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Heavenly Restriction ( (てん) () (じゅ) (ばく) Ten'yo Jubaku?) is a type of cursed restriction that affects someone's cursed energy in exchange for limitations or improvements on their body.


Heavenly Restrictions are described as bindings placed on a sorcerer's body when they are born. These bindings usually refer to limitations on the human body that the person receives improved capabilities in a different capacity in exchange. For example, a Heavenly Restriction can cause a sorcerer born with low cursed energy to be physically gifted. Vise versa can also occur, sorcerers with high cursed energy can be born with exceptionally weak bodies.[1]

Known Heavenly Restrictions

Restriction Afflicted Description
Kokichi Muta first appearance (Anime).png Kokichi Muta

Kokichi suffers from an extreme example of a Heavenly Restriction. He was born without his right arm or lower part of his legs. He couldn't withstand sunshine or moonlight without sunburn, and experienced extreme chronic pain which he describes as feeling like every pore in his body was being stabbed constantly. In exchange for his poor physical state, Kokichi possessed vast amounts of cursed energy that he used to control innumerable Mechamaru puppets.[2]

Maki's new power reminding Ogi of Toji.png Maki Zenin
Toji Fushiguro

According to Yuki Tsukumo, there have been several instances where Heavenly Restriction has reduced a sorcerer's cursed energy to the levels of a non-sorcerer. Maki was born with this type of binding. Rather than being born with strong cursed energy like other members of the Zenin clan, Maki was born physically gifted. In a similar case, Toji was born with no cursed energy whatsoever and possessed even more extraordinary physical prowess, the only case ever discovered in the world at the time.[3][4] Maki always possessed the potential to reach that point but what cursed energy she had was holding her back from being fully realized.[5] With Mai's sacrifice, all of Maki's cursed energy was taken with her sister. In exchange, Maki was granted a body of steel with unrivaled physical abilities and a presence identical to Toji.[6][7][8]


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