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Jujutsu Sorcerers ( (じゅ) (じゅつ) () Jujutsu-shi?) are individuals trained and employed by the two jujutsu educational in Japan to defend humanity from cursed spirits.

The race of humans capable of using jujutsu are colloquially known as Sorcerers ( (じゅつ) () Jutsu-shi?), and the jujutsu prefix is often used to signify their allignment to Jujutsu High. Evil jujutsu sorcerers are known as Curse Users ( (じゅ) () () Juso-shi?) while humans who can not use jujutsu are called Non-Sorcerers ( () (じゅつ) () Hijutsu-shi?).



Jujutsu sorcerers have existed for thousands of years. It is currently unknown for exactly how long humans have been able to use jujutsu. Over two thousand years ago, Sukuna was a human sorcerer who eventually died and became a vengeful cursed spirit. He was defeated in the Heian Era, the height of cursed techniques and the golden era of jujutsu.[1][2][3] The King of Curses claims jujutsu sorcerers have been an issue in every era.[4]

As a result of the ongoing conflict between sorcerers and curses that has spanned thousands of years, a society of sorcerers have organized themselves to work in the shadows to supress curses in an effort to protect humanity. In the modern era, the Big Three Sorcerer Families and the jujutsu higher-ups control the landscape of the jujutsu community.


A team of sorcerers working together to investigate curse related deaths.

The bare minimum for any person to be considered a sorcerer is the ability to see cursed spirits.[5] To be a jujutsu sorcerer as a profession, one generally possesses high levels of cursed energy and is born with the innate talent to use cursed techniques. This normally composes over eighty percent of a jujutsu sorcerer's skillset.[6]

Jujutsu sorcerer students receiving their training in the field.

However, there are many exceptions to this, those without an innate technique (i.e. Yuji Itadori & Atsuya Kusakabe[7]) and even those without the ability to control cursed energy at all can become professional jujutsu sorcerers (i.e. Maki Zenin) with the aid of cursed tools. All jujutsu sorcerers are trained in their youth at one of the two jujutsu educational facilities in either Tokyo or Kyoto. There they are taught about jujutsu and how to use their abilities to exorcise cursed spirits.

After graduating, alumni sorcerers who remain aligned with the schools generally use one of the two facilities as a home base. They serve as the cornerstone for the jujutsu sorcerer community. They mediate issues, assign missions, and officially establish a payroll for all their employed exorcists. The higher-ups are in charge of the schools and by extension all jujutsu sorcerers.[8]

A professional jujutsu sorcerer's primary duties are to execute missions assigned to them. These tasks involve investigating cursed related deaths and disappearances that leads to a culprit whether it be a cursed spirit or curse user. All jujutsu sorcerers are to abide by strict jujutsu regulations and those branded curse users can be treated like curses and marked for exorcism as well.[9] Jujutsu High also secures special grade cursed objects that can't be destroyed as a means of suppressing cursed spirits like Sukuna, who is split into twenty different fingers.


Being a jujutsu sorcerer is a demanding occupation that requires one to constantly face fear-inducing curses and risk their life. Naturally, there are several drawbacks to working as a professional exorcist. Satoru Gojo among others believes being a little crazy is a requirement to being a jujutsu sorcerer. People who can't handle grotesque monsters and gruesome scenes quickly giving up on working as one.[10] Additionally, someone who's encountered a curse are lucky to die a normal death.[11] Some humans capable of using jujutsu will choose to become curse users simply because it offers a much easier life than being a jujutsu sorcerer.[12]

Yuji's fellow sorcerers attempting to kill him for being Sukuna's vessel.

As a result of their difficult life path, jujutsu sorcerers detach themselves from normal society and genuine compassion. This makes it difficult for some jujutsu sorcerers to feel compassion in any curse related situation. Despite being a victim, the higher-ups were quick to try and execute Yuta Okkotsu, a cursed human just because of the threat his curse presented.[13] Yuji was also immediately sentenced to a secret execution much Yuta after becoming Sukuna's vessel.[14]

Other than Aoi Todo and Kasumi Miwa, the students from Kyoto during the Goodwill Event see Yuji as nothing more than another curse and a symbol of fear.[15] They're influenced by Principal Yoshinobu Gakuganji and the jujutsu higher-ups who are set in their traditionalist mindsets.[16]

Suguru choosing to become a curse user rather than stay in the thankless service of non-sorcerers.

Even Satoru Gojo is willing to make certain sacrifices to ensure what he believes is the greater good, but his mindset is much more progressive than the higher-ups and the major sorcerer families, often causing him to bump heads with authority.[17][18] The other major sorcerer families other than the one man Gojo Family embody traditionalism. In the Zenin Family, the women are treated unfairly compared to the men and cursed techniques are valued above anything else without any presence of a modern loving family dynamic.[19]

Jujutsu High is always short on sorcerers and the one they do have are always busy.[20] Suguru Geto originally believed that jujutsu sorcerers existed to protect non-sorcerers[21], but following years of service, he compared it to running a marathon with no end in sight. If a sorcerer were ever to reach the end the race, Suguru believed they would only find a hill made of their friend's.[22]

Yuki Tsukumo believes that Jujutsu High is simply fighting the "symptom" and not the root cause of the cursed spirits.[23] Suguru twisted this ideology into a strong desire to eradicate the non-sorcerer "monkeys" as a means to destroy the existence of cursed spirits as well. He was able to build alliances with like-minded sorcerers turned curse users who believed in his same vision. They all felt that the strong were being oppressed by the weak because the lives of sorcerers were dictated by non-sorcerers without any true appreciation or reward for their actions.[24]

Sorcerer Families

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Clans of jujutsu sorcerers are considered to be highly regarded figures in the jujutsu community. The Big Three Sorcerer Families hold the most influence due to the powerful inherited cursed techniques that are passed down in their families for generations.[25]


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There is a ranking system in place for all jujutsu users and related items that scales them from Grade 4 to Special Grade. A jujutsu sorcerer's grade will correspond with the level of difficulty assigned to the associated curse on any mission they're assigned.[26] Professional jujutsu sorcerers earn more money as they grow in rank[27], which can be achieved with a recommendation for a higher ranking sorcerer and approval from one of the higher-ups.[28]

Abilities and Powers

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Satoru exorcising a cursed spirit with his Limitless jujutsu.

Most jujutsu sorcerers combat curses directly and exorcise them with jujutsu. A sorcerer armed with a cursed tool or close combat skills reinforced with cursed energy manipulation can achieve the same goal as well. There is as many ways to exorcise cursed spirits are there are jujutsu sorcerers.[29] Shikigami users, cursed tool users, and Cursed Speech users are just three of many different possible examples for jujutsu sorcerer combatant types.

Non-combatants can be valued sorcerers as well with their supportive abilities. Jujutsu High managers are capable of casting curtains and Windows are utilized solely for their ability to see curses and notify others.[30][31] Shoko Ieiri is also a valued sorcerer because of her talent as a doctor coupled with her ability to heal sorcerers with a reverse curse technique.[32]

List of Jujutsu Sorcerers

Tokyo Jujutsu High

Kyoto Jujutsu High

Other Sorcerers

Professional Sorcerers

Culling Game Players



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