a good enough reason to allow their enemies to live. Using a reverse cursed technique, Uraume regenerates the hole left in their hand by Piercing Blood. This show of strength discourages Kusakabe but Choso claims the ice can't hold him. Choso activates Flowing Red Scale to increase his body temperature. Uraume frosts the tip of their finger to a point and asks Choso how much ice it will take.

Tool Manipulation: Wind Scythe!!

Suddenly, Yuji dropkicks Choso to free him from the icy prison. Yuji was blocked off by the ice produced by Frost Calm instead of being frozen solid by it like everyone else. Yuji thinks it must have something to do with Sukuna. He asks Choso if he's an ally to Jujutsu High now but the Death Painting denies this. Choso believes he's just protecting his older brother, but Yuji just ignores this and tells him to get serious. Momo descends to the battlefield and unleashes Tool Manipulation:Wind Scythe! Using her broom, Momo fires a vacuum blade made of cursed energy wind at Geto and Uraume. Despite its speed and power, the Wind Scythe is easily blocked by Uraume's bare hands.

Uraume nearly sends the jujutsu sorcerers to an icy grave.

Momo is frustrated her attack failed so easily but she tells Yuji that they're the only ones left who can still move. Along with Choso, they're going to need to continue buying time until Utahime can get reinforcements. Irritated by this extended period of fighting, Uraume declares there only needs to be Sukuna's vessel to act as a messenger and everyone else can be destroyed.

Uraume freezes the surface of their hand and activates Ice Formation: Icefall. They touch the ground, generating ice that detaches from it and flies toward Yuji, Momo, and Choso. It freezes all three of them on impact before following up with falling icicles of gigantic size to finish the sorcerers off. Just before Uraume's targets are sent to a frozen grave, a cursed spirit controlled by Yuki Tsukumo breaks all the ice apart.[5]


Yuki Tsukumo arrives at the last moment to stop Uraume.

Yuki Tsukumo successfully rescues everyone and confronts Geto directly. The two sorcerers clash philosophies regarding the future of humanity's relationship with cursed energy. Yuki believes humans need to break away from cursed energy while Geto believes optimizing it will bring about their evolution. However, the world Geto pursues would be full of bloodshed because Japan has a virtual monopoly on cursed energy. Something like that would cause other world powers to retaliate and use humans as an energy source.

The remote casting of Idle Transfiguration.

Pseudo-Geto doesn't care if the world ends up that way. He believes there is more to the human potential beyond sorcerers and cursed spirits. He attempted to create the Death Paintings to bring that potential into existence. However, Geto has deemed that a failure and has since realized that anything he can create on his own does not exceed the bounds of his personal potential. The answer he seeks is hidden within the darkness, and only chaos that Geto can't even control can bring it forth.

Geto reveals that he's already extracted the cursed technique he needs to begin this process. Yuki has a realization and askes what happened to Mahito, prompting Yuji to reveal that Geto already absorbed him. The curse user remotely activates Idle Transfiguration on every human he's marked. He thanks Yuji for bringing out Mahito's full potential because his cursed technique stopped improving the moment he was absorbed.

Despite using reverse cursed energy on themself, Uraume is poisoned by Choso's blood.

Two types of non-sorcerers have been marked prior to the remote casting of Idle Transfiguration. The first type are non-sorcerers who're meant to remain that way but instead awakened new cursed techniques, much like Junpei Yoshino. The second type are vessels that ingested cursed objects, much like Yuji. Geto's plan is to release a thousand malevolent sorcerers and get them to fight one another. Yuki doesn't believe a thousand rational people would fight one another to the death but Geto assures her he wouldn't make any oversights.

Annoyed with the curse user's banter, Yuki asks Yuji to help her beat up the imposter. Yuji can't move due to the ice holding him but Choso's poison abruptly causes Uraume to collapse down on one knee. Their ice suddenly melts, freeing all the Jujutsu High sorcerers who were frozen in place. Before the Jujutsu Sorcerers get their second wind, Geto reveals the cursed objects by his marked ones are the remains of sorcerers he made binding vows with a millennium ago. However, all of those vows become null since he entered Suguru Geto's body. This surprises Yuki, because she knows sorcerers from the past will be more than willing to engage in pure anarchy.

Geto announces the return of the Heian Era as numerous cursed spirits are used to cover his escape.

Geto announces that this is the world of the future and releases numerous cursed spirits to cover up his escape. He shows Prison Realm to his enemies and bids farewell to Yuji, claiming to expect a lot from him in the future. The young man calls out Gojo sensei's name one last time and Geto addresses Sukuna directly. He tells the King of Curses that an era reflecting the Heian is coming, and the Golden Age of Jujutsu is returning.[6]


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