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Esoteric Technique: Hollow Wicker Basket ( (おう) () (いや) () 葛籠 (つづら) Ōgi: Iyako Tsuzura?) is an anti-domain barrier technique and predecessor to Simple Domain which protects the user from the guaranteed-hit factor of a Domain Expansion.


The technique is invoked by a hand sign where the user folds fingers between one another while extending their arms forward. As implied by its name, Hollow Wicker Basket takes the form of an orb-shaped, basket-like barrier around the user.

It neutralizes a domain's barrier imbued with a cursed technique to nullify its guaranteed hit. However, it cannot neutralize cursed techniques themselves, making it ineffective against incomplete or non-lethal domains.[1]


As a sorcerer from the past, Reggie Star used Hollow Wicker Basket instead of Simple Domain. He displayed his ability to use the anti-domain technique in his fight with Megumi, immediately activated upon getting trapped inside the latter's Domain Expansion. However, he was unaware Megumi's Chimera Shadow Garden was incompleted and did not incorporate a can't-miss attack. Megumi's Toads and clones took physical shape before attacking Reggie, rendering Hollow Wicker Basketrestr ineffective.[2]


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