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Judgeman (ジャッジマン Jajjiman?) is a shikigami connected to Hiromi Higuruma's innate cursed technique and serves as the judge for his Domain Expansion, Deadly Sentencing.


Judgeman performing the essential functions of a judge for Deadly Sentencing.

Judgeman has an appearance that mirrors the symbols of justice. It is a large dark mass with a shape similar to the scales of justice, even featuring a scale on each side of its body. It has a white, mask-like face with its eyes shown shut to represent impartialness, akin to Lady Justice's blindfold. Judgeman is capable of clear verbal communication and has a mouth with full lips it will use to speak.

Judgeman serves as its namesake for the Deadly Sentencing domain, functioning as the judge for the trial-based cursed technique. It begins the trial by stating the charges against the accused and submitting evidence to the prosecution for deliberation. Then as the trial proceeds, it listens to the arguments presented by both the prosecution and the defense. Depending on the statements presented, Judgeman hands out a lawful verdict and decides any subsequent punishments if the defendant is found guilty.[1]

While the shikigami's main purpose is to fill a specific role for the technique it's derived from, Judgeman does appear to have some semblance of individuality. It has been described as impatient[2] and has displayed emotion. It can be enraged if it finds someone guilty of a horrendous crime and if infuriated enough, Judgeman will even open its eyes and bleed from them.[3]


Higuruma awakening his cursed technique and conjuring Judgeman.

Judgeman first appeared when Higuruma's innate cursed technique first awakened in preparation for the Culling Game. The shikigami manifested by Higuruma's side when he demanded a retrial for Keita Oe.[4]

Judgeman furiously giving Yuji the Death Penality.

Higuruma has since mastered his technique and is capable of summoning Judgeman at will. He did so when confronting Yuji Itadori, activating his technique and conjuring Judgeman.[5]

Higuruma trapped Yuji inside Deadly Sentencing and put him on trial for entering the Maji Vegas Pachinko Parlor despite being underage. The evidence Judgeman gave to Higuruma strengthened his argument and convincingly disputed Yuji's side of the story. Judgeman found Yuji guilty and sentenced him to confiscation, making his cursed energy temporarily inaccessible to him.

Judgeman wasn't present for the assault that followed but it reappeared when Yuji successfully demanded a retrial. Yuji figured out that since Judgeman found him guilty without a confession, it can't refuse a request for a retrial.[6] In Yuji's second trial, Judgeman announced Yuji stood accused of mass murder in Shibuya. Yuji took responsibility for what happened during the Shibuya Incident and confessed to that crime. This infuriated Judgeman as it bled from its forcibly opened eyes and yelled out in rage to sentence Yuji to death.[7]


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