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Idle Transfiguration ( () () (てん) (ぺん) Mui Tenpen?) is Mahito's innate technique. It grants him the ability to distort the shape of souls and transfigure their respective bodies as a result.


Mahito reshaping a human's soul to transfigure their body and kill them.

Idle Transfiguration allows the user to reshape the soul of themselves or anyone they physically touch. The shape of the body is dependent on the shape of the soul, so if the soul is distorted, so too is the body. Therefore, someone using Idle Transfiguration can disfigure their target's body into something grotesque by warping their soul's shape with just a touch. This process creates what are known as "Transfigured Humans" (改造人間 Kaizō Ningen?).[1]


Mahito reshaping his own soul to repair his broken arm.

This cursed technique attacks the soul directly. Only under certain circumstances can someone protect their own soul and anyone who cannot is instantly killed or deformed by Idle Transfiguration. All ordinary people eventually die after having their soul transfigured.[2]

The user can also reform the shape of their own soul and heal any injuries their body sustained in battle.[3] This renders traditional means of injuring the user useless, as their soul must be attacked to do any significant damage.[4] The user can even transform their body to give them an advantage, such as giving themselves wings for flight[5] or shrinking their body to avoid an attack.


An individual facing the threat of Idle Transfiguration can stay out of range and use cursed energy to protect their soul from being distorted.

Resonance hitting Mahito's soul directly.

Techniques like Nobara Kugisaki's are especially difficult to handle as her ability is not only long range but can attack the soul directly through sympathetic resonance. Mahito called her a "natural enemy" of his due to this. However, Idle Transfiguration can still injure the body if the user touches their target, even if it doesn't fully distort their soul enough to deal a fatal blow. Even so, after two or three more direct to attacks to the soul, even if it's being protected by cursed energy, the target will no longer be human.[6]

Mahito earning the ire of Sukuna.

It also has another weakness that Mahito never anticipated due to Yuji's unique circumstances of having Sukuna inside of him is that Mahito cannot transfigure souls selectively and when he tries to use it on someone, he has to touch all of the souls within. This has the unintended consequence of earning the ire of the second soul and potentially putting himself at risk if the other soul is powerful like Sukuna and can attack him while in contact.

The healing aspect of Idle Transfiguration is also useless for handling attacks that target the soul. While Mahito can restructure his body to be normal after an attack that strikes his soul, it still does a much more damage that the equivalent done to others via physical attacks and can quickly wear him down. With those whom can harm his soul directly, he tends to avoid them and try to strike at long range.

Domain Expansion

Main Article: Self-Embodiment of Perfection

This Domain Expansion conjures a large black environment that is surrounded by giant hands clasped together and traps the target as if they being in the palm of user. This ensures the cursed technique hits the soul of target. [7]


Mahito experimenting on a human body to see how large it can get.

In his spare time, Mahito uses Idle Transfiguration to experiment with human souls. For example, he transfigures human bodies to see how big and small they can get via disfiguration. He even carries small transfigured humans on his person, which can be manipulated further to create larger monsters that obey Mahito.[8]

Mahito distorting his own body to escape from being crushed beneath heavy debris.

Mahito will often transfigure humans by placing his hand on them without killing intent and then suddenly disfiguring their body. Additionally, he uses disfigured humans as monsters to attack his enemies.

In battle against jujutsu sorcerers, Mahito mainly aims to touch their soul and transfigure their body like any other human. He has stated that strong jujutsu sorcerers like Kento Nanami are perfect for experimentation.[9]

Mahito shape-shifting his arm into blades.

In the rare situation that he's unable to touch his opponent's soul (such as the case with Yuji), Mahito will rely on his personal monsters or changing his body into a variety of different shapes for offensive and defensive purposes.

By reshaping his own soul Mahito changes appendages body into animal limbs for greater mobility, into weapons for increasing killing power, and many more potential abilities.[10] He also uses this same application in order to heal himself after sustaining an injury to his body, and can even heal humans if he so chooses.[11]

As seen with Kokichi Muta, Idle Transfiguration can even be used to completely remove the Heavenly Restriction he had since birth and grant him a normal human body.

Extension Techniques
Soul Multiplicity.png Soul Multiplicity ( () (じゅう) (こん) Tajūkon?) is a technique where the user combines two or more souls together, which causes a reaction due to the rejection of the merge.
Body Repel ( (ばっ) (たい) Battai?) is an attack activated by using the effect of Soul Multiplicity and increasing the soul's energy. The result is the overwhelming output of transfigured humans directed towards an opponent. Mahito attacking Yuji with Body Repel.png
Polymorphic Soul Isomer ( (こん) (こん) () (せい) (たい) Kikon Iseitai?) is a technique utilizing Soul Multiplicity, where the user can form the souls with weak rejection into one body. The result is a transfigured human that can attack the opponents on its own. A Polymorphic Soul Isomer is more stable than a regular transfigured human, as it doesn't seem to be capable of randomly dying mid-battle. A result of expending so many souls at once is the explosive power behind the Isomer's attacks, as they're strong enough to send a powerful sorcerer, like Aoi Todo, flying. However, the trade-off is the low durability of these transfigured humans, which was shown when Todo managed to take them down in just one punch for each. Polymorphic Soul Isomer.png
Mahito achieves his true form.png Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing ( (へん) (せつ) (そく) (れい) (たい) Hensetsu Soku Reitai?) is a power-up form unlocked by Mahito when he achieved the true essence of his soul. When using it, Mahito is visibly more muscular and monstrous, bearing some resemblance to Hanami. He has a thick tail, black spikes protruding from his elbows and sharp blades hanging from his head like hair. In order to activate this form, Mahito has to rip his human face off. He can transform back into his original form either voluntarily or when he sustains heavy damage.


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