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Hanyu ( () (にゅう) Hanyū?) is a minor antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She and her partner Haba are Culling Game players who targeted rookies in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony until they were both defeated by Yuji Itadori.


Hanyu is a relatively tall woman with a muscular build. She has long light-colored hair that reaches down her back and changes shape when she activates her cursed technique. Hanyu has small dark eyes and dark eyebrows that are a different color than her hair.

Hanyu wears a tank top that is cut short to show her stomach, as well as cargo pants and combat boots. She also wears a wristband, pins her walkie-talkie to her shirt, and sports aviator glasses to protect her eyes when flying.


Hanyu hasn't showcased much of her personality but after twelve days in the Culling Game, she did was advantageous in order to survive. This meant exploiting Rin Amai by threatening to kill him if he didn't work as her gofer. She and Haba take advantage of new players and pick them off while they're still disoriented from the initial transfer process.[1] Hanyu had no qualms about taking another life and Rin believes she would've eliminated him eventually.[2]


Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc

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Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Hanyu was marked by Kenjaku at some point in her life and given the capacity to develop a cursed technique in preparation for the Culling Game. She became a sorcerer with less than average power and a hair-based cursed technique. Her technique allows her to move through the air at great speed and hit her opponents at high velocity. It is unknown how many points she has in the Culling Game, and while she can threaten someone powerless like Rin, Hanyu is no match for someone of Yuji's level.[3]


Innate Technique
Hanyu's cursed technique.png Airplane Hair: Hanyu's cursed technique changes her hair into the shape of a jet plane with fiery boosters strong enough to propel her through the air at high-speed. She can gain enough velocity to drive someone through a building because the majority of her cursed energy is focused in that part of her body. Other sections of her body are less protected by cursed energy and therefore vulnerable while her technique is active.[4] (Unnamed)

Battles & Events

Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc


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