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Hollow Technique: Purple ( (きょ) (しき) (むらさき) Kyoshiki・Murasaki?) is the colliding Limitless, an exceptionally powerful secret extension technique only known to a few in the Gojo Family.


This technique brings the concept of motion and reversal into reality. Purple is born from merging both infinites: Blue and Red, to produce an imaginary mass that rushes forth and erases everything in its path.

It is initiated by a hand sign that extends the index and pinky fingers outward while leaving the rest folded. Purple is unleashed when the sign switches to a pinching motion using the pointer and thumb while also extending the middle finger.

Rather than the attraction of Blue or the repulsion of Red, Purple is an extraordinarily destructive energy wave of annihilation that rips whatever it hits from existence.[1]


Satoru using Purple on Toji after reaching the Limitless' true potential.

Until his second confrontation with Toji Fushiguro, Satoru was always unable to use Red and therefore never had access to use Purple. Once the true power of the Limitless was awakened with Satoru, he was able to utilize Red. However, Toji was from the Zenin Family and had information on how to counter Red and Blue. Purple is a secret even within the Gojo Family that few know about. Toji was oblivious to the fact that Satoru could unleash such a devastating attack and suffered a direct hit, completely destroying the left side of his body.[2]

Satoru used Purple on a much greater scale to end the enemy invasion on the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event. After dealing with Juzo Kumiya, Satoru noticed Hanami was a fair distance away from him and would likely get away. In an attempt to exorcise the special grade from a great distance, Satoru decided to go all out and unleashed purple. This annihilated a great portion of the forest and was so nonstandard that Aoi Todo couldn't even tell if Hanami was exorcised.[3]


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