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Haruta Shigemo ( (しげ) () (はる) () Shigemo Haruta?) is a recurring antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a curse user aligned with Uraume and Pseudo-Geto's faction of evil sorcerers. Shigemo played a role in both the invasion of Jujutsu High's Goodwill Event and the Shibuya Incident.


Haruta Shigemo is a man of relatively normal size stature with a thin frame. He has long light blonde colored hair that he keeps in a ponytail that is tied on the left side of his head. Haruto has thin eyebrows, purple-colored eyes, and three purple markings under each of his eyes. After his fight with Nanami, Haruta has lost his top front teeth.

Haruto wears a one-piece suit, that covers his lower half, stomach, and left side of his chest. Haruto wears black shoes and carried his sword on his shoulder.


Shigemo taking pleasure in tormenting someone weaker than himself.

Haruta Shigemo is a peculiar individual who prioritizes self-preservation and his own pleasure above all else. He's rather intelligent but chooses to act in a very childish and psychopathic manner.

When it comes to sorcery Shigemo openly admits to being cowardly, preferring to fight weak opponents rather than competing with strong ones. Like most curse users, Shigemo is sadistic and enjoys other people's pain. Shigemo believes he's best suited to finishing people off or fighting those who can't defend themselves.[1] Juzo Kumiya refers to him as unreliable on his own and gave him a sword that literally holds his hand.[2] He usually only acts on orders from others like Uraume and will run at the first sign of trouble.[3]

Shigemo commits acts of murder with wicked glee, making light of serious situations. He will express his joy at seeing girls just before attempting to kill them. While losing her fight to Shigemo, Nobara asked him what he's after. Initially, Shigemo began to give an example before deciding that a reason doesn't matter as long as he's having fun.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Shigemo attacks a defenseless adversary.

Overall Skill Level: Despite openly being a coward who's only willing to fight those he views weaker than himself, Shigemo is a reasonably strong sorcerer. He was recruited by Uraume to be useful to Pseudo-Geto's plan for sealing Satoru Gojo. Non-combat sorcerers like auxiliary managers were easily slaughtered by him.

Shigemo was also able to momentarily overpower Nobara in a fight where he was mostly focused on attacking Nitta. He was able to avoid Nobara's attacks and chase down the manager at the same time. Nobara was taken off guard by Shigemo's intelligence and his ability to land perfect strikes on her in successive fashion.[5]

Shigemo surprise attacking an already injured Megumi from behind.

However, Shigemo's strength is nothing in comparison to a true grade 1 sorcerer. Kento Nanami effortlessly beat Shigemo to a pulp without the curse user dealing so much as a scratch to him.[6] Shigemo's innate technique makes him extremely lucky, which allowed him to survive numerous dangerous situations including his encounter with Nanami.

Shigemo is mostly unaware of how his own technique works. He depends on using his cursed tool in battle, which made Nobara believe he was a mid-ranged fighter. Shigemo mainly employs crude swordplay to slice and stab opponents who can barely defend themselves. He has even thrown his blade before, but he was aware the cursed tool had the ability to act independently.[7] In the same manner he bullied several defenseless managers, Shigemo attacked Megumi from behind after the student was already injured.


Innate Technique
Miracles.png Miracles ( () (せき) Kiseki?): This technique erases little miracles (such as seeing a clock have the same digit across all spaces) along with memories of it, from Haruta's life and stores them, which is shown by black marks under his eyes. These stored miracles are released when Haruta's life is in danger, altering his luck to ensure he survives would-be fatal blows. When a miracle has been used, the marking turns to white.


Cursed Tools
Haruta holding his sword (Anime).png

Hand Sword: Haruta used a single-edged katana-like blade connected to a handle shaped like a human hand created by Juzo Kumiya.[2] Shigemo holds the hand to wield the sword. The hand can also so Shigemo and throw it as a projectile. He can risk throwing the sword because it has the uncanny ability to move on its own. Additionally, Shigemo can somehow detect people within the sword vicinity even if it's out of his own personal range of view.[8]

Battles & Events

Shibuya Incident Arc


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