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The Itadori's Extermination Arc ( (いた) (どり) (とう) (ばつ) (へん) Itadori Tōbatsu-hen?)[1] is the ninth arc in Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen. It follows the aftermath of the Shibuya Incident as Yuji is hunted down by the jujutsu sorcerers who want to execute him.


Drastic Aftermath

Yuta's meeting with the higher-ups.

The Shibuya Incident proved to be a catastrophic disaster for Japan. Many regular people and important politicians went missing, curses now roam the streets of Tokyo and chaos is rising. Yuta Okkotsu returns from his overseas trip as the only special grade sorcerer the jujutsu higher-ups may command. When he meets with them, Okkotsu is appointed to be Yuji Itadori's executioner. Alongside those orders, the higher-ups also give Pseudo-Geto and Masamichi Yaga death sentences and prohibit anyone from releasing Satoru Gojo.

At the Zenin estate, Naoya Zenin, Ogi Zenin and Jinichi Zenin are called to stay by Naobito Zenin's side, since he is on his death bed. When the 26th head of the Zenin family passes away, Naoya seemingly is appointed to be the new leader, however, Naobito's will clarified that in the case Satoru Gojo's out of commission, Megumi Fushiguro is to become the next clan leader. Naoya is angered by this, deciding to kill both Megumi and Yuji, as they're both currently in Shibuya.

Executioner's Arrival

Yuji seemingly loses the battle for survival.

Meanwhile, Yuji Itadori remembers Yuki Tsukumo's words before he was left alone. Choso approaches him, revealing that he's now become a proper ally. Yuji then leads the way to exorcise more cursed spirits. As the two hunt curses, Choso recognizes how much his "brother" has grown. Naoya interrupts them, hoping to kill Yuji, but then an intense presence suddenly fills the air. Yuta Okkotsu has entered the scene as well.

When Yuta jumps down to the group, Naoya quickly presents himself as an ally, being aware of Yuta's strength. Choso asks Yuji to run, but the potential escape is interrupted by the opposing jujutsu sorcerers. Yuta chases after Yuji, while Naoya fights Choso. As Yuji tries to escape, he gets to witness first-hand, just how powerful Yuta is. Despite his best efforts, Yuji is ultimately taken off-guard when Rika restrains him. This gives Yuta enough time to stab his underclassman in the heart with his broken katana. Sukuna then smiles, realizing something.

Choso defeats Naoya.

Choso is seemingly overpowered by Naoya's Projection Sorcery, but he tries to turn the tides by using Flowing Red Scale: Stack. However, Naoya stabs Choso with a knife and hopes to make his opponent bleed out. After Choso talks about the importance of siblings, he manipulates his blood and launches it towards Naoya. The fact that he is a curse-human hybrid makes it impossible for him to bleed out as long as he has cursed energy and he makes complete use of that, trapping Naoya and defeating him with Supernova. Yuta then arrives, carrying the unconscious Yuji behind him. Before Choso can attack, he is knocked out by the special grade sorcerer, who then says that Naoya looks like he's hurt. Naoya quickly realizes that Choso's blood poisoned him and Yuta offers him a deal. Okkotsu will heal Naoya's wounds with reverse cursed technique and in exchange, the Zenin clan member is to report Itadori's death to the higher-ups.

The New Menace

In the mean time, Yuji is having a prophetic dream, where he remembers a short moment from his earliest childhood. Wasuke Itadori is talking to Yuji's father about his current marriage, warning the young man that he will surely die if he stays with his new wife. The conversation is interrupted by a woman with stitch scars on her forehead.

Megumi finally reunites with his friend.

Yuji immediately wakes up and finds himself in front of Yuta Okkotsu. His upperclassman then laughs in relief, revealing that he was simply putting up an act. Back in September, Gojo visited his student, giving the young man a plan in case he was unable to act. Yuta reveals that he formed a binding vow with the higher-ups that made him obligated to kill Sukuna's vessel, but he circumvented it by immediately healing Yuji's heart after stabbing him. As Yuta connects with Yuji due to their similar circumstances, Megumi Fushiguro approaches the group.

Megumi asks Yuji to return back to Tokyo Jujutsu High and rejoin their friends. Yuji disagrees, stating that he can't act as if things are normal. Megumi reiterates his philosophy before asking Yuji to help him. At the end of the Shibuya Incident, Pseudo-Geto had started the Culling Game, a battle royale between the sorcerers he awakened. Megumi says that his sister, Tsumiki Fushiguro, is roped into it, and asks Yuji to help him save her.

Jujutsu Battles & Events

Image Battle / Event Outcome
Yuji uses himself as bait.png Yuji & Choso vs. Cursed Spirits Yuji and Choso's hunt of curses in Shibuya is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Naoya Zenin and Yuta Okkotsu.
Yuji breaks Yuta's katana.png Yuji Itadori vs. Yuta Okkotsu Yuta is victorious after stabbing Yuji in the chest.
Naoya stabs Choso.png Choso vs. Naoya Zenin Choso defeats Naoya, but Yuta arrives shortly after and knocks the curse-human out.


Characters Introduced

Terminology Introduced


  • Culling Game


November 2018
Yuji and Choso prepare to hunt cursed spirits.png Shibuya (渋谷 Shibuya?) is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. Regular people have mostly abandoned it and it's now filled with cursed spirits that are hunted by Yuji and Choso.
Naoya, Ogi and Jinichi await Naobito's status.png The Zenin Household is a large property owned by the Zenin Family that includes several interconnected buildings which house numerous members of the clan. Several high-ranking members of the family gather here when they await Naobito's status.

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