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Jin Itadori ( (いた) (どり) (じん) Itadori Jin?) is a minor character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is the father of Yuji Itadori and son of Wasuke Itadori.


Jin was a tall man with short light colored hair and light eyes. He wore round glasses, a light long sleeve shirt with black collar and black pants.


Jin loved his son Yuji very much as he dearly wanted to have a child with his first partner Kaori.



Itadori's Extermination Arc

In a flashback, Jin is holding the baby Yuji Itadori and tells his father that if he wants to talk about her, he will just leave. The older man is revealed to be Yuji's grandfather, Wasuke Itadori, who tells Jin that while he can live his life however he pleases, he will die if he doesn't give up on her. Jin tells Wasuke not to say such things in front of Yuji since babies apparently remember more than most believe. Wasuke mentions the fact that Jin wanted a child with a woman named Kaori, but before Wasuke can say something about her death, a woman with stitches on her forehead interrupts him and addresses him, as her father-in-law, asking what he's talking about.[1]


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