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Jinichi Zenin (禪院 (ぜんいん) 甚壱 (じんいち) Zen'in Jin'ichi?) is an antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a high ranking member of the Zenin Family and a member of it's elite unit of jujutsu sorcerers, the Hei.


Jinichi is a muscular man with wild spikey hair and thick eyebrows. He has an X shaped scar on his forehead with somewhat small eyes. He also sports a dark-colored kimono and is barefoot.


Jinichi is a fairly serious person who is quick to anger. When Naoya insulted Jinichi about his appearance and compared it to Toji, it prompted Jinichi to attack him.


Itadori's Extermination Arc

Jinichi awaiting Naboito's status along with other Zenin family members.

Jinichi is with Ogi Zenin in one of the rooms of the Zenin household when Naoya Zenin walks in. Naoya says that he'll become the next clan leader while insulting his older brothers and Jinichi in the process, who attacks him.

After a short scuffle, Furudate walks out of Naobito's room and announces the clan leader's passing. Jinichi listens as Furudate reads Naobito's will, revealing that, in the case of Satoru Gojo's disappearance, Megumi Fushiguro is to become the next clan leader.[1]

Perfect Preparation Arc

Jinichi is decapitated by Maki.

Jinichi is seen with Naoya, discussing about Megumi and the future of their clan. Jinichi states that a good number of clans are backing Megumi up and explains he cannot leave the family's fortune to Megumi.

He explains to Naoya that they will take advantage of the rule the higher-ups put, anyone who tries to release Satoru Gojo will be executed, so they branded Maki, Mai and Megumi as rebels.[2]

After Ogi was killed by Maki during the attempted execution, Jinichi and Naoya were alerted of it. Jinichi regrouped with the other members of the Hei, and confronted Maki along with Chojuro and Ranta.

After Chojuro and Nobuaki got eliminated, Ranta used his restraining technique on Maki. Seeing the younger sorcerer struggle, Jinichi initially wanted to help him, but Ranta insisted that they focus on killing Maki. Jinichi struck her with a barrage of gigantic punches while Ranta was holding her down but it was to no avail and the older of the two remaining sorcerers was beheaded moments later.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Jinichi is a special grade 1 sorcerer and member of the Hei, a group of the strongest fighters within the Zenin Family. While undoubtedly a powerful sorcerer, Jinichi was easily defeated by Maki during her avenging rampage through the Zenin household.


Innate Technique
Jinichi Zenin's technique.png Jinichi possessed a highly destructive technique that conjured giant fists to accompany his own punches. He's capable of forming at least seven of these fists at once, each one being large and powerful enough to easily crush a building during a barrage.[4]

Battles & Events

Perfect Preparation Arc

  • Maki Zenin vs. The Hei


  • Jinichi's first name contains the kanji for "tremendous, great" ( jin?) and "one, first" ( ichi?).


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