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Iori Hazenoki (黄櫨 (はぜのき) (いおり) Hazenoki Iori?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a jujutsu sorcerer from the past who was incarnated by Kenjaku for the Culling Game. Hazenoki aligned himself with Reggie Star's group, who all serve as antagonists for the Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc.


Hazenoki is a slim man of relatively average height with a well-toned physique. He has long-light colored hair that reaches just past the back of his neck and round eyeballs with thick eyebrows.

The outfit Hazenoki wears consists of suspenders that hook onto his long pants that are cut very wide around the ankles. It doesn't include a shirt and Haznoki wears the suspenders across his bare chest. He leaves a little bit of space between the bottom of his pants and the thick dark boots with white lines that he sports.


As a sorcerer from a different, more violent time period, Hazenoki is a vicious, temper-prone individual who willingly engages in the brutality of the Culling Game. He has a tendency to indulge in torturing his opponents but will go all out if he feels he's being mocked.

Hazenoki's violent tendencies contrast heavily with the extremely goofy Fumihiko Takaba. Takaba constantly irritated Hazenoki even while fighting to the death. By the time Reggie perished in a separate clash, Hazenoki was frustrated enough to stop fighting Takaba altogether.[1]


Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

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Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Hazenoki is an elite-level sorcerer from the past with fundamental knowledge of jujutsu and enough combat prowess to apply it in a fight. He's highly tolerant to pain, willing to frequently gouge out his own eyes and teeth to provide ammunition for his cursed technique. Reggie considers Hazenoki to be exceptionally dangerous and believes he will kill anyone who makes him angry enough to go all out.[2]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Great Cursed Energy: As someone capable of producing reverse cursed energy, Haznoki must have a deep understanding of how to manipulate his own cursed energy. He has a powerful innate technique he can use constantly without any signs of fatigue or exhausting his cursed energy as well.[3]
Innate Technique
Hazenoki's eye explodes.png Explosive Flesh: Hazenoki's innate technique allows him to remotely detonate his own body parts and use them as bombs. He generally does so by removing his eyes and teeth before using them as projectiles and exploding them on command. Using a reversed cursed technique to replace his lost body parts makes it simple for Hazenoki to continue creating bombs and barrage his targets with explosions.[4] (Unnamed)
Reverse Cursed Technique
Hazenoki uses a reverse cursed technique to replace the body parts he explodes using his innate technique. He does so fairly constantly in order to keep producing bombs in battle, a testament to his mastery over replenishing his own human flesh.[5][6]

Battles & Events

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc


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