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A Heavenly Restriction ( (てん) () (じゅ) (ばく) Ten'yo Jubaku?) refers to the "bindings" placed on a jujutsu sorcerer's body at birth in one capacity in exchange for improved abilities in a separate capacity of their life.


Bindings placed on jujutsu sorcerers at birth can result in increased abilities in a different capacity of their lives, this is what is known as a Heavenly Restriction. It is fixed upon the sorcerer regardless of their consent. For example, Kokichi Muta was born without most of his limbs and his skin is so sensitive it can't even be touched by moonlight. In exchange, Kokichi has vast amounts of cursed energy.[1]

As seen with both Toji Fushiguro and Maki Zenin, similar Heavenly Restrictions can also be shared among family members. This is seen where both Toji and Maki were born into the Zenin clan and both possessed superhuman physical abilities in exchange for having low or even zero cursed energy from birth in exchange.

It is currently unknown how Heavenly Restriction is placed upon a person.

Known Heavenly Restrictions

  • Kokichi Muta is an extreme example of a Heavenly Restriction. He was born without his right arm and lower part of his legs, cannot withstand sunshine or moonlight without sunburn, and experiences extreme chronic pain which he describes as feeling like "every pore in his body... is being stabbed constantly." In exchange, Kokichi has vast amounts of cursed energy that he uses to control innumerable puppets of various different shapes and sizes. He has stated that he would give it all up to receive a normal healthy body.[1]
  • Toji Fushiguro is thought to have been subjected to a Heavenly Restriction where his ability to use or create cursed energy was sacrificed in exchange for unrivaled physical ability.[2]
  • Maki Zenin is similarly thought to have been subjected to a Heavenly Restriction of a lesser extent, where her ability to control and manipulate cursed energy and its flow in her body was restricted to that of a civilian, in exchange for greatly enhanced physical prowess.[3] After the death of her sister, Maki lost all of her cursed energy which is shared by twins. Because of that, her physical strength, speed and senses are increased to the point similar to her cousin Toji.[4]


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