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Ice Formation ( () (こり) 呪法 (じゅほう) Hikori Juhō?) is an Innate Technique possessed by Uraume that grants them cryokinetic abilities.


This cursed technique allows the user to lower the temperature around them and produce extreme levels of cold. These freezing temperatures allow the user to produce ice and frost at will. Ice can be produced in its solid form by touching a surface and freezing it over with multiple layers. The user can also produce other forms of ice, such as a cloud of frozen mist capable of freezing on contact. Ice Formation grants the user mental control over the ice as well, making them capable of levitating it through the air at will.


Uraume freezing Choso in place.

Uraume is highly proficient user of their high-level ice technique. They can produce massive amounts of ice and utilize it with deadly precision. Using Frost Calm, Uraume incapacitated several sorcerers in an instant. All of whom were around semi-grade 1 or higher and commended the strength of Uraume's technique. They recognized that even one wrong move could rip their body's apart Uraume even managed to freeze several targets all while avoiding Sukuna's vessel, showcasing their refined control over manipulating the ice.

Uraume attempting to skewer their targets with icicles.

Choso's Blood Manipulation nearly proved to be a good counter to the ice. He threatened to escape his frozen prison by manipulating the temperature of his own blood. Uraume responded to him with a frozen sharp fingertip pointed at his forehead and threatened to apply even more ice to him. Yuji managed to free Choso but they were both frozen once again by Uraume's Icefall technique.

Uraume's second extension technique not only froze their targets but nearly killed them by raining down giant icicles on their heads. However, Uraume's victims were all rescued by special grade sorcerer Yuki Tsukumo. Yuki was able to break apart some of the ice so the nobody suffered fatal wounds. Even so, much of the battlefield remained frozen and laid with giant icicles.[1]

This technique requires the user to maintain some degree of focus in order to maintain the ice's integrity. Uraume was poisoned by an attack from Choso's blood.When the toxin took effect, Uraume collapsed to one leg and all the ice holding their victims immediately melted away.[2]

Extension Techniques
Frost Calm.png Frost Calm (霜凪 Shimonagi?): Sends a cloud of freezing mist at the user's opponent. The icy mist hardens into thick layers of ice that freezes the target in place.
Icefall.png Icefall (直瀑 Choku Baku?): Generates a large amount of ice that levitates at the user's opponent and freezes them on contact. This is followed up by several large icicles attempting to finish off the target by raining down from above.


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