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Hiromi Higuruma ( () (ぐるま) (ひろ) () Higuruma Hiromi?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a public defense lawyer who often took on impossibly difficult cases in order to protect the wrongfully accused. Having since given up on the justice system completely, Hiromi currently participates in the Culling Game as one of the only players with 100 points. He serves as the primary antagonist of the Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc.


Hiromi is a man of average height and build. He has short, well-kept, black hair with a stringy texture that is styled to flow toward the back of his head. Hiromi has a large nose and eyes have very small pupils. His overall appearance gives off the look that Hiromi is tired and overworked due to the nature of his career. As a lawyer, Hiromi dons the professional attire of an average black suit, pants, and shoes.


Hiromi comes off as a very dittached, calm, and aloof person. He looks as if he's tired and apathetic but Hiromi is actually a man of true justice. He only takes on difficult cases where the defendant is sure to be found guilty, something his co-workers ridicule him for.

"Even if I'm the only one, I want to keep my eyes open."

While 99.9% of criminal trials in Japan end in a guilty verdict, Hiromi always chooses to try and protect the wrongfully accused by proving their innocence. He's not trying to save the weak and powerless, Hiromi simply can't leave things alone if he doesn't feel they're right. Lady Justice wears a blindfold to represent impartial justice, everyday people close their eyes to shield themselves from reality, but Hiromi is the type of man willing to keep his eyes open even if no one else will.

Unjust verdicts placed on his clients weigh on Hiromi's mental state.

As a lawyer, Hiromi often has to deal with situations where he's blamed for not proving his client's innocence. Hiromi understands that his clients take out their anger on him because of they've been backed into a corner by the law. Even so, the look they give him when found unjustly guilty affects Hiromi's mental state, so much so that his co-workers often worry about him.

When the justice system unfairly found his most recent client guilty despite the overwhelming evidence in their favor, Hiromi snapped and demanded a retrial on the spot. This marked the beginning of a great shift in attitude for Hiromi, who normally retains his calm demeanor regardless of the situation.[1]

Hiromi "trying new things" after being permanently discontent with the criminal justice system.

Hiromi has since become generally discontent and disconnected with the laws of society. He has openly admitted he cares very little for anything and has decided to challenge himself to try things he previously wouldn't. This leads to strange behavior like Hiromi laying in a bathtub filled with water while fully clothed in his suit and tie. Despite the seriousness of his change in mental state, Hiromi makes jokes as if he's just someone having a mid-life crisis. He even jokes about wanting to play the money-grubbing lawyer he never was before.

As a player in the Culling Game, Hiromi now feels as if the law is powerless while the game presents possibilities that interest him. Rule breakers get punished in the game without prosecutions or trials. He feels that kind of world would be wonderful and wants to allow the Culling Game to play out.[2]



Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Hiromi was always someone considered a genius by those around him. He was a brilliant lawyer that regularly overcame the toughest academic and legal challenges. However, his natural talent as a sorcerer is what stands out most about Hiromi. He analyzed the innate technique that came by default with his Domain Expansion and learned the fundamentals of barrier techniques from that. By essentially reverse engineering barrier techniques, Hiromi attainted an instinctive grasp on how to manipulate cursed energy.

Within 12 days of awakening his cursed techniques, Hiromi reached a level comparable to that of a grade 1 sorcerer. Before entering Tokyo Colony No. 1, Higuruma exorcised numerous cursed spirits. Inside the colony, he killed at least twenty players who attacked him. This made Hiromi the first modern sorcerer to score 100 points in the Culling Game.[3][4]

Superior Intellect: Hiromi is hyperintelligent even by lawyer standards and is considered a genius by his peers. In his life Hiromi has readily overcome challenges such as the T University Law Department entrance exam and the national bar exam. To him, it was a simple matter of using the necessary effort to ascertain the required knowledge. He applies this same reasoning to being a sorcerer, making him incredibly talented despite the lack of experience professional sorcerers would normally have.

In just 12 days Hiromi studied and deduced the details of jujutsu based on his own awakened cursed technique. In his battle with Yuji, he was able to use it effectively to overpower his opponent just as he's done during the entirety of the Culling Game. When Judgeman confiscated Yuji's cursed energy, Hiromi was quick to figure out that this occurred because Yuji does not possess an innate technique. He also surmised that sorcerers normally lose their instincts after having their cursed technique taken away. While not having cursed energy is even more disadvantageous, Yuji was able to survive Hiromi's onslaught with pure innate talent. Rather than write Yuji off, Hiromi understood that a single attack would be enough to take out a normal opponent and refused to underestimate Yuji and give him any chances.[5]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Great Cursed Energy: Hiromi was born a non-sorcerer, but he was marked by Kenjaku for the Culling Game at some point in his life. Following the Shibuya Incident, Kenjaku's remote activation of Idle Transfiguration affected the soul of everyone who was marked. This changed Hiromi's brain to give him the capacity to use cursed techniques. Hiromi manifested a powerful cursed technique and high levels of cursed energy capable of overwhelming numerous other Culling Game participants. He's able to use multi-layered cursed techniques and can even use Domain Expansion at will.[6]
Hiromi Higuruma and Judgeman.png

Judgeman (ジャッジマン Jajjiman?): Hiromi possesses a cursed technique that allows him to conjure a large shikigami with a black body that has three stubbed points that act as an arm and a leg. Each arm holds a scale and the shikigami's white face has eyes that are sewn shut with three switches each. This gives Judgeman an appearance that resembles Lady Justice, which represents "blind justice".[7] Judgeman has the ability to speak and is apparently impatient.[8]

Barrier Techniques
Deadly Sentencing.png

Deadly Sentencing (誅伏賜死 Chūbuku Shishi?): Hiromi's innate technique is linked to his Domain Expansion by default. It manifests a small courtroom domain surrounded by guillotines where he and his opponent are placed on podiums standing across from one other. This domain does not use a guaranteed hit, instead, anyone inside is simply forced to follow its rules. Violence is not permitted in the domain and anyone who tries to engage will be returned to their podium.

Inside the courtroom, Judgeman floats behind Hiromi, who acts as the prosecution. Hiromi's opponent is the defendant and Judgeman knows everything about everyone inside the domain. Hiromi does not receive any information from Judgeman, just evidence the shikigami submits for deliberation. The evidence is not conclusive and the defendant is not told what's inside. While inside the domain, the defendant is put on trial by the Judgeman and the verdict depends solely on the arguments they make with Hiromi. The defendant's goal is to dispel all doubt and earn a pronouncement of innocence from Judgeman.

Both the defendant and the prosecution have just one chance to make a statement before Judgeman delivers a verdict. The defendant has three options: silence, confession, and denial. After which Hiromi has a chance to offer his rebuttal based on the evidence he was given. All of these rules must be explained as per a Binding Vow on the domain.[9] A guilty verdict can result in Judgeman confiscating their ability to control cursed energy.[10]


Cursed Tool
Higuruma's gavel.png

Gavel: In addition to his shikigami and his domain, Hiromi's gavel is also connected to his innate technique. It is a highly versatile weapon that is used to progress through to proceedings of his Domain Expansion and outside of the domain in combat as well. Hiromi can conjure the gavel to either hand at will, allowing him to switch it between hands at rapid speeds if need be. If he throws it, he can make the gavel return to his hand in an instant as well. Hiromi able of changing the proportions of the gavel with his cursed energy in order to shapeshift it into different weapons. Its overall size can be increased to imitate a large two-handed battle hammer. The handle can be lengthened to allow the gavel to imitate a staff. The gavel can remain in a free shifting state to emulate the effect of a hook. Hiromi can also increase the gavel to massive size in order to smash his opponents with a giant hammer-like weapon.[11][12]


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