Haruta Shigemo ( (しげ) () (はる) () Shigemo Haruta?) is a curse user who helped Mahito attack the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Haruta Shigemo is a thin man with long light blonde colored hair that he keeps in a ponytail that is tied on the left side of his head. Haruto has thin eyebrows, purple colored eyes, and three purple markings under each of his eyes. After his fight with Nanami, Haruta has lost his top front teeth.

Haruto wears a one piece suit, that cover his lower half, stomach, and left side of his chest. Haruto wear black shoes and carried his sword on his shoulder.


Haruta is a cowardly and sadistic individual who loves picking on the weak. Described as "unreliable" by Juzo Kumiya, Shigemo commits acts of murder with wicked glee.


Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

On the day of the Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event, Haruta invades the school with Hanami, Mahito, and Juzo Kumiya.[1] Haruta winds up coming across Utahime Iori and attacks her but Utahime manages to avoid it. Utahime notices that sword that Haruta is wielding, which Haruta explains how Juzo had made it and wonders what Utahime will give him. When Nobara Kugisaki and Mai Zenin show up, Haruta comments about how there are so many girls here and that he must be popular. When Satoru Gojo break through the curtain, Haruta comments about how it hasn't been 30 minutes and quickly flees.[2][3] After managing to get away, Haruta manage to make contact with Hanami. Haruta sees how wounded Hanami is and says that he can put him at ease, but Mahito shows up and stops him. Haruta then asks if Mahito manage to accomplish his assignment, which Mahito confirms it.[4] Haruta then leaves with the two.[5][6]

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Haruta is in Shibuya and attacks Kiyotaka Ijichi on Uraume's orders. Uraume orders Haruta to patrol the screens outer perimeter and hunt anybody wearing a suit, which Haruta agrees to do. After patrolling for a while, Haruta encounter Nobara and Akari Nitta. Haruta is glad to see them since he is tired of attacking men in suits. As Akari goes to run away, Haruta faces off against Nobara. Haruta manages to figure out where Akari is and attacks her from a distance. After managing to wound Akari, Haruta turns his attention to Nobara and manages to stun her. Haruta then explains how Nobara is strong and that they don't like in a world where people don't win just by being strong, especially against his technique. Haruta wonders who to kill first, when Nobara suddenly asks why he is doing this which Haruta replies that he is just doing things that are fun for him. Haruta then attacks Akari, which Nobara tells him to stop but Haruta doesn't. Nobara gets up, which Haruta prepares to attack but Kento Nanami shows up. As Nanami come over, Haruta tells Nanami that he has a hostage but notices that Akari has gotten away. As Nanami has gotten close enough, he asks about about how many and where Haruta's allies are. Haruta says that he doesn't now and attack but notices that his attack did nothing. Nanami asks the question again which Haruta repeats his answer. Nanami sends Haruta flying, which Haruta figures that he would be dead if it was not for his technique. Haruta thinks about how he has to get away, but Nanami catches him and asks again. Haruta says that he doesn't know, which Nanami beats Haruta. Haruta tries to attack Nanami, but Nobara stops him. Nanami asks if Haruta is responsible for kill the assistant managers, which Haruta sees how angry Nanami is and apologizes. After hearing this, Nanami sends Haruta flying into another building and knocks him out.

Later, Haruta wakes up and winds up coming across Megumi Fushiguro. Haruta manages to wound Megumi, which Megumi tries to get away. Haruta decides to follow Megumi, but doesn't attack him and just listens as Megumi explains how the Ten Shadows Technique works. Haruta suddenly figures what Megumi is trying to do and tries to stop him, but Megumi is able to summon Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga. Haruta thinks about how he will have to face this shikigami with Megumi, but gets upset when Mahoraga knocks Megumi out. Mahoraga goes to attacks Haruta, but Sukuna shows up and saved him. Haruta tries to talk to Sukuna, but Sukuna tells him to shut up. Haruta then watches as Sukuna takes on Mahoraga. Haruta is shocked that Sukuna was able to defeat Mahoraga and stares at Sukuna. Sukuna doesn't like it and tells Haruta to leave, which Haruta does. Haruta thinks that it's one of his lucky days since he is able to live, but runs into Sukuna's domain and is killed.

Abilities and Powers


Innate Technique
Miracles.png Miracles (奇跡 Kiseki?): This technique erases little miracles (such as seeing a clock have the same digit across all spaces) along with memories of it, from Haruta's life and stores them, which is shown by black marks under his eyes. These stored miracles are released when Haruta's life is in danger, altering his luck to ensure he survives would-be fatal blows. When a miracle has been used, the marking turns to white.


Cursed Tools
Haruta holding his sword (Anime).png Haruta uses a sword that was made by Juzo Kumiya. The sword has a long thin blade and a human hand for the hilt. Haruta wields it by holding the hand and carries it by letting the hand rest on his shoulder. Haruta can risk throwing the sword because it can move on its own. He can throw the blade, or throw the hand side in the form of a fist to punch his target.


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