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Jujutsu ( (じゅ) (じゅつ) Jujutsu?), also known as Jujutsu Sorcery, is one of the defining features of the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Jujutsu refers to all skills and forms of sorcery that sorcerers and cursed spirits can access through the manipulation of their own cursed energy. The term "Jujutsu" is an umbrella that encompasses all curse-related mystical arts. It is also often used as a prefix for the vast majority of terms within the jujutsu society. (i.e. Jujutsu Sorcerer, Jujutsu High, etc.)

A person capable of utilizing jujutsu is colloquially referred to as a "Jujutsu Sorcerer" (呪術師 Jujutsushi?) or simply "Sorcerer" (術師 Jutsushi?) while those who can not use jujutsu are called "Non-Sorcerers" (非術師 Hijutsushi?).


It is unknown for how long exactly, but jujutsu has existed for thousands of years, for as long as curses have roamed the Earth.

The Heian Era, the era in which Ryomen Sukuna was defeated is considered the "Golden Age of Jujutsu".[1][2][3] Sukuna has described jujutsu sorcerers to have been a problem for cursed spirits in every era.[4] In a never-ending war between sides utilizing jujutsu, a society of organized humans with the ability to fight curses has formed.

In the modern era, sorcerer families that have existed for ages currently control the landscape of their community. The Big Three sorcerer families descend from the Big Three Vengeful Spirits, all of whom used to be famous sorcerers of the Heian Era.[5] Sorcerer families have maintained their prominence thanks to their advanced cursed techniques which are passed down through their family. Due to this, most of the clans are obsessed with their bloodlines and passing down these techniques.[6]

Jujutsu sorcerers currently are selected and trained through the two jujutsu educational facilities in Tokyo and Kyoto. Both schools are considered to be the pillars of the jujutsu community. As the population increases in Japan, so does the strength of curses. The only thing keeping them in check are the crown jewels of the Gojo family: the Six Eyes and the Limitless technique.

Satoru Gojo is the first person in one hundred years to be born with the Six Eyes and the Limitless, making him a near unstoppable force. As cursed spirits increased so did the prominence of curse users, who used their abilities to curse others and exploit them for power. With Gojo's birth, the balance of the jujutsu world shifted the advantage back to the sorcerers dedicated to protecting humanity.[7]

Jujutsu can also dictate fate by binding destinies together. The Six Eyes is connected to Tengen and the Star Plasma Vessel by this type of "fate". Regardless of any outside interference, the Star Plasma Vessel and the Six Eyes would always appear on the day of Tengen's merger. Toji Fushiguro, an anomaly that had broken away from jujutsu completely, was able to shatter their destinies. This was the begging of what would become a massive distortion in the jujutsu world.[8]

Sukuna has been incarnated in Yuji Itadori. Kenjaku was able to acquire Prison Realm and form an alliance with powerful unregistered cursed spirits to seal Satoru Gojo. He's attempting to find what goes beyond the limits of the connection between humans and cursed energy. Using the Culling Game, Kenjaku plans to evolve humanity into something beyond jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits. The Culling Game is jujutsu terrorism on a scale never seen before in history, and Kenjaku is using it to usher in the return of the Golden Age of Jujutsu.


Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy (呪力 Juryoku?) refers to the amount of negative energy a jujutsu user possesses. It is born from negative emotions such as grief and anger, and thus exists within every human being. The aforementioned emission of cursed energy is a common and natural phenomenon from which curses are born from. Jujutsu sorcerers possess the ability to reduce the amount of cursed energy that leaks out as a part of their basic training.

Raw cursed energy can be utilized for its blunt force, but it's better for a sorcerer to manipulate its flow into a cursed technique. Cursed energy does not flow on its own within sorcerers, and requires the user to make it flow through each part of their body. A sorcerer must think of themselves as one entity along with their cursed energy in order to create an effective flow. within themselves

Cursed energy can be applied to physical attacks to increase their destructive power, and it can also be used defensively to harden the user's body. A jujutsu users strength is generally judged by their level of cursed energy.

Cursed Energy Manipulation
Residuals (Anime).png Residuals (残穢 Zan E?) are traces of cursed energy left behind by jujutsu.[9] By examining it, the technique and its user can be tracked and identified. Expert jujutsu practitioners are able to hide their residuals or leave a purposeful trail as bait.
Yuji uses Divergent Fist on Mahito.gif Divergent Fist (逕庭拳 Keitei Ken?): Yuji Itadori's signature punching jujutsu that strikes his opponents with a second delayed impact after the initial strike.
Yuji using Black Flash (Anime).gif Black Flash (黒閃 Kokusen?): Spatial distortion created when a jujutsu practitioner connects with an impact of cursed energy within a span of .000001 seconds of a physical hit. The phenomenon causes cursed energy to flash black, creating an attack that is equal to a normal hit to the power of 2.5.

Cursed Techniques

Cursed Technique (呪術式 Jujutsushiki?) is an advanced form of cursed energy manipulation in which a sorcerer or curse uses manipulates their cursed energy to carry out a certain function, resulting in a specialized ability.

Innate Techniques (生得術式 Shōtoku Jutsushiki?) is an intrinsic mystic ability congenitally engraved into the user when they are born. Innate techniques are unique solely to their user and cannot be copied by other Jujutsu practitioners. These supernatural powers generally manifest around the age of five for any sorcerer. When practitioners refer to their unique cursed technique they're often actually talking about their innate technique.
Innate Technique User Description
I'm Nobara Kugisaki (Anime).png Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara Kugisaki's "Straw Doll Technique" grants her the ability to manipulate her hammer, nails, and straw doll. By flowing her cursed energy through her equipment, Nobara can launch nails from long range and detonate them[10], or use her straw doll as an effigy to deal damage to her opponent's body.[11]

Sukuna cuts the Finger Bearer to ribbons (Anime).gif Sukuna

Sukuna's technique is divided into two types of slashing attacks. The default slash is Dismantle allowing Sukuna to instantly slash apart his target into countless small cubes. The other, Cleave, can be adjusted with cursed energy to cut down tougher opponents in one powerful slash.[12]

Jogo using flames on Gojo.gif Jogo Jogo's Disaster Flames is based on the natural disaster of volcanoes, granting him the ability to manipulate lava among other pyrokinetic abilities.[13][14][15]
Hanami summons a cursed bud flower (Anime).png Hanami

Hanami's Disaster Plants allows him to freely conjure and manipulate various cursed plants and wood-based attacks manifested from his cursed energy.[16] Plants do not embrace cursed energy, Hanami absorbs their life force and converts it.[17]

Ratio Technique (Anime).png Kento Nanami Nanami's "Ratio Technique" divides his target with ten lines and forcibly create a weak spot at the ratio point of seven to three. He can freely choose which part to divide, including the subjects, head, torso, arms, and legs.[18]
Idle Transfiguration.gif Mahito Mahito's "Idle Transfiguration" grants him the power to warp the shape of souls. By manipulating souls, Mahito can change the shape of his own body or the shape of anyone he touches.[19]
Momo hits Nobara with Cursed Energy Wind (Anime).gif Momo Nishimiya Momo Nishimiya's "Tool Manipulation" allows her to freely manipulate of her broom telepathically. This grants her the ability to fly, as well as swipe the broom through the air swiftly to create strong gusts of cursed energy wind.[20]
Construction explained (Anime).png Mai Zenin Mai Zenin's "Construction" uses an immense amount of Cursed Energy to create objects from nothing. She uses it to create an extra bullet, with her limit being once per day.[21]
Boogie Woogie (Anime).gif Aoi Todo

Aoi Todo's "Boogie Woogie" can interchange his position with someone else using clapping as the trigger.[22] He can change switch two targets outside of himself as well.[23] The targets Todo can switch within the effective range of his technique is anything that possess cursed energy above a certain level.[24]

Gakuganji's cursed technique (Anime).png Yoshinobu Gakuganji Yoshinobu Gakuganji's technique uses his body as a sound amplification device amplifying the melodies he plays on his electric guitar and launching it in waves of cursed energy.[25]
Eso takes a hostage (Anime).png Eso & Kechizu Eso and Kechizu's "Rot Technique" allows them to manipulate their own blood, which has highly corrosive properties.[26]
Puppet Manipulation.png Kokichi Muta Kokichi Muta's "Puppet Manipulation" allows him to freely control numerous cursed corpse puppets remotely. His Heavenly Restriction allows this technique to be spread over a wide range, capable of controlling puppets all cross Japan.[27]
Suguru summoning two strong Cursed Spirits.png Suguru Geto Suguru Geto's "Cursed Spirit Manipulation" allows him to control conquered cursed spirits. If the difference in grade is two or more, he can absorb a curse with no conditions attatched.[28]
Immortality.png Tengen Master Tengen's "Immortality" grants them eternal life but it does not stop the aging process..[29]
Cloning Technique.png Bag-mask Curse User A "Cloning Technique" that maxes out at five including the original caster. The user can change their real body with any of the clones at any time to avoid danger.[30]
Auspicious Beasts Summon.png Takuma Ino Ino's "Auspicious Beasts Summon" is a seance technique that allows him to become a spiritual medium by hiding his face with a mask. He can summon and use the abilities of four auspicious beasts: Kaichi, Reiki, Kirin, and Ryu.[31]
Inverse.png Jiro Awasaka While Awasaka's "Inverse" is activated, strong attacks becoming weaker the stronger they are and vise versa. However, there is a limit to the maximum and minimum amount of damage the technique can affect.[32]
Ogami impersonating a girl to kill her father.png Ogami Granny Ogami's "Séance Technique" can summon the body or soul information from a deceased person using their corpse, allowing her to shape-shift herself or a willing participant into that person.[33]
Mei Mei sharing vision with her crows.png Mei Mei Mei Mei's "Black Bird Manipulation" allows her to telepathically control crows and see whatever they see.[34]
Nanako using her innate technique.png Nanako Hasaba Nanako's technique allows her to manipulate a photographed subject captured using her cellphone camera. She once used it on herself to change location, but the process quickly exhausted her.[35]
Miracles.png Haruta Shigemo Shigemo's "Miracles" stores little everyday miracles after erasing them from his memory. Stored miracles are represented by the lines underneath Shigemo's eyes. Miracles are released when his life is in danger, altering Shigemo's luck and allowing him to survive would-be fatal blows.[36]
Arata using his technique on Yuji.png Arata Nitta By applying his technique to an injury, Arata can stop wounds from getting worse. The technique cannot heal wounds like a reverse cursed technique, but it can stop bleeding and dull pain. This only applies to injuries sustained before Arata's technique is used.[37]
Ice Formation.png Uraume Uraume's "Ice Formation" allows them to produce low temperatures from their body in order to generate and manipulate large amounts of ice at will.[38]
Ogi using Blazing Courage.png Ogi Zenin Ogi Zenin's "Blazing Courage" coats his katana in a scortching flame and even imitates the blade's cutting ability.[39]
Chojuro Zenin's technique.png Chojuro Zenin Chojuro's technique can create gigantic stone hands from the earth and manipulate them to clasp his targets between the palms and crush them.[40]
Ranta trying to immobilize Maki.png Ranta Zenin Ranta's technique can immobilize anyone that he sets his eyes on. However, anyone capable of breaking through his paralyzing gaze can cause major backlash to Ranta's eyes.[41]
Jinichi's technique pummeling the Zenin estate.png Jinichi Zenin Jinichi's technique produces several gigantic fists propelled by cursed energy that accompany his own physical punches and deal area wide damage.[42]
Love Rendezvous.png Kirara Hoshi Kirara's "Love Rendezvous" apportions five stars★ with a Southern Cross motif to target cursed energy. In order for one star★ to approach another, it must a follow a determined order or else a target with the same star★ motif will attract it. [43]
Hanyu attacks Yuji.png Hanyu Hanyu's hair can change into the shape of an airplane and give her the ability to fly at high speed. Her cursed energy is focused mainly in her head and hair, giving her attacks enough power to drive opponents through buildings. However, this leaves the rest of her body vulnerable.[44]
Haba's propeller.png Haba Similair to Hanyu, Haba's hair is in the shape of a helicopter propeller, allowing him to fly. He can freely adjust the angle, length, and rotational speed of his propeller at will.[45]
Higuruma goes all out against Yuji.png Hiromi Higuruma Hiromi's cursed tool, shikigami, and domain all came by default with his cursed technique. His primary ability realized through Domain Expansion, which places him in a one-on-one trial scenario where he can prosecute his enemy by earning a guilty verdict from Judgeman.[46]

Inherited Techniques (相伝術式 Sōden Jutsushiki?) are powerful innate techniques passed down through the bloodlines of sorcerer families. Developing and passing down such techniques is what helps sorcerer families gain and maintain their prosperity within the jujutsu community.
Inherited Technique Sorcerer Family Description
Megumi summoning Divine Dog.gif Zenin Family The "Ten Shadows Technique" of the Zenin Family can summon up to ten powerful shikigami using shadows as an intermediary.[47]
Satoru activating Red and Blue (Anime).png Gojo Family The "Limitless" technique of the Gojo Family uses jujutsu to bring the convergence and divergence of an infinite series into reality, allowing the user to freely manipulate and distort space.[48]
Blood Manipulation (Anime).gif Kamo Family "Blood Manipulation" is the prized technique of the Kamo Family. It allows the user to control blood inside and outside their body down to a cellular level.[47] This technique is treasured for its overall balance and has few known weaknesses.[49]
Toge commands a curse to get crushed.png Inumaki Family The "Cursed Speech" of the Inumaki Family infuses spoken words with cursed energy to increase the spirit of the words, forcibly compelling anyone who hears to follow his commands. The bigger the command, the larger the backlash on the user's vocal chords.[50] The target's cursed energy compared to the user can increase this drawback as well.[51]
Naobito using Projection Sorcery.png Zenin Family "Projection Sorcery" divides one second into twenty-four frames and allows the user to trace a predetermined course. Anything touched by the user's palm must also abide by the 24 FPS rule or they will be frozen for one second inside an animation frame, leaving them completely vulnerable to attack.[52]

Barrier Techniques (結界術式 Kekkai Jutsushiki?) are the simplest and most common type of cursed techniques and require no innate talent. They allow the user to manipulate and erect barriers that can be used to protect themselves or to trap an opponent, along with other various uses.
Barrier Technique Name Description
Curtain (Anime).png Curtain A basic barrier that turns the sky black and creates a dome that conceals the area from the outside world. Its primary use is to conceal jujutsu related events from civilians and cause curses to reveal themselves.[53][54]
Kasumi prepares her Simple Domain (Anime).png Simple Domain "The domain for the weak". Simple Domain is a technique that erects a small barrier around the user to protect them from enemy Domain Expansions.[55]
Coffin of the Iron Mountain (Anime).png Domain Expansion Domain Expansion manifests the user's innate domain and traps their desired target inside the barrier. Their innate technique is amplified and all techniques deployed inside the domain will automatically hit.[56][57]
Jogo and Hanami using Domain Amplification.png Domain Amplification Domain Amplification coats the user in an aura that automatically nullifies any technique it comes into contact with.[58] It cannot be activated at the same time as the user's innate technique.[59]
Falling Blossom Emotion.png Secret Art: Falling Blossom Emotion An anti-domain technique passed down through in the Big Three Sorcerer Families. Instead of expanding a domain like Simple Domain, Falling Blossom Emotion counterattacks with cursed energy the moment a cursed technique's guaranteed hit makes contact.[60]


Shikigami (式神 Shikigami?) are familiar cursed spirits that can be summoned by sorcerers. Like barrier techniques, simple shikigami can be summoned by sorcerers with little to no innate talent. While some shikigami users may not have their own innate technique, their familiars may possess cursed techniques of their own.

Shikigami Description
Junpei with his Shikigami Moon Dregs (Anime).png Moon Dregs is a poison jellyfish shikigami conjured by a cursed technique used by Junpei Yoshino. Poison created from Junpei's cursed energy is emitted from the shikigami's tendrils.
Shikigami.png Two simple shikigami were summoned by a curse user to aid them in battle against Suguru Geto. They acted more as a deterrent to discourage attack more than an offensive force.
Dagon's fish shikigami.png Inside Dagon's domain, an ocean full of fish shikigami are at Dagon's disposal. Technique Release: Death Swarm allows him to conjure an endless stream of man-eating fish shikigami capable of instantly devouring his targets.
Hiromi Higuruma and Judgeman.png Judgeman is a shikigami connected to Hiromi Higuruma's innate technique. It serves as the Judge of his Domain Expansion: Deadly Sentencing.
Ten Shadows Technique
Divine Dogs (Anime).png Divine Dogs are a pair of twin dogs and the initial shikigami that the user of the Ten Shadows Technique receives inheriting the ability.
Megumi summons Nue against Sukuna (Anime).png Nue is an owl-like shikigami with high speed flight abilities as well as electro-shock wings.
Great Serpent (Anime).png Great Serpent is a giant snake shikigami that can appear from the ground in an instant.
Megumi's Toad rescues Nobara (Anime).png Toad is a large frog shikigami with a tongue capable of grabbing targets.
Max Elephant (Anime).png Max Elephant is an elephant shikigami that can produce large volumes of water from its trunk.
Divine Dog Totality (Anime).png Divine Dog: Totality is an improved version of the Black Divine Dog that inherited the powers of it's fallen twin.
Megumi uses Rabbit Escape against Kirara.png Rabbit Escape is a swarm of rabbit shikigami that serve as a distraction.

Cursed Objects

Cursed Objects (呪物 Jubutsu?) is a curse that still exists as an object rather than a fully formed cursed spirit. Unlike cursed tools, cursed objects are not items imbued with curse energy, but curses bound to the form of an object. Special grade cursed objects cannot be destroyed with jujutsu.

Image Name Description
Talisman (Anime).png Talisman Paper tag constraints used to seal curses and mediate cursed energy. Cursed objects are normally sealed by talisman but their effectiveness fades over time and is considered to be an outdated sealing method.[61]
Sukuna's fingers (Anime).png Sukuna's fingers The twenty individual fingers of Sukuna's original original body from the Heian Era.[62] Each one contains immense cursed energy and is capable of attracting cursed spirits as soon as they are unsealed.[63]
Cursed Womb (Anime).png Cursed Womb Uterus-like cursed objects capable of spawning powerful cursed spirits.[64]
Juzo's Comissioned Curtain (Anime).png Commissioned Curtains Stakes with large heads wrapped in talismans that can be programmed to activate barriers with special conditions.[65]
Death Paintings 1-3 (Anime).png Cursed Womb: Death Painting Cursed wombs born from a pregnant woman in the Meiji Era which contain human DNA. They can incarnate when ingested by any human, taking the form of a powerful cursed spirit with a physical body.[66]
Prison Realm.png Prison Realm A living barrier capable of sealing its target within another inescapable dimension.[67]

Cursed Tools

Cursed Tools (呪具 Jugu?) are weapons infused with cursed energy. Even non-sorcerers can use them to combat curses. Special grade cursed tools, save for Playful Cloud, are imbued with a cursed technique. Normal weapons that are constantly imbued with cursed energy by their user over a long period of time can be considered semi-cursed tools.

Cursed Tool User Description
Team Yuta and Maki.png Maki Zenin Maki's original spear was her signature cursed tool as a first-year, capable of cutting down multiple curses at once with a single stroke.
Maki's original pair of glasses.png Maki Zenin Maki's low cursed energy makes her unable to see curses or jujutsu naturally. Her glasses are actually a cursed tool[68] that grants her these abilities. She was not particularly fond of the first pair and they were broken in her fight with Suguru Geto.[69]
Miguel's rope.png Miguel The "Black Rope" is imbued with an abnormal curse capable of disturbing and cancelling the effects of other cursed techniques. However, the more the cursed tool is used the more the rope disappears with every usage. It apparently took decades for Miguel's allies in Africa to weave the Black Rope and no more currently remains of it after his fight with Gojo.[70][71]
Slaughter Demon (Anime).png Maki Zenin
Yuji Itadori
"Slaughter Demon" is a wide-edged dagger capable of slicing off cursed spirits limbs with ease. It was destroyed in Yuji's battle with a Finger Bearer.
Nanami's Blunt Sword (Anime).png Kento Nanami Nanami's primary weapon in battle with a blunt sword wrapped in a cloth with a splattered black dot design. The sword itself is short with a wooden handle.
Maki's polearm at the Goodwill Event (Anime).png Maki Zenin Maki's wields a new polearm during the Goodwill Event. The blade is a cursed tool but the handle is a normal staff hilt.
Maki takes Kasumi's sword (Anime).png Kasumi Miwa
Maki Zenin
Kasumi Miwa's katana was originally a regular sword, but after imbuing it with cursed energy over an extended period of time, it has become close to that of a real cursed tool. Despite being unable to cut Hanami, it was able to touch him as proof.
Gakuganji faces off with Juzo (Anime).png Yoshinobu Gakuganji Gakuganji utilizes an electric guitar in tandem with his cursed technique. His technique amplifies the melodies played by the guitar and discharges them as waves of cursed energy.[72]
Haruta holding his sword (Anime).png Haruta Shigemo Shigemo weilds a hand-sword cursed tool created by Juzo Kumiya. The hand can move it's fingers to form a fist or grab something. It sword can also levitate and move independently from its user.[73]
Megumi's black sword (Anime).png Megumi Fushiguro
Maki Zenin
Megumi's primary cursed tool was a sword with a jet-black blade, Hanami stated it to be superior to Kasumi's katana in cutting power. Along with a large assortment of other weapons, Megumi keeps this blade within his own shadow.
Maki using Playful Cloud for the first time (Anime).png Suguru Geto
Maki Zenin
Megumi Fushiguro
Aoi Todo
Toji Fushiguro
Special Grade Cursed Tool: "Playful Cloud" is not imbued with a cursed technique, instead it is pure destructive power that reflects the user's physical strength.
Toji exorcises the giant hookworm curse.png Toji Fushiguro Toji Fushiguro possessed a powerful broadsword with a fur tsuba that was capable of slashing giant cursed spirits apart.
Inverted Spear of Heaven.png Toji Fushiguro The Special Grade Cursed Tool: "Inverted Spear of Heaven" is a jutte shaped dagger that nullifies all cursed techniques on contact.
Chain of a Thousand Miles.png Toji Fushiguro The "Chain of a Thousand Miles" is a mysterious cursed chain that can extend forever as long as the user keeps the end of the chain from being seen.[74]
Mei Mei (Chapter 102).png Mei Mei Mei Mei wields a large battle-axe in battle that's almost as tall as she is. It is light-colored and engraved with an insignia on the axe's head and there are bandages wrapped around the lower handle. Mei Mei mainly employs her axe in a fight using her refined close-quarters combat skills.
Nanako angry with Negi and Manami.png Nanako Hasaba Nanako uses her cellphone camera in tandem with her technique. Her innate technique allows her to manipulate anything captured within the photographed image.[75]
Positive Energy emitted by the Sword of Extermination.png Mahoraga The "Sword of Extermination" is a specialized blade used by cursed spirits that is coated in positive energy.[76]
Maki standing off with her father.png Juzo Kumiya
Maki Zenin
"Dragon-Bone" is the finest cursed tool Juzo Kumiya ever created in his workshop. It has the ability to accumulate force and cursed energy before ejecting them out the back of the blade in accordance with the user's will.[77]
Maki and Mai's sword.png Maki Zenin This sword is a symbolic reflection of the last thing Mai left behind for her older sister. It bears a similar appearance to a reed Mai gifted to Maki in her last moments, and is identical to one of Toji's cursed tools. Maki used this blade to take revenge for Maki by annihilating the Zenin clan with it.[78][79]
Higuruma's gavel.png Hiromi Higuruma Higuruma's cursed tool came with his cursed technique by default. It is a gavel that Higuruma can make disappear and reappear at will. This same function also allows him to switch it between his hands. He can also manipulate the size of the gavel and shift its proportions to imitate powerful weapons, such as a battle hammer, staff, hook, and a giant mallet.[80] [81]
Megumi threatens Reggie.png Megumi Fushiguro Megumi wields a second sword to replace the black one he broke against the Finger Bearer. Unlike the last one, this sword has a double-edged blade. The end of the blade is wrapped in bandages with a cylinder hilt connected to a large metal ring that serves as the end of the handle. It is a lightweight weapon and the only cursed tool Megumi currently carries in his shadow.[82]

Cursed Corpses

Cursed Corpses (呪骸 Jugai?) are inanimate objects possessed by a curse allowing them to gain self-control. They can appear naturally as hostile curses but are more often used as dolls and puppets for sorcerers. Cursed corpses created by sorcerers have a core that acts as their heart, allowing them to act independently of their creator.

Image Creator Description
Panda's three cores (Anime).png Masamichi Yaga Panda is an "Abrupt-Mutated Cursed Corpse" that was born sentient and possesses three cores. By switching between them, Panda can change the shape of his body and augment his abilities.
Principal Yaga and Cathy (Anime).png Masamichi Yaga Cathy is one of Principal Yaga's many dolls. It is extremely resistant to attacks, able to absorb the blows, and use the kinetic energy to bounce around the area from the recoil.
Gojo with one of Principal Yaga's dolls.png Masamichi Yaga Tsukamoto is another one of Yaga's dolls used by Gojo to help train Yuji to control his cursed energy. The doll sleeps when cursed energy is used on it, but attacks whenever it awakens.
Mechamaru reveals he is Semi Grade 1 (Anime).png Kokichi Muta

Ultimate Mechamaru is Kokichi's puppet of choice. He used Mechamaru as his proxy while attending Kyoto Jujutsu High since he was physically unable to do so himself. It is armed with a wide array of abilities and attacks generated from Kokichi's cursed energy.

MechamaruAbsoluteP.png Kokichi Muta Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute a gigantic armored puppet version of Mechamaru that is manned directly by Kokichi using the cockpit area hidden in Mechamaru's head. Capable of discharging years' worth of cursed energy at a time with special grade levels of output. Also has a technique charge function that allows the user to upload cursed techniques.
Shibuya Tollgate.png Masamichi Yaga Yaga deployed a team of cursed corpses during the Shibuya Incident to protect Shoko Ieiri's medical tent. Her base of operations was stationed at one of the tollgates with cursed corpses patrolling it. At least four dolls were utilized for surveillance and security purposes.
Yaga's independent cursed corpses.png Masamichi Yaga Yaga developed several independent cursed corpses in secret. They reside in a forest protected by Master Tengen. One of them is Takeru, who was made from the soul information of Kusakabe's nephew.

Cursed Restrictions

Cursed Restrictions (呪縛 Jubaku?) are limitations created through jujutsu that benefit the user in one facet while determining them in a separate way. Vows can be willingly created by sorcerers but heavenly restrictions are placed at birth.

Binding Vow (Anime).png Binding Vow (縛り Shibari?) is a pact made using jujutsu that a practitioner uses to create conditions for themselves or agreements with others.
Showing Jogo the Infinity (Anime).png Revealing One's Hand (情報の開示 Jōhō no Kaiji?): By divulging the rules of their technique, the user can make their abilities more effective. Revealing select details of one's technique can also garner them advantages in battle such as misleading their opponent.
Kokichi Muta first appearance (Anime).png Heavenly Restriction (天与呪縛 Ten'yo Jubaku?) powerful bindings placed on a person at birth greater constraints in exchange for improved features in a different capacity. The most common occurrence is increased physical abilities in exchange for low cursed energy.


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