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Hajime Kashimo (鹿紫雲 (かしも) (はじめ) Kashimo Hajime?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. They are a jujutsu sorcerer from 400 years ago inhabiting the body of someone Kenjaku prepared as a vessel. Hajime is currently serving as one of the players participating in the Culling Game.


Hajime is a slim person with light-colored eyes that have short zig-zag lines on the edge of their bottom eyelids. They have light-colored hair in a disheveled style. The hair on top of their head is parted and tied into two buns on each side. Hajime sports bangs in front of their face and allows the hair on the back of their head to hang loose as well, falling just below the back of their neck.

Hajime wears simple, light-colored clothing including a large robe with a scrunched collar around the neck area. The sleeves of their robe are slightly rolled up to reveal that Hajime's forearms are wrapped in bandages. Hajime also wear matching pants and shoes of the same color as well.


As a sorcerer from 400 years ago who valued life differently, Hajime lives for battling strong opponents. They become easily bored after killing weak opponents and desires to seek out Sukuna for a real challenge.[1]


Perfect Preparation Arc

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Little is known about Hajime's abilities. What is known is that Hajime is a powerful sorcerer from the past who was well acquainted with Kenjaku. Hajime agreed to a binding vow with Kenjaku and existed for hundreds of years as cursed object per Kenjaku's plan. For over 400 years, Hajime laid dormant until Kenjaku broke the vow and released them. This allowed Hajime to incarnate into the body of the person Kenjaku had ingest the cursed object.

As per their agreement, Hajime uses this vessel to participate in Kenjaku's Culling Game. They become one of the first players to score over 100 points. At one time, Hajime even had 200 points before spending 100 to add a rule to the game. Accumulating this score means that Hajime killed at least 40 other players in 12 days.[2]


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