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Icefall ( (ちょく) (ばく) Choku Baku?) is an Ice Formation extension technique used by Uraume.


This technique allows the user to lower the temperature around their hand, covering the surface with a thin layer of frost. This extremely low temperature allows the user to generate ice on any surface they touch. Ice is generated in the form of of small interconnected sheets of block-shaped ice that form together.

Using cryokinesis, the user can break apart the ice and levitate it through the air. By launcing it at their opponent, the user can freeze their target on contact, covering their body with a thick layer of ice.

Once immobilized, target's are finished off by giant icicles that are sent down from above to skewer their frosted bodies.[1]


Giant icicles falling from the sky to finish of their frozen targets.

In order to put an end to the last rally of jujutsu sorcerers attempting to rescue Satoru Gojo, Uraume tried to kill everyone except Sukuna's vessel with Icefall. They created block-shaped sheets of ice woven together into a half circle that surrounded themselves and Pseudo-Geto. Then Uraume telepathically commanded the ice to break apart and levitate toward their targets at great speed.

Icefall instantly froze Yuji Itadori, Choso, and Momo Nishimiya on contact. Once immobilized, the targets were nearly hit by giant icicles ready to rain down on them. Yuji was certain of his group's demise but they were saved at the last second by Yuki Tsukumo.[2]


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