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Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing ( (へん) (せつ) (そく) (れい) (たい) Hensetsu Soku Reitai?) is an Idle Transfiguration extension technique used by Mahito.


Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing is a special self-transfiguration that morphs the user into a much more powerful state. Due to the nature of Idle Transfiguration and its connection to the soul, Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing can only be achieved when the user realizes the truest essence of their being.

This technique not only greatly alters the user's appearance, but augments their abilities as well, granting them incredible offensive and defensive prowess.


Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing's tough exterior completely nullifies Yuji's punch.

During the Shibuya Incident, Mahito used Black Flash for the first time against Yuji. The state of focus provided by Black Flash allowed Mahito to feel the true essence of his soul for a moment.[1] Mahito immediately desired to feel it again and was able to hit Aoi Todo with Black Flash during the climax of his battle with both sorcerers. Using Black Flash again allowed Mahito to find and understand the true essence of his soul. He proceeded to evolve into his "true form" and expressed how he felt reborn.

Mahito's human-like skin and appearance literally shed from his body, leaving the cursed spirit with a much more monstrous appearance. His eyes appeared to be covered by a crown-like plate crudely attached to his lower jaw. Not only his face, but Mahito's body's overall shape altered greatly with a much tougher and bulkier exterior. He sported a thick tail and black tendrils that extended from his elbows and the back of his head, which could be used as weapons. Additionally, Mahito's legs as well as the area around his neck and forearms were completely black.[2]

Mahito's greatly improved physical strength.

Mahito's true form is about 200% more powerful than his normal state.[3] He can create shockwaves capable of breaking the ground apart with just a wave of his arm.[4] Defensively, not even Yuji's cursed energy reinforced superhuman strength can deal any damage whatsoever. Yuji stated that it was even harder than when Choso used hardened blood to protect his body in their fight.[5] In terms of speed, Mahito completely outclassed Yuji as they traded blows. This forced Yuji to recognize that as a cursed spirit, Mahito had become something completely different than before this transfiguration.[6]

Mahito using the black tendrils and his tail to counterattack.

In order to maximize his killing efficiency against Yuji, Mahito included a self-imposed binding vow on Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing. The vow prevents him from further transfiguring his body in exchange for his true form's extreme destructive power. This does not apply to the dark-colored tendril-like blades attached to the back his elbows and head. A separate vow is imposed on them so Mahito can freely change their shape and utilize them at mid-range with no repercussions. Mahito's hands are the only appendage that remains unchaged while in this state, still allowing him to transfigure others.[3]

Mahito partially deactivating Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing.

Despite all the advantages gained from his true form, Mahito still retains all damage dealt to him prior to its activation. Mahito was hit with Black Flash just prior to transforming. Due to being hit soon after activating domain expansion, the hit did serious damage to Mahito's soul. While trying to blitz Yuji in their fight, Mahito was forced to stop and even caused him to cough up blood while transformed.[7]

Mahito recognized that Yuji could use Black Flash to break through Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing and decided not to overpower him recklessly. Instead, Mahito deactivated Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing on the left side of his body, giving Yuji a target to hit so he could counter. This ultimately backfired and Mahito was forced out of this form and defeated by a Black Flash imbued with Yuji's maximum cursed energy.[8]


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